AZ – Alisha

Hi I am Alisha, and as a recent grad in pharmaceutical sciences, I test new drugs at AstraZeneca. When I first started it was wonderful because I really had no idea about anything about what I was doing, about what these drug substances were. The first meeting I learned so much about like what I was actually working on. I really liked the position for analytical development it was like an entry level position, which is what I was looking for. I was actually surprised at how quickly I was contributing to the team. First I started out with a HVLC testing and did a 3 month stability pool. There are just so many different opportunities around here. You do put all the energy into working but they also reward you as well. Don’t be scared by the fact that it is big, you know because it really doesn’t feel like it is a big gigantic company. It’s a nice warm and fuzzy, small feeling around here.

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