Basic First Aid : How to Splint a Fractured Hand

You know, at some point in time, we’re all
going to incur injuries throughout life. Hi, I’m Captain Joe Bruni, and what I’m going
to discuss and go over is how to splint a fractured hand. A fractured hand can be a
pretty painful experience. First, evaluate the area to determine if there’s discoloration
or deformity to the hand region. Some type of splinting material will be necessary. Splinting
material like this one found in a commercial first aid kit is ideal for splinting the fractured
hand. If commercial splinting material is not available, rolled up newspapers or other
rigid material may be used as a temporary splinting device. The goal is to try and form
the splinting material that will not only fit the arm, but form an upward region that
the person can grasp with the hand as the splinting material is applied. Once applied,
some type of pressure bandage or gauze can be used to wrap around the region and keep
the rigidity of the splint in place. Once the rigidity of the splint and the application
of a pressure bandage or gauze is in place, some type of cold compress or ice can be used
to help reduce swelling and pain. Do not apply the ice or cold compress to the bare skin,
as this may cause a cold injury. Some type of cloth between the cold application of ice
or the compress can be laid on top of some type of cloth material, insulating the skin
from direct contact to the cold. Cold will constrict the vascular system and reduce blood
flow, reducing swelling and pain to the region. Any type of fracture can be a pretty painful
event, but with proper first aid measures and the proper steps taken, pain and swelling
can be reduced, helping to speed the healing process. I’m Captain Joe Bruni. Stay safe,
and we’ll see you next time.


  1. would like to have seen this done with a rolled up newspaper. As the splint is not a standard isue in our first aid bag. (i am a first aid worker at a zoo).

  2. i had an absolute moment of uncontrollable anger..
    i punched a concrete wall and curve contacted the two smaller knuckles. the swelling went down a lot and such, but it still hurts, definitely a boxer's fracture, all bad.
    anyway thanks Joe, helpful.

  3. i broke my wrist. i was playing on my couch and i jumped off. i landed on my wrist really hard causing my elbow to go over my wrist. i heard a loud pop. it didnt hurt until after surgery. ugh. now i have full arm cast. its terrible! :/

  4. That captain can splint my hand any day. That mustache!! Yum totally hot ! Thanks for the advice on splinting also

  5. In my case the 4th and 5th metacarpals were fractured. The grasping of the splint material would be completely incorrect for this kind of fracture. Either that or a trained medical professional at a hospital incorrectly splinted my hand.

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