Basic First Aid & Emergency Medical Treatment : Basic First Aid: Treating a Seizure

Hi, this is Amy, and we are talking about
caring for somebody who is having a seizure. There are some general rules of thumb to follow
in regards to protecting their safety when having a seizure. The first thing you want
to do is you want to move any objects out of the area that they could possibly hit with
their limbs if they are indeed having seizures that are causing their muscles to spasm. If
you can, it is nice to cradle their head, depending upon how bad the spasms are as well
to protect their head from hitting on the ground. It is very common for people who are
having seizures to have difficulty breathing because a lot of fluids sometimes are created
while they are having seizures. So it is also good if you can to place them in the recovery
position on their side. That way they are not aspirating any additional fluids. So you
want to gently roll them to their side and allow the fluid to drain out. One thing you
absolutely never want to do for somebody who is having a seizure is to try and place anything
into the mouth while they are seizing. You can cause serious jaw and tooth injury as
well as the tongue. It is impossible to swallow your own tongue so please keep things out
of people’s mouths while they are seizing.


  1. don't you have to pull their finger? and open ther mouth so they don't cut ther tongue?
    thats what i know.
    but its a good vid anyway

  2. This was very educational, and yet, very strange to watch, especially since I had seizures when I was a kid.

  3. I would have to agree. Epilepsy can be extremely "life altering." By this I mean the fact that some victims have to take medication daily for the rest of their lives. Epilepsy in my opinion, is a burden. Just like diabetes for example.

  4. I always bite up my tongue during a seizure. I have no idea WHEN, perhaps when coming out of it. Still, NEVER put something inside my mouth!

  5. I've had seizures in the past… what my parents found out was that rubbing numb areas such as the head in very rapped succession (either because of blood flow or nerve stimulation) would help revive numb areas.

    This mainly applies to the kind of seizures that involve momentary numbness of limbs or head. Other types of spasms I can't exactly account for; however I know at least in my case when I moved it was because I was trying to gain back control over my limbs.

  6. Now that I'm older I understand the sensations associated with whatever type of fit I was having, and I haven't had a fit in at least 19 years. I don't take medication for seizures anymore either.

    I think my seizures might have been more closely associated with a sleep paralysis which is possibly closely related.

  7. Thank you for uploading i have 3 sudden seizures all within seconds and my parents tried to wrestle me dropping me to the floor scratching up my face and they pried my jaw open and shoved their fingers down my throat … my face looks great now

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