Basic First Aid : How to Treat a Foot Sprain

You know, at some point in time, most of us
are going to incur some type of sprain or strained injury to our bodies. Hi, I’m Captain
Joe Bruni, and what we’re going to discuss and go over is how to treat a foot sprain.
A foot sprain is damage to the ligaments that occurs in the arch, arch underneath area of
the foot. To properly treat that area, have the patient lie down and elevate the foot
to at least the chest height, or slightly higher to reduce blood flow. Apply some type
of cold, commercial ice pack or ice itself, to the injured area to reduce pain and swelling.
If using ice or a cold pack, you may want to use some type of cloth material so that
ice pack or that ice itself is not up against the skin which could cause a cold burn injury.
After ten to fifteen minutes, remove the ice and wrap the area with some type of pressured
bandage to help support the foot and to reduce the pain and discomfort. The pressure bandage
may have to be worn for several days as the person nurses them self back to health and
they try to walk on the foot, as the pressure bandage will provide support to the arch area
of the foot. Strains and sprains can be a pretty painful experience, but with proper
treatment, things can go quite well. After forty-eight hours, apply heat to the area
to increase blood flow and dilate the blood vessels which will promote a faster healing
time. I’m Captain Joe Bruni. Stay safe and we’ll see ya next time.


  1. i sprained my left foot by doing volleyball, it hurt like hell especially caus i had to walk 2 miles home with it 🙁
    but 1 week on its alot better 🙂

  2. @IMakeTheVids wow ur lucky i sprained my ankle 5 days ago n i still cant kickflip all i can do r my shuvits

  3. i am sitting in my bed right now with ice on it like you said, wondering weather ice is the right thing to do or not and you told me so. Thanks a bunch.

  4. Damn that's fuckin sick…I injured my foot awhile ago when i 50-50ed the mini ramp and my foot suddenly felt soft when i was going down from the ramp and caused my injury…..damn this sucks T.T

  5. Hi sir I had a sprain on this last two weeks I can walk properly now but however sometimes I feel some pain to my sprain any tips?

  6. I feel from an extension during stunting in cheer and I rolled my ankle and my foot bent together like a hotdog so now I have bad swelling and pain

  7. I have a foot sprain and my doctor said not to put a bandage or anything on, because I need to move my foot around so it doesn't get stiff he says it could make it more painful. I also have to use crutches.

  8. It's Friday and is nearly sat and u have a athletics club on Monday or Tuesday and a match on Wednesday.will it heal by then?? Please help I am the best at long jump and I don't want to let the entire team down

  9. I was playing football, and my foot fell into a drain in the middle of the field. That shit rolled hard…

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