Basic First Aid & Emergency Medical Treatment : Basic First Aid: The Recovery Position

Hi, my name is Amy, and today we are going
to be talking about the recovery position. Once you have determined that the victim is
indeed breathing and they have a pulse, the safest position for them to be in is on their
side that way. If they begin to vomit or aspirate anything out of their lungs, they are less
likely to breathe it in. First thing you want to do is you are going to roll them away from
you. So you want to make sure that the arm that is on the side furtherest from you is
placed above their head gently. That is the arm that is going to cradle their head. You
then bring their leg that is closest to you up into a kneeling position like so because
when you roll them over, this knee is actually going to catch them from rolling all the way
over. Then again, it is always important to cradle the head, so as you roll them over
onto their side, their head is cradled by their arm, and their knees stop them from
rolling all the way over.


  1. NEVER roll someone AWAY from you in the Recovery Position. It can put undue stress on your back, causing injury and you can not watch the casualty and monitor their vital signs by looking at the back of their head…

  2. if the person is unconscious, there's no way their leg would just stay up like that, also rolling someone away from you is completely wrong. There's also no checking that the person would still be breathing after the roll.

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