Basic First Aid : How to Stop Mild Bleeding During First Aid

You know, throughout the course of every day
life, all of us will sustain minor injuries. Hi, I’m Captain Joe Bruni, and what I’m going
to talk about is how to stop mild bleeding. Mild bleeding is usually the occurrence of
some type of minor injury. Mild bleeding can be controlled, normally, by first cleaning
the blood away with some type of sterile or clean dressing until we can expose the injured
area. After the mild bleeding is cleaned away, a small amount of pressure can be applied
to the bleeding area for a short period of time until the blood clots and the bleeding
stops. Once the bleeding stops, wash the area with soap and water to cleanse the area, and
apply some type of antiseptic or disinfecting solution that is topical to the skin area
to reduce the chances of infection. If the wound is minor in nature, something as simple
as your every day band-aid could be applied to the area to stop and keep the bleeding
from occurring again and keep the area clean and dry until healing occurs. Minor injuries
are a common fact of life, but with proper techniques and cleaning, bandaging can take
place after this so healing will ensue. I’m Captain Joe Bruni. Stay safe and see you next


  1. my mom is bleding because the nife cut her finger really bad. Should I say what you said? I am 9 years old just so you know

  2. @GakupoFangirl602 – you need to remove the soaked bandaids/dressings and then apply fresh ones until it stops. If it doesn't, keep changing it every two soaked dressings.

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