BC Services Card to replace CareCard

The current BC CareCard was introduced in
1989. Since then, there have been no significant changes. A lot’s happened in that time. Government is taking advantage of improvements
in card and chip technology by replacing the existing CareCard with a new BC Services Card. The BC Services Card will be available beginning February 15, 2013 and rolled out over five years. The BC Services Card will be available beginning February 15, 2013 and rolled out over five years. There won’t be a charge for the BC Services
Card. But British Columbians aged 19 to 74 will
be required to re-enrol in the Medical Services Plan by getting a BC Services Card before
2018. Failure to do so, could result in the need to pay when you visit your doctor or
need other health care services. One of the benefits of the re-enrolment process
is that you may combine your BC Services Card with your driver’s licence. Re-enrolling is simple. You can re-enrol wherever
you would normally go to renew your driver’s licence. Once you re-enrol, you will be mailed a BC
Services Card or a new Driver’s Licence and Services Card with your personal health
number on the back. Re-enrolling in the Medical Services Plan
every five years keeps your information up to date and ensures the right person gets
the right care. Of course there are exceptions. For practical
reasons not every card will have a photo of the card owner. Exceptions include groups
like children under 19, people over 74, and people unable to attend a front counter. Let’s use some examples. John’s driver’s licence expires in 2013.
So, when John renews his driver’s licence at the local ICBC driver licensing office,
he can re-enrol in MSP and apply for a driver’s licence with a personal health number. The
only charge is the one he would have to pay to renew his driver’s licence anyway. Janet recently renewed her driver’s licence
and doesn’t need to renew it for another five years. But, she likes the idea of having
a BC Services Card. So, Janet can go to an ICBC driver licensing counter to re-enrol
in MSP. She will now have a driver’s licence and a separate BC Services Card. No fee, no fuss. Just peace of mind. Children don’t need to re-enrol and can
use their existing CareCard until they turn 19. At this time, young adults will be eligible
for a photo BC Services Card. And, babies born after 2013 will get a non-photo BC Services
Card once the birth is registered. The BC Services Card will help improve patient
safety. It will help reduce fraud and the potential for identity theft. Improvements
include a more secure design, an expiry date, a photo of the card owner and a chip. Over time, as government services become available online, the card will ensure the same level of security you’d expect with in-person
services. For more information, visit bcservicescard.ca


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