Ballroom Dancing for a Better U | Penn Medicine CAREs Grant Recipient

[Music] [Applause] you know my seats all right should be lotion okay I wouldn’t show because it’s like a stress relief I can just forget about everything and just dance [Music] I do took me a little bit to understand the dances a little bit you know because it does take me time it takes me time to understand today’s way if there may be wipeouts on maybe a week or so I would say I got the hang of it I just did not be so interactive wasn’t always talkative like doing the dance class I sort of helped me interact more other kids ballroom dancing for a better you is a really amazing organization where we take people of all kinds so whether you’re neurotypical or neurodiverse whether you have two left feet or right and left foot it just brings everyone together in this platform of dance and performing arts we are helping them create friendships camaraderie they help each other it doesn’t matter what skill level everybody is everybody works and creates a team effort people like special moves it’s helpful as to make friends and I think the amount are those with either the same disability but different disability we all have an ability we watch the pen medicine cares grant was designed to provide monetary support for different groups in the community that are embracing the pen philosophy this organization in my opinion really fits the bill because we are reaching a need for people that are underserved in a way we’re bringing life into their lives with their support we’ve been able to continue to grow and that’s what we’re looking to do I made some a funds heal these young adults who ma friends where if they’re like family to me now not just for its poor family the best part of this as a teacher is just having the joy of giving something back and creating happiness and for the students I hope they did the same thing to come dance with us you will have a ball back [Music] three up three down

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