Behind Brazil's Extreme Beauty Addiction

I'm grace neutral tattoo artist and activist so beautiful right now thank you my eyes I'm passionate about individual expressions of beauty I'm a massive believer that anyone should be able to push boundaries and express themselves exactly as they want to me the human body is beautiful in all its forms they think you are badass you're so inspirational in this series I'm in Brazil exploring alternative beauty culture and understanding how ideas of female beauty and identity are changing it's African Swan nebula it's a pretty own reward Brazil as a population is famed for its good looks and beautiful bodies so I'm visiting San Paulo the largest city in South America home to nearly 11 million people Brazil has the second biggest beauty market in the world with Brazilian women currently spending 11 times more of their annual income on beauty products the women back home in the UK with models like Gisele Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio assuming the face of brazilian beauty long straight hair a lean toned body and fair skin seem to have set the beauty standard I'm here meeting Priscilla and ties two young brazilian girls and we're at Samper tattoo which is also an inky male tattoo studio so it's going to be a really cool day gonna hang out do some tattoos talk about feminine beauty it's gonna be wicked I'm excited hey wash go Brazil eating any meat oppa dadada no Pedro de bellas le tienen fab Romero pay o que todo momento post occasion ta amela Brazilian us in Aquino Brazil team into Padre Otto Prato Toto Center no polish kimchi me to go to ADO's para el kebir pero cut off a little otter to algae into the shoes because of this this pressure from mainstream media in the mainstream beauty industry like pumping this European ideal into into Brazil do you feel like you have faced the pressure and Prejudice because you don't fit into that ideal I can shop without another local producer I see some of the simple funny videos but it is as the bully tell me guitar gave you dopamine follow catching a college Boston police rancid Vamsi since an inch si Bonita internet cheaper chaos pesos the quinoa representation is Mzoli's episode alone internet internet Chivas a in tostada porque vas a difference in coma so pesos new moon determinant Provo say she been Aaron por que pasa con psyche say doc Ellijay to Oviedo be known by his own jail is named Regina Casper's Osama see that's why I wanted to meet you and Priscilla because you seem to be the the opposite of the mainstream beauty ideal here in Brazil which i think is awesome they say that they got next some like what see I got oh my god glad it's all the son of Telamon fitness coaches and models are really popular here with huge online following passage NBC fi leo the met rebuked who started a pool average I decided to get to work out with one of the most well-known Lana pessoa who has over 250,000 followers on Instagram it's permeated our location from what I've seen through advertisement and the mainstream media over here is that the body that everyone is desiring is is what you have you know that the flat stomach and the fuller bottom half warming a shakila Bano mamooli actio incorpo desing an unconscious chico Brasileiro yahweh ostomy in suppression canzano desert a akeli prodota kelly see a VSO y también te voltage de que le cometo todo negocio de apuestas Benitez de aquino Brazil tengo Puma guru desing al and we see the Sun up tell him I'm gonna come up it's Joe's toolbox so I just finished my workout with Lana I feel like she does epitomize the kind of brazilian beauty ideal she has hundreds of thousands of people denis aspires to look like her but i don't get elated from working out in the gym for two hours every day and get more related by doing other things so I just stick to them oh gosh than Jimmy what they're missing Laureen blanking Diplo a single bogey bigger topic important despite the gym obsession over two million plastic surgery procedures were also performed in Brazil in 2014 I'm going to a cosmetic surgery clinic to join the girl called Luisa Martez for a meeting with her doctor sir thank you so much for inviting me to come with you today Gracie upcoming without each greater say can you just explain to me where we are and why we're here yeah well it isn't possible Makuta roommates cool but i starving deny acoustic or Miley who possess well keep a soul a mezzotint Holub reach for some pluses made some series Conover ladies at unbreakable say to the pain why'd you answer