Benefits of Aloe Vera

Hey guys, Dr. Axe here. Today I want to let you know about an amazing
healing herb that is known around the world. It’s aloe vera. And aloe vera has so many healing properties
many that we probably aren’t aware of. And I can remember as a kid going out, getting
out in the sun too long and my grandmother and my mom lathering me up with aloe vera
and we really saw some great results. We noticed that our skin and our bodies healed
faster when we were consuming or using topically, aloe vera on our skin after a sun burn and
that is its most common use today. But I will tell you again, aloe vera has so
many incredible healing properties and I really wanted to share some of those with you today. One of the most incredible healing properties
of aloe vera is that it fights cancer, according to Journal of Immunopharmacology in 1995. They did studies and found that aloe vera
actually can fight cancer. And one of the reasons that aloe vera can
fight cancer, help heal burns on your skin, in your stomach, is because it contains a
type of sugar called polysaccharides. You can go online and Google these benefits. Polysaccharides are also found in goji berries
and honey. They’re found in fermented things like apple
cider vinegar. But aloe vera contains large amounts of polysaccharides. And what polysaccharides are known for is
cell communication. They actually help your cells communicate
with each other which can actually help a cell telling another cell to actually kill
off the cancer cells. So that’s how it works. And cell communication, think about how important
this is in your body. Let’s say you get a cut on your hand and that’s
trying to heal. Obviously there are other factors like your
brain sending messages there. But aloe vera can actually help improve your
overall cell communication which can allow that area to heal faster. Also aloe vera is a natural anti bacterial
and so if you have a cut or a burn, aloe vera keeps that bacteria at bay so the bad bacteria
can’t cause an infection and slow healing. Some of the other amazing properties of aloe
vera, aloe vera is used in large amounts today in organic skin care and body care products,
especially shampoos and moisturizers. Aloe vera clinically has been shown to naturally
thicken hair. It’s been shown to strengthen nails. There are so many benefits of aloe vera. It’s great for hydrating your skin, improving
moisture ratios overall in your body. So again, aloe vera is used for many things. Also it is great for digestion. Just like aloe vera can help speed up the
recovery and healing of a burn on your skin, something like acid reflux, like an ulcer,
an ulcer is basically a burn of your stomach or burn in your stomach area. Aloe vera can help speed and heal the recovery
in your body. Also, in your gut and in your intestines,
it’s been shown to be effective against Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s diseases and IBS. So getting a good quality aloe vera supplement
or juicing the actual plant is a great way to support your digestive system, support
your body in fighting and preventing cancer, support your body in healing different burns
and cuts and scrapes. And I can tell you, I was in a cycling accident
about 10 years ago, I got hit by a car, fell of my bike, had a road rash all over my body
and the doctors wanted to give me Neosporin and some other things at the time. What I actually used, I went to a holistic
doctor at the time and I just wrapped my whole body in aloe vera and it healed very, very
quickly. So again, whether it’s a road rash, a cut,
or a burn or just in general you’re trying to get your digestive system healthier or
thickening your hair, aloe vera is the way to go. So look for aloe vera in these forms. I use it in my shampoo today, I use it in
moisturizers. I will put it in smoothies. Look for a freeze dried or a cold pressed
aloe vera online and get a brand that is freeze-dried. You don’t want aloe vera heated up too high
because that can de-nature those proteins and sugars that make up a polysaccharide which
is really where a lot of the healing benefits are with aloe vera. So hey, use aloe vera liberally this week. Again, there are so many amazing healing benefits.


  1. Aloe Vera has so many incredible healing properties like fighting cancer, protecting the skin, improves cell communication, natural anti-bacterial, improves digestion, and many others!
    Check out the full video on Aloe Vera–> Benefits of Aloe Vera
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  2. Did you get too much sun this weekend? One of the most amazing healing herbs in the world is Aloe Vera. Not only does it help with burns but it also fights cancer!
    #healthyliving #foodbenefits #tiptuesday ย 

  3. Hi Josh, Thank you for your video, I live in Thailand I have raw plant of aloe vera , is it safe to consume it fresh ? I read on webmed that Aloe vera can inbalance electrolyte in the blood !? they said can be dangerous ?! please tell me your opinion THank you

  4. now, I started to consume aloe vera by eating it and used it for skin and hair care. thank you for d'info~ ๐Ÿ˜Š

  5. I hace mild acne and the only way I can moisturise my skin is with aloe Vera gel. Creams even for oily skin break me out but the aloe gel is awesome and it doesn't leave any residue on the skin. I hope this helps.

