Basic First Aid : How to Know if You’ve Sprained Your Ankle

You know, throughout the course of everyday
life, we’re all going to incur some type of minor injury. Hi, I’m Captain Joe Bruni, and
what I’m going to talk about is how to know whether you’ve sprained an ankle. Many times
when the ankle or foot is rolled to the inward part of the body or the outward part of the
body, it can cause ligament, tendon, and even muscle damage to occur. When this occurs,
there will be a significant amount of pain which is one of the signs and symptoms that
you have sprained your ankle. Sit down and remove your shoe and sock if you’re wearing
one and evaluate for pain, swelling and any deformity. If any deformity is noted, there
may be a strong possibility that you’ve indeed fractured the ankle and not just sprained
it. A sprain will involve a great deal of pain and swelling and possibly discoloration
may occur shortly after the injury. If this occurs, you may have to move on to treatment
of the sprained ankle. But sprains are indicative to rolling the foot to the inside or to the
outside of the body and a great deal of pain and swelling will become evident shortly after
the injury letting you know you have indeed sprained the ankle. I’m Captain Joe Bruni.
Stay safe and we’ll see you next time.


  1. omg im on crutches b/c i sprained my foot and im like bugging out thats who much pain im in and my foot is faceing my other foot

  2. I still donno its swollen alright amd hurts like hell but no discolouration that i can see and its been 2hrs simce ive gotten injured

  3. Idk what happened but last night i was at softball and jumped a fince to get a ball and my shoe got stuck in the fince i landed right on my anlkle and we all laughed soon after that i started crying they told my to go sit down and take my shoe and salk off and it didnt swoll until i woke up at 5 in the morning to it hurting

  4. Ok what does he mean rolled, I'll tell you this my foot went to the side like a car tipping over on its side and I fell anyone can tell me if

  5. @001deidara001 u cant dislocate your ankle you either fracture it crack it or a tendon pulls a bone fragement out wat i just said all happened to my growth plate now my ankle looks bigger than the other because that happened

  6. I am 11 yrs old, I think I broke my ankle, I fell ours off a tree trying 2 help my cousin, my ankle hurts REALLY bad, and I can't walk on it, do u guys think I should go to a walk-in clinic?, or get an X-ray? Can u guys help?

  7. Hey i badly hurt my ankle yesterday it Clicked then i fell and since then i struggle to walk on it there is no swelling but i it hurts to turn it to my body, left right and outwards of my body but because i have no swelling does it mean it inst sprained or can it be sprained?

  8. what if you can still walk its not that bruised and swelling if that bad how long would it take to recover?

  9. I was on a walk at the beach and was running through a deep part and at the end i fell and there is swelling but not a huge amout of pain. When i fell it hurted really bad for 5 minutes straight. I need ur help!

  10. I just came from outside riding my bike I tryed to do a trick and I fell on my back and my foot went to the outside and I dont know if I sprained it. My ankle hurts but I dont see any differnet color

  11. Hello sir well I'm an active skateboarder and I skate every 2 days I sprained my ankle like 2 months ago and rested for about 1 week and then started skating again then about 3 weeks ago I sprained it again and just rested for about 4 days I can run jump and walk with no pain but when I bend it a certain position my ankle hurts do u think I fractured it?

  12. thats exactly whats happening with me, although i sprained mine about a year ago. sorry but i dont have an answer ๐Ÿ˜›

  13. It should take about a week or two to heal.. I sprained my ankle badly from tripping on my dog and I sat in the hospital for 4 hours. They told me it is sprained and will heal in a week or 2. I need crutches. Cannot walk or limp.

  14. Bruh, I rolled my foot in when I fell, it hurt like a bitch, now that you told me that a sprained ankle will hurt now i know i sprained it, thank you internet—for nothing

  15. I rolled my ankle when I jumped on the trampoline, but there is no swelling… This happened yesterday, and I can still barely walk… any advice?

