Basic First Aid : How to Treat a Knee Sprain

You know, at some point in time, many of us
are going to incur some type of sprain or strain injury. Hi, I’m Captain Joe Bruni,
and what I’m going to go over and talk about is how to treat a knee sprain. A knee sprain
can be a pretty painful injury; however, it’s usually not a serious injury. A knee sprain
should first be evaluated for swelling and possible fracture. If there’s discoloration,
it could be a sign of an injury much, much more in depth than just a sprain. Initially,
apply some type of cold compress like a commercial ice pack or ice to the area to reduce swelling
and pain. Ten to fifteen minute intervals is all that the ice should be applied to help
avoid a cold or burn injury from the ice. After the ice is initially applied, that will
help to constrict blood vessels and reduce blood flow to the area which helps to reduce
pain and swelling. Some type of pressure bandage or elastic bandage could be applied to help
support the knee, being careful not to make it too tight and cut off circulation. Once
the pressure bandage is in place; again, the cold compress or the ice can be applied to
the region or area to again help reduce pain or swelling. Also, lying down and resting
the knee for extended periods is one of the keys to a speedy recovery. After the first
three days of the application of ice, you can begin to apply heat to dilate the blood
vessels and increase blood flow to the region to help promote healing. Knee sprains are
never a pleasant experience, but with proper intervention and care, the road to recovery
and healing can be much greater and faster. I’m Captain Joe Bruni. Stay safe and we’ll
see you next time.


  1. I spained my knee about 3 week ago by doing a roundolph, it popped two times while i was in the air, and i hit the grass hard it is now fiine, but if you have a sprain knee you want to un tighten it, you are supposed to exersise it so it will get loose and get better

  2. during a soccer match i was slide tackled pretty hard and i when i fell i heard three pops in my knee followed by pain
    is i cant walk and it is only a bit swollen after 24 hours
    is it a sprained knee?
    what should i do?

  3. Last week I was running I ate sh!t hard. My ankle sprained landed on my left knee week passes today I happen to hit it with a broom haven't felt sharp pain like that in a while I'll give this a try

  4. I somehow sprained my knee at rehearsal (i'm in my college's color guard) this past Wednesday, and I couldn't walk on it at all yesterday. I was fine today, but right now it's really hurting me again. I'm going to try and perform tomorrow though. I already missed Thursday night's, i'm not missing another one if I can help it.

  5. Hey joe, thanks for the info. I stressed my knee while riding my dirt bike. The pain isn't bad but if I put weight on my knee it gives out and I can feel twisting inside. ER said it was just a sprain. I'm icing if like you mentioned, resting, and will apply heat pad in a few days. 

  6. Thank you for this. I just recently sprained my knee and didn't want to go to the hospital. This helped me very much. 👍👍👍

  7. Im actually soo glad i saw this video today i had a knee sprain 3days ago and now that i have seen this video it had given me more info on how to speed my healing time thanks ehow and captain

  8. I was playing badminton and when I went for the shuttlecock I turned but my leg didn't. I heard a popping noise that sounded like knuckles being cracked, and then my leg gave out. Assuming it's a sprained knee? I put ice on it, and some Voltaren Emugel, along with a knee brace.

  9. lol i just heard that someone in my class is eating my food so i ran like hell and tried jumping on the table to slap him.. but when i jumped the pointy end of the table hugged me left knee so bad that i lay there only for 15 mins 😛

  10. I am a cheerleader and I'm on an all stars team and while I was tumbling I landed wrong on my knee and I sprained it this helped a lot thank you

  11. What if the firs time it was sprained it healed then every few months it did the same thing whil doing normal every day activities

  12. What if the first time it was sprained it healed then every few months it did the same thing while doing normal every day activities

  13. i am a gymnast this helped to get me out of bed doing backtuck again thx😁😁

  14. I was dancing or made a wrong move and somehow i did something to my knee, now it hurts and it's hot and it also looks a bit of brownish. It happend just yesterday and I also have a cyst or something like that in my right legs knee. What should I do with my left knee? I do have a gel my doc prescribed me for my right knee buuut should I use a cooling one or a heating one?

  15. I was playing hockey and I got hit into the boards I sprained my knee sprained my ankle and pulled my hamstring and my knee is really swelled and brused

  16. I got ninja kicked by a wave. I was thrown down and landed on my knee. owwweeee booohoooo 😰😰😰

  17. idk if i sprained it or not but it hurts to bend and to stand/put pressure on. and there are these little red spots around the bump.

