1. i don't know if anyone can tell me or not since this is how to fix a broken toe, but i need to know if i broke my toe. it's hurt really bad for the past few days. it hurts to move and to walk on. it's not discolored. it was swolen very little you could barely tell. it hurts very bad when i touch it. it tingles out of no where. it's the one next to my big toe. i don't know how it happened i just know it hurts

  2. yeah i just had that happen 10 minutes ago, its ether spraind or twisted, so just keep an eye pack or cool cloth over it and stay off it a few days

  3. i htink i broke mine a few days ago, was swolen but is dieng down cause i taped it up…. it feels like heck but my mom said thers really nothing 2 do so i continued playing on the trampoline with a broken toe….. didnt make it worse or anthing.BUT I CANT MOVE IT OR BEND IT !

  4. I've broken my toes , fingers , and , little bones in my feet before and never went to the ER before . No big deal . Only been to the ER once but not for broken bones ..

  5. I feel bad for ya . Last summer we were removing pannelling on the walls and I dropped a crow bar on it and wow that hurt ! There really isn't anything you can do for such a little bone like that besides what they show on the screen .

  6. thx im 13 broke my pinky toe yesterday at school by a chair and it hurts its purple and swollen and its my first broken bone

  7. @ErikPaulsonFan It dropped on the little bones of my foot . Yes , It did turn blue . For it to heal up , it took about 3 weeks . Until they were healed up , I could barely move my foot because they hurt so badly .

  8. I have just fallen up the stairs and at the same time landed on my big toe, now it hurts like hell and I cant move it.

  9. Thanks. I just smashed my toe into the door frame and it kinda hurts when I trying to bend it… but I don't think its broken, but keeping it cold by ice or something really helps 🙂

  10. i have done something to my big toe lol. my mum said its broken and it hurts pretty bad and every time i walk on it it feels like its gonna pop cause loads of blood rushes to it

  11. So I seriously just banged my toe and I can't even walk. It looks slightly swollen but my mom says there is nothing that the ER can do with a broken toe and personally I don't want to go to the ER. So If there is anyone on here that can help me. What do I do?? Obviously the video explains it but I have to go to school tomorrow and I can't exaclty where an ice pack.. and changing classes when we're all stepping on each others feet. Oh god.

  12. ummm… how bug of a deal is a broken toe cuz i would feel kinnda stupid if i went to the er for a broken toe. but tonight is halloween and im goin trick-or-treating in heeles i have my toe taped but what should i do 🙁 my parents dont belive me that my toe is broken. also i have cruches from wen i previously spraind my ankle should i use those or would that be stupid

  13. @Alex1M6 lol i waz runnin up stairs & just lke ramdomly fell i haz 2 huge black bruses on my shins and i think a broken toe

  14. @MetallicAtack Went to the doctor today for it..apparently 2 are broken and 1 dislocated. Again, thanks for this vid. There needs to be more info vids on here.

  15. this is good ! i remember when i broke my toe.. i actually went to sleep in the pain !! and awoke to later realized i had to go see a doctor lol

  16. I accidently kicked a wall and my toe was at a right angle to my foot! so was it broken?!! I did strap it to the toe next to it and cut a hole in my shoe asit swolled up. Didn't use a lolly pop stick though …………………………

  17. My pinkie toe is broken but too small to put a commercial splint on it or even a tongue depressor. And going to the hospital won't help. You will pay $500 for a doctor to say "yep, it's broken." so just wait it out. Take some ibuprofen and wrap it in an Ace bandage.

  18. @highnotelownote i broke mine last night and all they did was wrap a bandage round it.. it kills to walk .

  19. just remember "RICE":

    R = Rest — keep off the injured toe as much as possible

    I = Ice — use an ice-pack to reduce swelling and pain

    C = Compress — use an ace bandage to reduce swelling and to stabilize the toe

    E = Elevate — keeping the injured toe above chest level also helps to reduce swelling

  20. I have a broken toe. I had to go to the ER and I had to get a bunch of blood taken out for tests 🙁 it hurts. I have to use crutches.

  21. I just broke my toe and it cracked. A fucking little shit kid ran over my toe & wasn't following directions while playing laser tag and it hurts like hell and is bleeding like crazy. He had a twin and it was really dark in the room so I didn't know which one did it and didn't confess. If I knew I would of beat the fucking shit out of him. 😡 so pissed

  22. I think I broke my big toe by skimming the beam at my gym and landing on my big toe on the floor and now it purple and kinda black and my coach said to suck it up but its where I'm supposed to be landing ON my toes and not my heels now I have a habit of walking on and landing on my heels when I'm supposed to land on my toes

  23. this video was 1000000x more useful and helpful than going to A&E. I just came back 30 minutes ago because they didn't do anything except gave me tape, didn't even give me 'tongue depressers' with it……..

    I fucking hate hospitals

  24. Theres nothing really tht u can do for broken toes. I broke my toe last christmas and I had to walk around the mall all day.

  25. I dropped a trampoline on three of my toes, bone on side hurts and I feel like something is moving when I walk yuck. Big toe swollen now a week don't see bruising, feels like needles and little pain should I get an xray?

  26. that you I just fix my toe in my bathroom just now now I don't need to go to the er 😛im still in pain though

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