Batman Needs Therapy – Studio C

♪♪ – House is clean,
laundry folded, and I can finally
sit and read my– Man: Alfred, Alfred! – [sighs] Commissioner Gordon? – Where’s Batman? The Joker’s gonna
blow up Gotham Bank. – Did you try the Bat-Signal? – It’s been on for two hours. – Let’s check the study. Sometimes he gets so
enveloped in his work that– – I love you, Dad. Animatronic Voice:
I love you too, son. Throw me another
perfect spiral. – Okay, Dad! Go long! [screams] Father! Why?! It’s all my fault! It’s always– [whispered]
Don’t be afraid, Bruce. – What are you doing? We’ve got to tell him
about the Joker. – He’s not to be disturbed. – Look, I know it’s awkward,
but people’s lives are at stake. – [sighs] Well I suppose
you’re right. But he’s only trying to cope. – Exactly. – Nothing to be ashamed of. – Not at all. [audience laughing] – Here comes the Batwing! [laughs] Ah! – That one’s harder to justify. – Agreed. But the Joker has hostages. – [sighs] Wh– How many hostages? Because if it’s only like 10– – Alfred! – Maybe, just, if it’s
less than 10, then I’m– – No, listen. – Fine. – Open the door, Alfred. – Fine. I’ll just go in there and pretend like there’s
nothing going on. – Okay. – Okay? – Don’t ask me to choose,
Batman! Harvey Dent may have
half a face, but you have half a heart! [gasps] How dare you! [smacks] – No, I can’t. I can’t. – Why is he playing her
and she– I have so many questions. – Why don’t we just
hop in the Batmobile and take on the Joker ourselves? – No, look. We’re on a path now. – Please. – You and me. We have to know
what happens next. – Please. – It’s okay. – It would be embarrassing. – Just open the door. [piano playing] – ♪ Rachel. ♪ ♪ Rachel doll. ♪ ♪ You love me ♪ ♪ despite my flaws. ♪ – What are you doing? – Live streaming this. – Wh– How could you? – It’s the live stream
Gotham deserves. – I suppose he’s got
no secrets left. – ♪ I’ve got so many secrets,
I can’t keep track. ♪ ♪ Like an Alfred tattoo
on my lower back. ♪ ♪ The worst one, ♪ ♪ now that’s something
I can’t defend. ♪ ♪ I just wanna be
Joker’s friend. ♪ He’s misunderstood! – Heaven help Gotham. – Oh, wa– I think he doesn’t
want to be his friend. That can’t be true. Man Over Radio: The Joker
has escaped with a hostage. We don’t know where he is! Over. – We’ve got to warn Batman. – I just watched
your live stream. Hoo! Friends? Did you really mean it? – Every word. – I think I finally
found something that can heal these scars. Both: [chanting]
Best friends, best friends. We are best friends! Yeah! – Wait, no, I can explain! It’s a– [stammering]
Don’t be afraid, Bruce. [audience cheering] – [as Batman] Thank you for
watching that sketch! Make sure to like the sketch. – And subscribe to Studio C. – [as Batman] And comment below about where you would like
to see Batman next. – I’m Alfred. – [as Batman]
Yes, very good, Alfred.


  1. Oh my goodness😔 this is just sad 😂 but I love that every time they open the door he’s playing someone else

  2. If the Joker and Batman did team up, that would be kinda scary. However, Christian Bale did the best Batman and Heath Ledger did the best Joker!


  4. Once this season is over I’m gonna leave, ngl the cast was the reason I really enjoyed the show. They’re all at jk studios so there’s no use of this channel anymore for me. But thanks for the laughs great ideas for skits😅♥️

  5. Hey Batman! Drink this!

    “What is it?”

    You’re not like yourself so drink this Dasani!



    “I’m the hero Gotham deserves.”

    We sponsored this ;).

  6. Q: How many times does someone have to open and close the door before u notice them there?
    A: depends on how many issues u have?

  7. I love how they pull off the set ups everytime they open the door. I was worried first that they'd do something like force Batman to start life over but i'm relieved at the actual thing.
    Would actually be interesting if we had a version like the Killing Joke where Joker actually decides to try and see how it would go.

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