Basic First Aid & Emergency Medical Treatment : Basic First Aid: Calling 911

Hi everyone, my name is Amy, and today we
are talking about calling 911. When you determine that somebody is indeed injured and that 911
needs to be called, there are some general rules that you should follow. When you call
911, it is important to state your name, exact location from which you are calling from,
and the nature of the injury. Injuries that are considered to be potentially life threatening
that would certainly warrant a call to 911 would be somebody who is having difficulty
breathing, anyone who does not have a pulse, someone who has a heart condition that is
complaining of chest pains, broken bones with bones showing through the skin, seizures in
some cases, diabetic emergency and anyone who is gasping for air and having difficulty
breathing, Unconsciousness too is to be considered a life threatening emergency. Once you have
explained the nature of the emergency to the 911 operator, you want to stay on the line
until they have instructed you to hang up. You want to be careful especially if you are
using a cell phone to make sure that you stay on the line. Not all areas can trace the cell
phone calls, so unless you are calling from the land line, it is going to difficult for
the 911 operator to locate where you are.

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