Bathroom Storage Solutions: Solving Sink Storage with Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Bathrooms are a high-traffic zone and also a common place to find a shortage of usable storage. That’s why Dura Supreme Cabinetry offers a variety of bath storage solutions so you can to take full advantage of the space and personalize it for your needs. Our Plumbing Drawers optimize the space under the bathroom sink by wrapping around the plumbing fixtures and still providing storage. Both solid Maple and Stainless Steel options are available. A Two-Tiered Sink Base Organizer adds extra storage on either side of the plumbing fixtures. Smaller items and travel size bath products can be tucked away neatly in our tip-down sink tray. Keep your bathroom clutter-free with a thin pull-out next to the sink with a towel rack for hiding drying towels. With space for storing spare products like soap bars, dispensers, and lotions. Keeping your bathroom clutter-free. A convenient storage rack on the cabinet door can organize your bathroom cleaning supplies or beauty products. Store your cleaning supplies under the bathroom sink in our convenient pull-out caddy. This pull-out includes a detachable, portable basket so you can easily transport it to other areas of your home without losing track of your supplies. It can also be used for hair products. A roll-out is also a popular choice under the sink. It provides easier access to items placed at the back of the cabinet. For more ideas, see your local Dura Supreme Showroom!

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