BCH’s Family Birth Center at Foothills Hospital

A beautiful place to give birth.
Surrounded by Boulder’s breathtaking Flatirons mountains, Boulder Community
Health’s Family Birth Center at Foothills Hospital is a one-of-a-kind facility
providing your ideal birth experience. >>Everybody here is so wonderful.
>>Suzy Irwin had Emily Rose five weeks ago. >>You have these nurses who just care for you so much, it’s incredible. >>An experience
made even better with spacious family-friendly suites, gorgeous mountain
views, hydrotherapy tubs and queen beds for bonding. We offer support without
intervention for laboring moms progressing normally, low c-section rates
and high vaginal birth after c-section success rates. Our Family Birth Center
also provides a range of other support services. Also, our baby-friendly USA certification
means we provide the best environment for moms to successfully breastfeed
babies. By becoming patients of Boulder Community Health’s midwifery group,
Foothills Community Midwives or our OB/GYN group Boulder Women’s Care, you can
deliver your baby at our Family Birth Center. Caring obstetricians, midwives
and nurses collaborate to not only provide your ideal birth experience but
a beautiful place to give birth. >>They just make you feel like you’re in the right
place at the right time and that everything’s going to be perfect. And they
just kind of make sure of that.

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