1. 750 million to pay for the criminal conviction. ?? I didn't know you could pay your way out of a criminal conviction. I thought someone had to lose liberties for criminal wrongdoing.

  2. I examine that antipar drug capsule was giving good result in my self during 1995 to 2005 through hospital now I am dis satisfied till to as yet

  3. What kind of mess is this world in, when an 8 year old is prescribed anti depressents… it's criminal. children are being given drugs because they are boisterous, energetic, cheeky, thats what children do isn't it… big pharma drugs, dumbing us down and our children. Expose !!!

  4. Mind boggling the intentional corruption and lack of safety measures intentionally putting people and children at harm even death. Death care has never been more profitable. fb page: Modern Medical Quackery, Twitter: @realMMQ, Google+

  5. ..wonder who's feeding her…not that I agree with drugs for everything but some have been life saving and prolonging.

  6. They all operated to the same standard he says, all Glaxo places.. and then watch him retract fast..

  7. They did get away with it. If I had done that, I'd be rotting in prison and my company would be closed down. As far as I know, they still exist. It's disgusting how they are nearly invincible and we as a society just accept it. Must be all the drugs we're on keeping us dumb and sedated.

  8. The trouble is that most people can't understand that the whole pharmaceutical industry is fraudulent. It was built on bogus science and is just an ingenious way of disposing of the bye products of the oil and petroleum industries. At the same time duping the people into thinking that they need these magic potions with fancy sounding scientific names to help them through life. A phenomena coined brilliantly by the Rolling Stones in 'Mothers Little Helper'

    The clue should be in the fact that medicine is a 'business'. Businesses exist for one reason only and that is profit. Cure of disease is the last thing a business that is selling medicine want, because obviously they would be cutting their own throats if disease is cured. It's not rocket science people!

    What these businesses want is to be in a privileged position to 'manage disease' and this is why they use language like 'pain management program' and 'tumour reduction'. Never anything about 'Cure'. It is still illegal to claim you have found a cure for cancer even if you have. Because once you are cured you are not a customer any more. Cancer is business not a disease.

    ‘Big Pharma’ is just another name for ‘Big Fraud’, it is a criminal deception of such gigantic proportions that most people just don't want it to be true because it destroys everything they think they know, and most people are just not interested in waking up to this truth, it hurts to much. Well never mind people because ‘Big Pharma’ can manage your pain LOL.

  9. This is a true sad story. Cheryl was let go from GSK. I was not told why…she was just gone. Cheryl was very good in her role, brave to challenge management, and lost her job for being honest. The good news is GSK did learn from the conscent decree and quality became a priority. I pray there will be more Cheryl's in the world to protect my family and friends… because the FDA is spread thin with resources.

  10. $96 million. I've come across people like this woman . Attention seeker. Trouble maker . Of course she will whistle blow . Wouldn't you for $96 m?

  11. Here is GSK’s Slogan For Paxil…”The Happy, Skinny, Sexy Pill!”
    GSK has been involved in over 50,000 lawsuits connected to their drugs, here are just two Paxil cases. 
    -First Paxil lawsuit, a man who killed his wife, daughter, and granddaughter before taking his own life after using Paxil for two days. 
    -Paxil…“Mom, by the time you find me, I’ll be dead. I love you with all my heart. Don’t worry, Jesus is with me.” The Suicide Note written in Crayon, pinned to 12 year old Kara Jaye-Anne Otter Fuller’s shirt when her parents found her hanging from a bungee cord on a hook in her closet.

    GSK failed to provide the FDA and MD’s with warnings about Paxil side effects, which include Birth Defects, Hard Addiction and Suicide. Plus they encouraged MD’s to prescribe Paxil to children and adolescents with Hawaiian vacations and millions of dollars to go on speaking tours, and tickets to Madonna concerts," said US attorney Carmin Ortiz! (Paxil was never cleared by FDA for Children)

    NOTE: Not one GSK employee or MD went to prison for all death and suffering they caused, instead they were fined 3 billion out of their criminal profits, that’s a deterrent???

  12. She's a phucking millionaire now! Just doesn't sit right with me. Her integrity, honor, and morals are questionable.

  13. This is – interesting

    My prediction is, this will turn out, to be

    A 'planted' whistle-blower

    This does not make the drug makers, look bad – just foreign manufacturers – it is, a way, of making Americans buy American – it is, about keeping power, in hands, of criminals

    Also, she does not, look scared – or relieved, she looks like, she still, got her, hand in, cookie-jar

    My guess – she got paid, to say this, pretend be, a whistle-blower – and the real scandal will be, CBS, this woman and, the pharmaceutical Companies did this, to mis-lead, the public – that will, air, ten years, from now

    #ohhYeahh #SaidIt

  14. with a MRSA Staph infection you have to take medication to get over it or else it will kill you, you can't just 'leave the place' and hope to get better.

  15. Why do people use medication in the first place? If you're constantly feeling sick, you should leave the place and go somewhere else. 80% of our illnesses are a direct consequence of the environment we live in.

  16. Thats why there are anonymous enterprises. The share-holder-owned-no-responsiblity-not-involved type of investors. The capitalistic system – in which the only worth there is, is capital. You never touch such people directly. They are the moneymakers. So they have to pay a fine. As long as you are able to pay you're out of jail.

  17. Since the plant was operative. There is little chance to miss quality-control issues in a pharmaceutical company. You must actually be blind and ignorant to not know whats going on.

  18. Well, if she did it for the money, it's okay as well. I think anyone must be compensated in such cases. Otherwise nobody will speak out. You are out of business for the rest of your life without support of the people in whos interest you became a whistleblower. By the way, how much would Snowden's compensations be? I think the worlds population ows him 1 EUR per person 🙂

  19. This video explains how this drug company pleaded guilty to selling medications that were contaminated with bacteria. How long did the company know about this problem before anything was done?

  20. thats very scary, my whole family was on bactroban for MRSA and it didnt work we had to get on an even stronger antibiotic that made us all really sick, i hate corporations!!

  21. An absolute disgrace. Why would you put an 8 year old child on an anti-depressant by the way?? Get that child outside and go play with him instead of feeding him fruit loops and parking him in front of his tv or nintendo DS all day long!!!

  22. glaxo makes 10 hiv drugs – the hiv research documents that we now have show fraud – hiv drug companies have been using fraudulent research and claims on their products – donald rumsfeld was chairman of top selling hiv drug company gilead sciences – we have the evidence, it seems the politicians have kept it out of the courts here in the states for many years

  23. interesting news. Sad to be sure. unfortunate for GSK. But I appreciate that someone stood up and spoke out. As someone who has taken three of the meds she outlined. I have feelings about such news. Enough said. And glad it has been resolved.

  24. Many KUDOS to her—–she DESERVES every penny she recieved…downsized SURE–they FIRED her….you have to wonder HOW many people were affected by the incorrect or contaminated drugs! GOOd FOR HER!!

  25. If those things happened like she said, I'm very glad that she spoke up. But, I can't believe that they would reward someone that much.

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