BATHROOM Reveal and Tour: DIY Renovation

– Hi friends! And welcome back to AmandaMuse. So I’m gonna do the big reveal. So behind this door is my new bathroom and I can’t wait to show it to you. If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat I have shown you some sneak peeks, but I will tell you this: The bathroom is like 97% done, but it’s one of these things. If I don’t do it now and show you I may never show you, so let’s do it. Are you ready? Are you ready? If I can find some before
footage, which I probably will, I’m going to include it now. (relaxing guitar music) Come on in! Here is the new and improved bathroom! So we didn’t make it bigger or anything. We used the space we had, and I think it looks incredible. It’s so bright in here. I absolutely love it. So I’m gonna talk to you
about some special things. My key favorite piece
about this whole bathroom is the floor. You’ve gotta see this floor. So we went with a marble tile and originally I thought I was gonna go with a hexagon shape, but when we were looking at tile, this shape was on sale, like half price. And so we did it, and by we I mean Dean. So Dean did this whole bathroom himself aside from actually hiring some
plumbers and an electrician, but it took a long time to do the floor, but I think looks absolutely amazing. I’m so happy with it. It’s actually something I
wanted in our upstairs bathroom, but we had our bathroom
upstairs renovated. If you go back in the archives you can see the huge renovation, but because it’s such a big space, the cost per sheet of tile was crazy, so we opted out. Another beautiful feature
about this bathroom is this right here. So this is awesome. I actually didn’t think
I was gonna love this. This was really Dean’s
idea to do the wainscoting, but I feel like it just really
brightens up this bathroom and it makes it look so fresh and clean and it’s nice and easy just to wipe down when you have to clean it. Another thing is that the
bathroom, the original bathroom, did have a cabinet like this, but it was embedded in the wall, and it was tiny, and it was grungy, and it was probably 60 years old, so we went with this one. It has mirrors along all of the edges. I feel like it’s a really decent size. And when you open it, it has a nice mirror on
the inside and inside, and actually I picked up this
little piece the other day at HomeSense, which I think it just looks really pretty
inside the cabinet. So really happy with
how the cabinet looks. This here, if this is freaking
you out ’cause it’s open, we had an electrician booked
actually for yesterday would you believe, but he called in sick. Everyone’s getting sick these days. But we’re gonna be putting
the exterior piece. The reason he has to come back, he actually did the work before hand, is that with adding this wainscotting, it just means that the outlet
is too deep into the wall, so he’s gonna come and just bring it out and we’ll put the finishing
piece on the outside. Then for the color of this wall, we actually decided to
go with a nice cool gray, even though we do have warm grays running out throughout our home. Dean took a tile from the
floor, one of the little tiles, and we chose the darkest
color from that tile and then color matched it and resulted in this
beautiful nice dark dark gray. We chose this piece, this
light fixtures a long time. Now these lights are super bright. These ones are at 100 watts right now, which is awesome for filming. I’m pretty sure this is very well lit, but for real life, like if
you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, this would burn your retinas, so we’re gonna bring
them down to 60 watts. I love the width of this light fixture and how it fits perfectly
with the medicine cabinet, and it’s funny ’cause when we were looking at medicine cabinets, we actually thought this
one would be kind of small. They had a much bigger one and I’m so glad we didn’t
go with the bigger one because I just feel like it
fits the space perfectly, it’s directly in the center. Another feature we really
liked is this pedestal sink. So if you recall in the previous bathroom, which to be honest, I never filmed in ’cause that bathroom was just grungy, it had a cabinet space with
a door that would open. But you know what? This bathroom is quite tight. Like I’m standing. I’m not a terribly big person, but there’s not that much space. We wanna use this bathroom for guests and then also we do have a
bedroom on our main floor but we don’t wanna crowd
this bathroom full of stuff, you know? So we just like the clean
look of the pedestal sink. We want some Moen fixtures. That’s what we decided
to go with this time. I should’ve filmed this the other day when everything’s looking so tidy. I splurged on some Bath & Body Works soap. Smells delicious. Should be wiped down. Disregard. So we put in an American
standard fiberglass tub. It’s a really deep tub and it’s actually the exact same tub we have in our upstairs bathroom. We loved it. We originally thought we were
gonna do a stand up shower. Just a standalone shower. But in the end, the tub
fit, and you know what? It doesn’t hurt to have an extra tub. The tiles, we did the white subway tile with an off white grout, and again, Dean did everything himself. And in terms of the fixtures, we went with Moen fixtures again. You know, they look beautiful
in our upstairs bathroom, so we thought we would
just stick with that. We really like the rounded shower curtain. It prevents the shower curtain from like coming onto your body when you’re in the shower,
which is really nice. And unlike our shower bar upstairs, this one doesn’t affix into the wall. It actually just… You tighten it, and with
pressure it stays up and it holds really well, and I think Dean picked up
the shower curtain itself and the rod at Bed Bath & Beyond. And I really like this. It’s actually meshed just
like our one upstairs. Just looks beautiful. White and crisp and I love it with a little bit of satin detailing. It just looks so fresh in here. One thing that we do
have to add in is this. Dean just picked up this tile today, and he’s gonna put it into
the shower kinda like so, and that will be a permanent fixture to hold our shampoos and things. We’re just trying to decide
where exactly we want it. If we want it lower or
if we want it higher up. So we’ll see. Probably a little lower. In terms of the actual like towel fixtures and the toilet paper roll holder, we actually, the first time around, we used Moen fixtures again, but you know what? I have a good pointer here. We do not love how they turned out, so this time with these ones, we picked them up at Bed Bath & Beyond. I don’t remember the brand name, but the key piece here is
these are solid fixture. Our Moen ones, the bar
actually fits into the wall almost like it anchors in its place, but it can move, and let me tell you, you don’t want that
because kids pulling on it. We have to maybe replace them or like superglue them
together type of deal. And one thing Dean wants me to point out because he obviously did this work is that we didn’t use with the hardware that came with these fixtures. He went out and bought
special toggle bolts which go into the wall and then expand so that they hold them in place. So something to mention. The hand towel, we went
with the nice circle bar and then the toiler paper holder, we did with the type that
just spits on like that. I went other to HomeSense the other day and I picked up these towels. I just thought I cannot do a bathroom tour with towels that do not match. So I got these really nice
towels from HomeSense. I picked up this amazingly super soft, thick, and fluffy bath mat, and I also picked up this
lovely bath and shower gel. It’s a de-stress one. It smells so nice. Clary sage, and bergamot, and lavandin, and it smells amazing! It’s so nice to have a bathroom that’s finished on our
main level right now because once the kids go to bed, everyone’s winding down, it’s so nice to have a shower and not disturb anybody and wake them up. This is a Cadet 4
American Standard toilet. This toilet is a low flow
high pressure toilet. The lid doesn’t slam shut,
which is really nice, and I do prefer a rounded toilet seat rather than the oval. Just personal preference, but in a small bathroom
it leaves a lot of space. And I have no plans to put a big curtain. This is a frosted window. I don’t see the point of curtains. It lets a lot of light in. So a couple things that we have left to do is we’re gonna be… Dean’s gonna fix up this door because this is the original
door as you can see. Look at the handle. I mean, you can’t find doors like this, a solid wood door, so his plans are he’s gonna
take it off, sand it down, repaint it, and put that back up. We’re gonna be putting some
crown molding across the top just to really like clean up those edges, and then we’re gonna put up that tile. So thank you for coming over
to see my bathroom tour. I’m really excited with
how it all turned out, and you have to let me
know what you think! Do you guys have any home
renovations in the works because it can be a serious undertaking. Alright, thank you for watching! Keep it real. Please subscribe. I will see every Wednesday
and Sunday here on YouTube. Bye guys! – [Child] Bye!