  18. I just twisted my knee playing soccer i tried to turn not even running it was just a fast turn and i heard a pop noise and now the pain and swelling is intense!

  19. I was attempting to do a front flip on my trampoline and then I sprained my knee and thought I broke it a couple seconds

  20. We played football in pe, my classmate had the ball and he was running, I decided to take the ball away, but i crashed into him and fell and my knee twisted i guess, it hurts. my friends told me to kick my leg like i was gonna kick a football.

  21. I have a sprained knee. In jiu jitsu my foot got caught in the mat and it pinned behind me I am really thankful to God that nothing tore. It was quite painful at the moment not to mention scary.

  22. I sprained my knee, but I tried to hide it from my parents, so I continued walking and doing everything, late at night the pain was awful next morning I could barely walk, but I had to because I had a test so they tough I just didn't wanted to go school. today it has two weeks, I can walk but kinda weird and when I touch it still hurts.when the pain goes completely??

  23. I played basketball yesterday and got sprained knee. Last May i had the same situation and it healed for a week

  24. My shoe caught the carpeted mat as I was exiting my vehicle and my doctor said I sprained my knee. Never hurt my knee before and it's painful. Thanks for posting this video.

  25. Today, I twisted my knee when I was in my dogeball conpetition. I was dodging it but I didnt notice one of my team member behind me and so I tripped over her and how my friends described it, I rolled over and twisted my knee. I was out of the team but I couldnt properly stand up as my knee kept wiggly and throbbing. Since the game was continuing, I had to just sit down and help myself, so I didn't get the ice or told the teachers.

  26. some idiot left a magazine in front of my door, i walk out and slip right on it, and landed right on my knee. when i hit the floor i felt sick to my stomach and dizzy for a couple of minutes. i thought it was a simple slip and fall, but it's been 4 freaking days and my knee still hurts!!!

  27. I sprained the literal hell outta my knee yesterday playing ball. I'm such a dramatic person when I fell I said "FOOOOCK!!!!!"

  28. I sprained my knee while using my punching bag. I guess the music I was listening to hyped me up too much and I wasn't paying attention to my posture,

  29. I was playing flag rugby at PE and I tried to dive for the kids flag, but I twisted wrong and heard my knee pop. I tried to stand up but immediately fell to the ground. After I was finally able to get up I tried to walk it off but I was limping. Eventually the limp went away but my knee still hurts, its been about 6 hours. I can't tell if I sprained it or not so can someone tell me?

  30. It believe it was this one:

  31. Hey I want really help
    I have the same issue since 6 months my leg was like twisted in football . That time the pain was hell . But the next day it beacome so worse it was paining and swelling. Then after one month it stop pain and swelling. And I was thinking it is fine now and it seems normal. Then I went to play again when I start running I noticed that I'm not running like I was then suddenly I twisted again like the same . Then the same pain and swelling. Then after a long rest . Then I played but the same thing happened I can't run or jump . So I'm so wared I never been to doctor. That is another story but what should I do . I want this end I want to play . 😢

  32. I sprained both knees this week in my Physical Training class they hurt so bad and I have two weeks of training left. I’m afraid to report it to my captain because he’ll take me out and I’ll just have to do it all over again in a few months. Oh lord help me

  33. So it is possible that you could tear your acl by twisting?

    The more I look into it I think thats what happened to my knee it happened while playing volleyball for the first couple days I couldnt walk without support of some sort to help me walk. Till after a couple days I was finally able to walk but not for long due to the pain in the knee I would even put some icee hot to help for the pain but the pain would always come back so I'm really hoping there might be another reason that my knee hurts but if its this then surgery might be the only way to help me still get into the military

  34. I tripped over my pants and untied shoe laces then dislocated my kneecap. Well, May 26 was a bad day 😂💔 I'm alright now, I'm just wearing a knee brace 😄

  35. I twisted my knee while walking towards a tree….. Idk if this would work… I placed ice in my knee for 2 days I might do it tomorrow…

  36. I sprained my knee 3 times in 5 months and most of it was from basketball, the first time it happened was the worst.I was on a fast break and someone cut me off and I slammed my foot down on the floor and it happened.I slowly went down and I was confused on what happened until after I fully hit the ground I was in major pain.I have recovered but my bones now make pop noises.

  37. I sprained my knee in the middle of my variation, literally 10 seconds in, and I'm like well this is fun. It hurts soooooo bad.

  38. I got sprained by playing basketball and my groupmates doesnt care at all they just continue playing and keep asking me if im ok

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