1. I know how to sum this whole entire video in one famous phrase: "Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can drive out hate" – Martin Luther King Jr.

  2. Hands down one of the best SFM's I've ever seen. I love this so much! The music, the transition from the light happy scene to the dark and gloomy graveyard was amazing and The cage bit made me cry.

  3. To me, this is Medic killing himself as he is unable to cope with the death of the only living thing he ever truly cared about. Yet before he reaches the other side, he must face the dark side of himself he let take control while he was alive before he can be at peace. And with the help of Archimedes, he is finally able to accept his sins and pass on.

  4. Before I knew this video existed,
    I had adopted a dying baby chicken, as a Medic fan, I named him Archimedes.
    It was flooding outside, his mother had stepped on him and left him to drown, I saw two little feet sticking up from the mud, and I ran out and saved him.

    Archimedes came to me by fate, in a time when I had no one, he didn't have anyone either. I took him in, and he became my best friend..
    5 months pass, he'd never fully recovered from the event. He didn't want to socialize or leave my side.
    He was surviving, but he was so depressed. He just wanted to sleep on me.

    Last day,
    He looked up at me, he had such big dark brown beautiful eyes, unlike any chicken I've seen, and just looked into mine, and he looked so sad.

    I realized, he'd been holding onto life for me, and how damn selfish I'd been.

    I held him under my chin (his favorite spot) and told him
    "You don't have to stay.."
    He died in his sleep five minutes later, but those last five minutes he spent peeping quietly, nuzzling under my chin.

    So now on shuffle, this video pops up, and brought back the memory of how badly I wanted to keep Archimedes with me, and the pain of accepting I had to let him go.

  5. It’s such a sad thing that we don’t get anymore of these quality animation and story and realistic lighting it is amazing I’m going to try to do the same the sfm community is kind of falling apart with fnaf

  6. One thing tho I've seen medic resurrect Archimedes and in the TF2 comics right after the TF classic heavy killed him.

  7. This hits me so hard. Not only is Medic my favorite mercenary, but I came home to my baby parakeet Winter dead at the bottom of her cage just today. I don't think my heart has ever been more broken. A beautiful little life taken far too soon. Rest in peace, Winter the Parakeet. You were a good girl.

  8. Who else thought during their first time watching this, thought that death was going to stab medic with the arrow?

  9. This touches my darkest spots, the dark times when there was no happiness not any goal in life. The time where you would rather die than to keep going.

    This sfm and the combined song reminds me of the saddest times in my life, no matter how many times i listen to it.

  10. You always need archemidies no matter what cause this man made the most heart warming sfm medic and archemidies film ever and I respect this so much and I just love this so much

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