  16. I could've sprained my ankle last night at gymnastics when we were running during warmups I rolled it and it hurts when I walk on it it was worse yesterday and it's getting better but it still hurts

  17. When I was doing some yard work my arms were busy with leaves and branches, and I slipped on the curb, and fell, rolling my ankle. It didn't swell and there was no discoloration, but this happened almost a week ago and it still hurts, some days worse than others. My mom thinks I'm over reacting; am I?

  18. I think I sprained my ankle today cause I am in terrible pain and it keeps getting worse my mom says I'll be fine

  19. I think I sprained my ankle because I was running and their was a foot size hole and my foot fell in it and I tripped so did I sprain it

  20. I sprained my ankle today and as time passes it hurts even more. This week is important to me and i cant even walk.

  21. at school i was playing net ball when i just twisted it , it passed 8 hours and it's still now hurting me am afraid i have broken my ankle i czant put its straight repl if you have an idea for me to do

  22. I was doing a full turn jump (gymnastics) and i landed on my foot normally then me and my mam heard a crack but i could stand up after about half an hour (i was lied on the floor) and it is quite bruised.
    But it didnt hurt that much. Also when i was 9/10 i fractured my left ankle in the worst place you could fracture/break and thats where it hurts (in the exact same place)

  23. I was jumping on my trampoline and i chased my lil sister and when i was doing that i twisted my ankle and i heard a crack noise and i got up laughing at myself and it still hurts from 2 days ago. I can walk on it but it hurts to turn it and my moms doesn't even care๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ god im so dumb ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  24. I was going down stairs and my food turned and went down and I can't walk now with out it hurting its been 3 hours

  25. Yeah I sprained my ankle , great indeed, same for mine it hurts when it moves to the left or right, I got this by messing around, I kicked my sister, and boom! ankle sprained

  26. I wa srunning and i yekked pepole then when i tryed to stop and tager from tagining the king i sparained my ankle

  27. Last year when I sprained my ankle I was on stage dancing! This year I did the same thing on my left ankle this time.. And guessy, guessy I was on stage dancing

  28. Aww crap I sprained my ankle I guess… U know how? Running down a hill and mine went inwards and I heard a crack and I fell. :(((

  29. i triped on a rock and my foot hurts when i move it right i have have crutches i havent seen a docter but yeah

  30. I don't know if I sprained fractured or broke my ankle because my ankle isn't swollen there are no bruises it's only a little tender and I can move it but it's very painful when i move stand or walk differently

  31. I think i just broke my ankle, and the first day of school is in a few days ๐Ÿ™ ill go see a doctor shortly

  32. A couple of months ago I was in my mom car and I had my right foot outside the door and my big head 4 years old nephew came and slam the door not knowing my foot is right there hit it n it was hurting then for a few days it was just sore n painful a bit but it stop hurting after a few days and now the pain is back again

  33. I rolled my foot inward at gymnastics and hurt my ankle and I don't know what's going on with it cause when I walk it's fine but if it turns a wrong way then the pain will come right back and I won't be able to walk on it in the moment

  34. I was squatting down and I rolled my ankle. Today is Saturday and I did it Wednesday and it still hurts really bad! I donโ€™t really know what to do. It is a bit swollen and a bit bruised. Can someone please tell what I did and what I should do

  35. So today I was going down the stairs and I rolled my ankle and it hurt so bad then later it started swelling and it was a bit bruised. I hope I didnโ€™t sprain it cause thatโ€™s what the last thing I want to happen.

  36. i think i have a sprained ankle…
    here is the story if u want to read it

    So I was playing in a basketball game yesterday. I snatched the ball from a girl and started going the other way to get a layup. I was going so fast the ball flew out of my hands right in front of the goal. A few seconds later, (no one was near me) my ankle turned inward and I toppled over and started laughing. My teammate was too, and then it hit me. It was beating and beating as if my heart dropped down to my feet. I stood up. I realized there were tears streaming down my cheeks. A different teammate came in so I could go out. today there is a long purple/blue stripe of bruise on the side of my foot. My parents still made me go to workouts for softball, and basketball practice. My caring coach did not make me do all the jumpy exercises. Idk how to end this lol ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you so much if you actually read this and cared โค๐Ÿ’•>๏น<

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