Baldwin County’s Medical Helicopter Saving Lives

A SPECIAL NEWS 5 REPORT… BALDWIN COUNTY’S NEW AIR AMBULANCE SERVICE CONTINUES TO SAVE LIVES BY PROVIDING “FASTER” EMERGENCY MEDICAL CARE “AIR CARE ONE” WENT INTO SERVICE IN NOVEMBER- THE FOUR MILLION DOLLAR MEDICAL HELICOPTER CAN RESPOND TO EMERGENCIES IN “MINUTES” NEWS FIVE’S PAT PETERSON JOINS US LIVE TONIGHT WITH AN IN-DEPTH LOOK INTO THIS LIFE-SAVING TOOL- PAT, YOU RECENTLY FLEW ON AIR CARE ONE, WHAT DID YOU LEARN? BEFORE AIR CARE ONE WENT INTO SERVICE, MEDICAL HELICOPTERS RESPONDING TO TRAUMA CALLS IN BALDWIN COUNTY WERE DISPATCHED FROM MOBILE OR PENSACOLA. AIR CARE ONE CAN GET TO “ANY” EMERGENCY IN BALDWIN COUNTY IN UNDER 14 MINUTES. YOU’RE LOOKING AT BALDWIN COUNTY’S NEW TEAM OF ELITE, MEDICAL RESPONDERS Bite: Chad 5 “in cardiac situations, strokes and in major trauma, seconds save lives” AND THE TEAM OF FOUR PILOTS, SIX NURSES AND NINE PARAMEDICS IS USING “THIS” Nats pop TO RESPOND TO MEDICAL EMERGENCIES. Bite: Chad Jones/Air Care One Nurse/Paramedic 3 “we can reach anywhere in the county in about a 14 minute flight time” THE MEDICAL HELICOPTER IS A BELL 4-07- IT’S OPERATED BY MEDSTAR EMS AND IT’S CALLED AIR CARE ONE Bite: Chad 1 “in the summertime with the traffic conditions, sometimes it can take us an hour to get from Central Baldwin County to Mobile or Pensacola Bite: Chad 2 “about a 10 to 15 minute flight from Baldwin County to Mobile or Pensacola versus an hour drive” Bite: Chad 4 “our aircraft helps save lives by getting the patients to the receiving facility in a timely manner, not only is time a factor, but an advanced level of care, so we’re able to provide both of those” WE GOT TO SEE THE AIR CARE TEAM IN ACTION- WHILE PHOTOJOURNALIST JASON GARCIA AND I WERE INTERVIEWING HEAD NURSE CHAD JONES Bite: Chad 6 “garcia asks question- TELL ME WHAT WE’RE LOOKING AT HERE…oops, that’s a call!” AIR CARE ONE WAS CALLED TO A SERIOUS CAR CRASH IN FAIRHOPE. Nats “radio traffic, start up sequence, team getting ready, “it’s a bad wreck in Fairhope”, ON BOARD THE CHOPPER Inside nats 1: rotor in the uphand? throttle switches? set to fly. doors secure in the back, secured in the front.” Nats: chopper takes off VETERAN PILOT JERRY JOHNSON SAYS IT’S A PRIVILEDGE TO BE PART OF en route” Standup 2 “air Care 1 has flown more than 140 hours and transported about 100 patients since they started operating back in November” THE CHOPPER HAS A TOP SPEED OF ABOUT 165 MILES PER HOUR. THESE PILOTS USUALLY CRUISE AT ABOUT 135 MILES PER HOUR Bite: Jerry 1 “if we needed to go to USA in Mobile, we could be there in about 8 minutes, it’s going to take you an hour or so to get there by ground” AND THAT 14 MINUTE OR LESS COUNTYWIDE RESPONSE TIME IS PRETTY IMPRESSIVE CONSIDERING BALDWIN COUNTY IS LARGER THAN THE STATE OF RHODE ISLAND THE MED-TRANS CORPORATION- WHICH OWNS MEDSTAR- IS PAYING FOR THE FOUR MILLION DOLLAR HELICOPTER. MEDSTAR AIR CARE ONE IS USING THE STAPLETON VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT AS ITS BASE, WHICH IS THE CENTRAL, GEOGRAPHICAL POINT IN BALDWIN COUNTY. LIVE ON THE BALDWIN COUNTY BEAT PAT PETERSON NEWS FIVE.

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