carefully plot emo Mario nice team Ossetia mo mo mo Bonita ela Bascom eyes Bonita in Deepika nos vamos augment our Volumnia al Guara Sierra form poco de poco Pino shimamoto da de da stem for the duo Saluja le pont are the shower pic Amenia i project our particle bomb shut up oh I am cero si Akuma cicatrice fight em alarm you Ito principalmente a party static Adama in tone yo prefiero a bird on Kara Kara phaser Guerra ma mama Bonita I be Roja lozada Serie A see in table chamomile our daily diet rocky ellic I you to do is to find all this stuff really fascinating plastic surgery it's the same as body modification you know it's just I have not been able to go to a plastic surgeon and get all the modifications that I've had done because they don't offer them my tongues but it was actually my first like extreme modification it was a little bit different than this you know there was two big heavily tattooed dudes holding my tongue out slicing it in half there was some crazy trance music playing in the background you know those people around me getting tattoo it was very different to this my experience at the clinic opened my eyes the legs that young women are going to in Brazil to obtain the perfect physique I wanted to explore this more so I met up with Larissa and her friends before they hit the town for a night in San Paulo the rest is flat is in a gated community in a wealthy area of the city called chakra kaboom and has a 24-hour security guard okay girls tell me like how long will it usually take for you to get ready to go out the really depends I'm gonna get like you not know tomato sauce I avow Hamas if Africa sauce altar is there like a stereotypical like male fantasy for brazilian girls to be like funda now I leaned over the big ass you long hair long hair we suffer because of the guys liking the long hair as you know some Huma apenas photos Ami's concert desert i recharged it was so mad bro but I'm also a month away when the girls were ready we headed out to Lions nightclub in downtown San Paulo Gabriela was going to drive us down as apparently public transport would not be safe because you're so young like you're only 23 and some women's breasts don't fully develop until the ages of like 25 do you ever thought about this in any way was in Gia's Meninas a lasting operatic a diverse Macedo yo Vicky days Oscar party Jose de Caesar no suja post evolved Arizona syriza platica taraji me so send anova no credit key thing I see he's cupramine the girl seemed to consider lions a safe night pub to go to even though it is in one of the most dangerous areas of San Paulo city ladies ladies like tonight you want beautiful would you feel comfortable on your own right now no no okay I got and I said the settings I saw Zinio sluggish math problems and it was super Alice driver we take a cab cuz walk along no way no way no way no way not on these hours and he's worked early knowing it's I was just wondering that if you thought that that would put you in any more danger on the streets of Brazil by getting bigger breasts that will be a problem rocket can water I've come economies must be fatal say smudge omentum we resolution is about to minimize be turned on our work but it's worth the risk by Levi moving I admired Lewis's honesty and I can understand the amount of pressure women face in Brazil to achieve the mainstream beauty standards even if helpful safety risks are involved after leaving the club I gave Priscilla and Ty you so cool and went to meet them after their night out hi so beautiful right now my eyes I can't deal chevre gonna move on and face a bro a logic a brahminism car and a who are quick anything to smoke a change for anything that's handled I mean what some reaction to get these two girls that have shaped heads okay let's all sing to foreign policy okay in also means expected a DG remarkable also towed away she ten tokyo chinches RPG fading Sacramento's malaria ski Ashanti Kabir Watson an emoji feminine liturgy if you could say anything to the people out there that seeking out a more individual approach to their style but to upgrade because the mainstream what do you say proposes service amazement automatic softening definite it's a brown cow negra and hvordan cuts escapes onto some other videos like many places Brazil's beauty standards can create a fixation with long hair or the body beautiful seeing Tyson Priscilla's refusal to be restricted by beauty standards and bravely flying the flag for diversity send a powerful message that individuality is something to celebrate a