  1. So beautiful! Dean is so talented. It's so nice to have a handy man hubby around to be able to do these kind of renovations such a money saver. My husband is renovating our basement right now. The bathroom really came out beautiful. πŸ˜€

  2. Very nice! Dean is very handy and I cannot believe how many different jobs he does arround the house and he does that pretty good! You are very lucky woman ;o)

  3. Very nice. It is so nice to have a handy husband! The flooring is beautiful as is the simple but stunning grey and white color scheme.

  4. I love it! We bought our house 3 years ago and since my husband's promotion, we're planning on remodeling both baths in our house. Love that flooring!

  5. Looks great! You're very lucky to have such a great handyman! He did a great job! Love everything you chose, especially the tile!

  6. Amanda!!! It looks gorgeous. So exciting to see all the remodeling. I absolute love it. Almost makes me wish we owned our home!❀. Yay Dean! Tell him great job! So impressed!

  7. I love wainscoting so much! My family and I are actually moving to Nova Scotia probably in May and there are so many houses there with wainscoting and I just love it! Beautiful

  8. Have you thought of putting a dimmer on the bathroom light. That way you can have it half lit when necessary for guests but also nice and bright when you need it. We did this with most of our rooms and it really is a nice feature to have when you just want a little light.

  9. Love it! I love a great modern/classic bathroom especially with the details of the old grates/doors. A perfect combo! Great job Dean!

  10. I hate living in the north when it comes to renovating. Very few stores or choices. I buy stuff (fixtures/door hardware etc) whenever we go south. Last time I flew back from Vancouver with a kitchen sink from Ikea. (Gotta love AirNorth…they still allow 2 free pieces of luggage) We are ultimately renovating our entire house. Been working on it for a few years now. Big wall removals etc. are done now but still lots to do.We are putting a future airbnb suite in our lower level. Hubby is doing the kitchen down there now as I speak. He has done much of the work. Doing a new roof and deck in the summer. Encourage your children to go into the trades….one of our sons has almost completed his red seal carpentry ticket. He's helped with lots of the work. I'm the designer, he and my husband are the muscle. Your bathroom looks great.

  11. It looks fabulous! Well done πŸ‘πŸΌ
    We need to renovate our master bathroom and remove carpet from upper level…. eventually ☺

  12. Love the bathroom reno! Since we moved into our house, we do bit by bit. We just bought paint for 2 rooms, 2 new couches, a new stove, new desk & a decorative table plus a new light fixture for our entryway. I love seeing other people's work, it's very inspiring and we can so relate as our house was in bad shape when we moved in. Your husband did excellent work and you both made wonderful color/tile/fixture choices! TFS!

  13. Loving this bathroom reveal especially because my hubby is a contractor and does all our work. 😊 But then my mind goes.. ooo what shade is her nail polish? Lol.

  14. am so happy for you guys, love how you work together, looooove the bathroom😱😱😱😘😘😘😍😍😍

  15. I absolutely LOVE it, Amanda! Your husband did a GREAT job. I'd be a guest in your home anytime. Not just because you have such a beautiful bathroom but because you're so awesome!

  16. Looks awesome Amanda! Dean did a great job!! I'm hoping to get my hubby to Reno our little bathroom in the basement this year πŸ™‚

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