Bathroom Organization: 3 Tips For Getting Your Toiletries Organized

Intro video… Hey, Mridu Parikh here. Welcome to Life is
Organized the place to live a simple and happy life. And today I’m gonna answer a question from Carrie O, and she says; Can you help me with bathroom organization? My toiletries are disaster along with my first aid medicine travel size, ahh help! P.S. I love your videos! Thanks Carrie, I love making them for you!
I’ve got a few good tips for you on this one. STEP#1: Purge the nastiness. I say it’s nasty
because toiletries and medicines are those the type of things that expire. Oh good, December 2014! Oh, no that’s 2004… They’re almost
finished and not worth saving. Or you can’t get some more, aaww I know I can… Or you just don’t need them after a while. Breastfeeding pads?? Noooo! So go through it all and get rid of all these
nasty stuff. STEP#2: Separate your toiletries by like stuff. So get all your mouth stuff together like your toothpaste, toothbrush and floss or all of your medicines together or all of your nail things like your filers and nail polishes. STEP#3: Use containers to store them separately. These are all little things so if you just dump them back into your drawer or shelf or bin, they’re all gonna get mixed up again. So I love me this pull-out organizers. These are awesome because they fit great under your sink or if you’re lucky enough to have shelf space. These are great to separately hold all of your items. I got these at the container store and the
link is at my site and I’ll be sure to leave it below. And if you don’t have any bins or containers at home, you can always use Ziploc bags or even shoe boxes. And lastly STEP#4: Keep a toiletry bag ready for travel. So yes, keep an extra toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion and shampoos, all travel
size, ready to go. This will save you so much time stress when
you already have a hundred other things to do when you’re ready for your next trip. Alright you sweet thing! What is one step
that you can take immediate action on with your toiletries? Join me in the comments with this week’s
challenge. Letting me know if you’re gonna focus on purging, sorting, containerizing or getting your travel bag ready. As always, thank you so much for watching.
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another awesome tip on how to live simple and happy. BYE!


  1. Recently used a shoe pocket organizer over my linen closet and labeled all the pockets to store my toiletries and everyday items that we use in the bathroom and it works great.

  2. my toiletries fit in a kaboodles. yes/old school but I have one for sewing kit items-first aid kits for car or in the home-nail care items and with a handle-you can transport them with ease. They are great organizers if you want to store hair items too like hair bows-pins-clips-rubberbands.They are very inexpensive and great for kids smaller toys as well.

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