  1. Nossa essa Lana abriu a boca e o ranço ja me veio direto na garganta. GURIA ACORDA ajsdnajdajd Seu corpo não é um produto, um serviço, donamoça, seu corpo é você! E vc não é padrão pra ninguem, sua desumilde ajsdnlkajsndlkjadnlkjndj

  2. Nowadays when I see a tatted girl with colored hair, piercings, and looking quite possibly lesbian, the word "activist" just pops up in my head. Do they have a code for this kind of thing?

  3. I travelled to Brazil a number of years ago. This presentation is a bit skewed, and it;s coming from an American's mouth. I saw very few women (and men) who appeared like "the victims" on this vid. First off, most Brazilians compared to other nations, have the cash to dowl out for extravagant cosmetic procedures. Second, I agree that looks are "bling" for both women (and men) in Brazil, but that is the culture in many countries in Latin America. To add to the point, while being in Brazil, most of the population have smokin natural bodies compared to other nations, and most are not having surgeries. Third, pretty is pretty and handsome is handsome, in the beholders eyes. Of all the women I saw on this, the black chick with the big hoop earrings and the one blonde, with her two friends in the apartment, both are the one's who stood out. The rest were all ok and the biggest dog was Grace:(…. Look, we all want to look nice, both guys and girls, and how we do it might not be right, but those are in the minority. Let's look at this from a different angle Grace. I was looking at you and was terribly confused….and it dawned on me….who goes to equal great lengths to make oneself distasteful to the eye? I realized that you were totally destroyed by the trashy contacts, the wormhole on your nose, maybe bad makeup or lack thereof, and god knows….seeking out a professional to cut and style your hair is of the utmost importance. I believe you go to equal lengths to make yourself look like a dog as much as the ones who do all the cosmetic procedures to make themselves "in their eyes" look better. The only difference here is that a dog budget has no cap on expenditures while the other side does. I think you might be looking in the mirror, just on the other side. On a side note, it was a good video, but having someone such as you describing "differences" and trying to compare the two "darker" chicks to the rest is a bad sale. The black chick in the fur coat obviously pays attention to dress, makeup, etc and looks as good as the rest. I would recommend not trying to make yourself unappealing to the wider audience when doing interviews such as these because I almost felt as if you were trying to recruit a camp of ugly. Best of wishes to you going forward.

  4. together with these ugly women in brazil.demeaning the rest
    brazil is not even about..sao de janeiro.santa catarina .rio grande do sul..minas gerais etc
    brazil is huge!


  6. O Brasil é o quinto maior país e vc não pesquisa nem sobre um terço dele e faz esse documentário """"representando""""ele por inteiro, como se fosse só isso o Brasil.. não posso dizer na vdd se é uma boa representação

  7. This is bullshit 😭😂😂 don’t believe this media hype bullshit, only idiots actually support plastic surgery bullshit, you don’t have real problems if all you’re worried about is looking fucking pretty.

  8. If anyone knows the songs that are featured in the video can you list them below I've been trying to find them but can't 😖

  9. The popular instageam gym junkie is so freaking ordinary looking. And sorry but short women look shit so muscly. Its a stupid ideal that not everyone thinks its as great as they do.

  10. Just close on the rich withe girls and the black girls make a image of they like on always in trouble. "Broke her nose"…. 😐😐😐

  11. The major part of brasilians fight to survive. We do not plastic surgery. We pray to never need a health surgery. This vídeo sounds like american girls. But somethings are really and public transport is not unsecure… The girls that not use cause they are a feeling rich. Here the public transport are considered a poor people thing…. Kkkkkl. Lol.

  12. I link bald heads on woman automatically with lot of stud lesbians who are trying to look like men. You see that lot in woman prisons too. Bald headed woman can b beautiful like any other though. Amber rose…sinead oconner…..even when natalie portman was for a while.

  13. 4:08 Sorry, but you can't call a euroupean stereotype a brazilian body. We are a country built by miscegenation, when you try to set a "brazilian body" you are denying all the other types of beauty scattered throughout Brazil, and consequently, our history.

  14. You do realize the government actually subsidizes the surgeries for cosmetic procedures given to the poorer girls.

  15. Wow! Ive always liked this woman but she makes fucked up statements in this one!! She aksed if the woman getting a boob job would increase the risk of her being raped. And if yes, – is it worth risking it?! NO MATTER WHAT A WOMEN WEARA OR IF HER BRESTS ARE BIG, DOES IT JUSTIFY RAPE! it should not be seen as provocing or said she "ASKED FOR IT." No matter what a woman wears or how she looks like justify somebody being raped!! I'm shocked that she as a woman made this statement. It's like when you are in court for a raped and the judge asks you what you were wearing!! The problem is in the rapist, in the mind of men. Wear whatever you feel like and if you feel like you 're being you by wearing tight leggings do it. When a man goes around topless should we say it's PROVOCING and justify raping him cause he was "ASKING FOR IT"!?? Crazy…

  16. We want what we can’t have. I’m white but I always thought that darker skin and black women were so beautiful. I still find different races absolutely gorgeous.

  17. I really never thought that having tattoos is that much of an issue but after watching this video I am noticing that there are still country’s which don’t like people with tattoos 🤔

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