Being Cheated On Gave Me Anxiety

this sucks I suck I'm the worst date on the planet first I show up late then I spill wine all over a suit Jim probably thinks I'm on hi good morning what'll it be today crap coffee coffee oh I'll have it oh god this is the part where I blankly stare at the menu of a million possible combinations for coffee I secretly wish first of ronica would just take my order by magically reading my mind that's exactly what I need are you sure you're even alive in there says anxiety did you lose your lips somewhere on the way over here close your mouth if you're not gonna say anything yet but hurry up there are people staring because you're taking too long come on choose something anxiety always questioning and judging me no matter what I do she always manages to get to me wrecking my brain she brings me down shatters my self-confidence I guess I've grown used to it that I can't leave her and she won't leave me the simplest of tasks like ordering the same coffee from the same cafe that I visit nearly every day I can't even do correctly it should be second nature already you should be able to order with your eyes closed already why do you have to make it so complicated uh I'm sorry I'll have a soy latte oh I didn't get that one more time please said the barista sorry sorry soy latte seriously could you be any more sheepish make sure to just mouth the words silently next time it'll sound clearer or perhaps yell off her ear from the get-go like you just did I'm pretty sure the back of the line heard you yell your soy latte at the par barista I ignore her completely for about half a microsecond then I remember she's right thank you soy latte coming up I think I thinked hurt too loudly uh I wish I can rewind or just Photoshop my life as it happens I'm so embarrassing I think to myself as I grab a seat when I've got nothing to do I lose myself deep in my thoughts to try and drown out my mistakes and failures but my thoughts wander into the unwanted dark alleys of my past I've got to dark alleys in particular to failed relationships where both guys simply left me abandoned crushed and kicked to the curb like a used bottle my first boyfriend cheated on me boy do I remember I'm sure he thought back then you're all kinds of boring I'm sure he still does even today says anxiety I always saw it in the movies but I never thought it happened in real life I happened to walk in on them just as I was planning a surprise visit to take him on date night I can't say I didn't see it coming I saw small signs of his slow disinterest in me as I would see him message people more and more then the small fight started happening as he said I was being paranoid turned out my paranoia was actually true yeah see I tried to warn you then but you just kept trying to push me away with your doctor friend and yourself help books and that is why you need me now anxiety reminds me my second boyfriend decided to keep me on the side while being more emotionally invested in someone else this went on for two years without my knowledge yeah he met someone new and improved better than you last time we checked she was a total babe to look him up said anxiety and without hesitation I give in I'm here stalking him on Facebook there he is grinning ear to ear with this new girl cheek to cheek in a beautiful place somewhere I'm not he looks more happy with her than any day we ever spent as a couple and she looks pretty Hollywood glamorous in her perfect form-fitting outfit the kind that has thousands of Instagram followers with thousands more likes her hair done perfectly her skin perfectly clear without any blemishes her smile screams confidence they look perfect together then BAM out of nowhere I'm yanked from looking at his and her facebook profiles it's a text from Jim he's asking for another date I'm almost dizzy with joy vertigo even I thought he'd never want to meet me again I felt my heart beating extra beat and for a second I was the person in the photo grinning from ear to ear but only for a second moments later anxiety tugs me back down to reality where I belong where I will always be in life look give up on Jim like right now it'll save you lots of pain and heartache later he will either cheat on you find you boring and dump you in three months into it or he may even do you a favor and just tell you to your face that you're just a short-term hookup do you really think someone like you can hold on to someone like him she's right I'm not good enough for him I'm not good enough for anyone I'm nothing special and I'll only complicate his life or hold him down like an anchor that's all I really am an anchor I tapped the red button saving him the trouble I delete his message I hear my name called by the barista as I walked to the counter I can't help but wonder why I even try to begin with looking at Jim's dating profile he was always too good for me after that mess I caused who on earth would take me seriously I wrap my fingers around the cub it's cold oh my god how embarrassing my name was probably called out at least five times everyone's looking at me now they all probably think that I'm that one person who took their sweet time to get their drink I look around I feel the eyes staring at me quickly I grab my drink full in hand and turn for the door when it's Jim Just My Luck what do I I what I freeze as I panic not sure if I should run away he steps closer and with a more magnifying smile on his face and I thought that was you did you get my message what do you think will happen next let us know your thoughts on a third episode in the comments and if you like this video don't forget to share and like our page


  1. Am I the only one who gets mad over the comments that be like:

    I have anxiety to, I can relate to this so much!
    I know how she feels , because I have it to

    It’s like they’re bragging for attention because they have anxiety, now I don’t even know if half of the comments are fake about them having it.

    I’m really sorry for people that has it, but there are people who actually lies about it, and it makes me kinda mad.

  2. Blank walls and pain. Let’s do it all over again
    There’s no difference it’s all the same.
    Butterfly of my happiness.
    Where are you?
    Who me?

  3. Putting too much value on what other people think of you is what's causing your anxiety. I've been cheated on & finally came to realize that when one cheats its about that person, not about the one that was cheated on. We all have choices. And not every one is watching or cares what you're doing. If you keep putting so much value on what other people think of you then you'll be cheated on & disrespected again & again. Think more of yourself. Find a way to think higher of yourself.

  4. Half of the people in the comments don't actually have anxiety. MinuteVideos just spread misinformation about mental illnesses so these teens can self-diagnose themselves and be the unique snowflake. You only have legit anxiety if a doctor/mental health professional diagnosed you.

  5. Ugh…anxiety
    I hate anxiety…I always have it – in my new school,in my new class… no wonder till now it’s still hard to find friends…
    Anxiety makes me stumble upon my words, or do something I don’t usually do, or jump to the most impossible conclusions
    I know how it feels like, having it.

  6. I believe Jim and Ann will talk about Ann's anxiety and Jim will help Ann and their romance will be given a second chance and they'll have their happily ever after.

  7. 7 years ago I was diagnosed with Bipolar type II disorder and Anxiety disorder. I have totally understood the Bipolar part, but anxiety Ive always wondered why. This video really has helped me understand why.

  8. I have anxiety too, it made me scared to go to school. But I’m getting better but I still have bad days.🤫

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