Baby First Aid: How to save a choking baby

Today I’m going to show you how to help
a baby under the age of one if they are choking. What I mean by choking is that
if something has got stuck and it’s in their mouth and it’s slipped back and it
is blocking off the tube that they breathe through; we call it the airway. So
it might be when they are eating, when they are starting to wean and they’ve
got new textures and foods that they’re learning to eat, but it can be right from
a newborn baby curdled milk or mucus can block off the tube that they breathe
through. It would be very easy for you to tell if your baby’s choking because they
wouldn’t be able to cough or cry and they wouldn’t be able to breathe so they
wouldn’t be making any of their normal gurgly sounds. If this was happening
then the first thing you need to do is just support your baby’s head and tip
them forwards, and I’m going to give them what we call back blows. With your baby
in this position gravity is on your side, you can see their head is lower than
their bottom. And then with the heel of my hand I’m going to give them a blow
between their shoulder blades. So I’ll demonstrate for you now. If it’s not come
out then I’m just going to try again and keep going until it comes out. What the
back blows do is they create a vibration and pressure within the airway which
will hopefully force the object out. If they’ve not worked and I’ve done five
back blows then there is something else that you can try. So turn your baby over,
supporting their head still, and still keeping them resting on your knee, and
then in this position with two fingers right in the centre of my baby’s chest
I’m going to give them what we call chest thrusts. And it’s a very quick, fast
push down. If it’s not come out, again just keep going. What the chest thrusts
do is they will hopefully squeeze the air out of their lungs and push the
object out of the way you


  1. This video is very useful. I don't understand why some people dislike this. I wish this wouldn't happen to their babies.

  2. This saved my child's life today. Her grandma let her have a Dorito. I came to pick her up and she was walking and eating her chip when all the sudden she began to choke. Typically, she will choke on things for a second and spit them our but this time was different. She was getting no air out at all, and was repeatedly trying to dislodge it. I intervened immediately, slapping her back a bit, which didn't work, I then remembered the video I watched when she was born so I could prepare my self for this in case it ever happened. Layed her stomach down on my forearm, head between my fingers, and slapped her back between the shoulder blades and the chip flew right out. Thank goodness for these videos, they literally saved my daughter's life today, im sure I probably lost a few years off my life from the stress it caused me.

  3. That baby looks like it's from invasion of the body snatchers πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. I can’t even watch this without getting anxiety but I wanted to learn just in case I’m ever in this situation with my son.

  5. i lost my 2 months old baby due to choking on his own saliva. The baby sitter was so panicked that she forgotten what to do though she is a certified nurse before retired 3 years ago. He was my only son after waiting for so long. Still mourning and I tried very hard to move on. Only God knows….

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