Barbie Baby Doctor Doll Búp bê Barbie Bác sĩ nhi khoa

Welcome to Angel Kid Toys channel Today I have a new toy box Barbie Baby Doctor Doll Set Let’s check what inside and visit Barbie doctor’s office This is the front of the box This is the back of the box, how Barbie takes care of baby This toy box is really interesting wow, this is Barbie doctor This is medicine cabinet This is the baby scale Barbie doctor wears white blouse She also has a stethoscope to check baby’s heart rate and temperature This is Barbie’s working desk This is pink baby scale, so cute this is baby tub Here it is the little baby This is baby water bottle oe oe, baby is crying oh stop crying babe, Doctor will check how much you weigh oh, you are 3 kgs, you are healthy Now, I will make general health check for baby checking your ear, and your tounge Now Doc will take a shower for baby This is Head to Toe shampoo It is really good for baby skin Doc take a cloth and warm her then Doc feed him milk Baby is drinking milk so well Now, a shot will be given in baby arm Barbie said, she took some picture of newborn baby for her parents Here it is cute baby picture frame oe oe, baby is hungry Doc will bring you some milk This is Enfamil Baby Milk Formula Now, doctor is feeding baby baby should drink some water after milk to protect her tooth ok , baby is full now, let ‘s go sleep Today, the weather is cold baby is getting sick Doc will give a vaccine shot to baby oe oe Now Doc records baby’s health information Baby weight 3 kilograms The eyes is good Strong heart Now, I will sign this health check paper Now I will check up other babies Goodbye Thank you for watching my video Subscribe to Angel Kid Toys for more Barbie career videos right here Goodbye everyone and have a good day


  1. Video hay quá, mình đăng ký kênh bạn rồi, bạn đăng ký lại mình cho vui nha. Mọi người dk mình, mình hứa đk lại.

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