Baby First Aid: ‘I learnt first aid for my baby girl but saved another’

I was in a department store with my mum and
daughter. As we found our table I noticed there was a lady sitting next to us who had
a little girl who was similar in age to my daughter. And while in the queue I heard a
commotion coming from the back of the café. So when I looked over I could see that the
mother I had just spoken to was now out of her seat with her daughter and she was shouting
out “My baby! My Baby! My Baby!” over and over again.
And so I ran out of the queue. I assumed that she was choking from what I could see. And I just
took her from them. Turned her over onto her front. She was on my left leg. I held her
head by my knee, so it was slightly lower than the rest of her body. And I started to
deliver back blows. Gave one, I turned her around and checked, and she still wasn’t
responding. I gave her two, I think she wasn’t responding to that. And I turned her around again and did the third, and it was when I did the third that she started to cry. I realised
then that she was okay. I knew what to do because I had completed a baby and child first
aid course with the British Red Cross. I did that because I never wanted to be in situation
where I wouldn’t know what to do if something was wrong. First aid is so easy to learn, and I have
to say I really enjoyed the course I did. You have practical sessions where you get
to put into practice what they’re teaching you, so it’s not just about sitting there
and being taught something in theory. I would absolutely recommend every parent should complete
the baby and child first aid course. It just gives you the confidence to deal with situations
and not panic. I’m just really pleased and relieved, and grateful, that I was there at
that time to be able to help.


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