  6. Oh my gosh! THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO!
    I broke out in a rash due to a "fragrant chemical" in a laundry Detergent, so I made my own. but this rash was. . .being a real rash and coming and going. I applied aloe vera and it immediately calmed down! Thank you for giving me this idea!

  7. I've notice since drinking aloe vera my gums are really pink and they don't bleed when flossing. I use to smoke. Man what a difference.

  8. I've read that aloe vera plants absorb radiation from electronics such as computer monitors and printers, if this shall be true would you say an aloe vera plant would be safe to use internally or externally if it has been exposed to these things? Hope you answer my question, thanks in advance!

  9. Great Video!!! Thanks for sharing this amazing information to the world!!! I love and use Aloe Vera Juice from Forever Living Products. The purest Aloe Vera of the world!!!
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  10. i neede to know that because i will gonna be a doctor yes i know a lot of the things that need to do but i need to know your advice

  11. I currently take 30ml of Aloe Vera juice each morning. What is the recommended daily amount i should be consuming please?

  12. But it has disadvantages too. The yellow juice which comes out of it when it is being extracted from the plant can lead to cancer. Please talk about that n how long it should be kept out before use to let the yellow juice release.

  13. ive been growing the plant for years and i just started learning about this stuff this year . . i want to know how good this stuff is if i add a spoon of this in my morning coffee . with all the health benefits it should be good

  14. I have candida and bad stomach cramps. I had gerd as well years ago. Aloe vera knocked it out great stuff.

  15. I just posted your Video on my The Green TREE group on Facebook… Here on how to consume Aloe Vera whole leaf
    BITTER Substitute to DETOX the body properly, with naturally Contractive
    properties….Most of our soils have lost many minerals making the food
    we intake more Expansive (weaker force) & less balanced in the
    Contractive (stronger force)….A Green leaf from ALOE VERA house
    plant…may be used in the same way, as all the advice given for this
    Bitter Melon-Gourd… which may not be available in most countries
    around the world, or areas & cities that don't have Asian or
    Hindu-Indian stores. You may steep a healthy piece (green not brown) of
    the Aloe Vera, in cold filtered water, & then store in the
    refrigerator to use whenever you need a pick-me-up, also to Detox
    totally naturally.. CHOP up real fine a piece of the whole leaf, with
    the green rind…then steep in the water, as you would do with the
    Bitter Gourd. REMEMBER the the Bitter taste has to be pleasant, and not
    overly overpowering to be effective in HEALING us. The Rind should not
    be strained, if properly chopped up, just less overall of the whole Aloe
    Leaf will be consumed this way, yet w/more PUNCH for the buck, as the
    Rind has more of the bitter "contractive" properties, lots of Rubbers,
    Collagen, Copper, Sulphur + Calcium….

  16. Just watch the video and concerned about taking aloe internally. I have been researching this and there is a liquid in the aloe vera plant called Latex that can be very toxic to your liver and kidney. In fact it said it can be deadly. I am confused why Dr. Axe did not mention that when he said to use in smoothies. Please someone answer this question for me!!

  17. Kindly tell how to make aloe Vera gel at home to apply to legs…as my bones hurt…I do drink a glass of aloe juice everyday..have started 2 days back.

  18. Starting to take aloe Vera Juice twice a day (25g) after having food poisoning and colitis. Got to go to hospital in a month to have camera shoved up me. I'm hoping this aloe Vera Juice will help my colon restore it's health

  19. aloe vera gel from foreverliving is best in the world…also there are as many as more then 200 products..
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  20. Hi doc can you please tell me how to treat angiokeratoma of Fordyce ? Iโ€™m very badly depressed I have 15 spots on my scotrum . How to get rid of them ?

  21. Aloe Vera works for Ulcerative Colitis. I got fully healed eating the inner gel for 6 months and I got my life back, colitis and medication free.
    Be aware that there are several types of aloe plants & not all of them are eatable.
    The popular one, medicinal one, the most used is Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller.
    Best results are obtained from getting the inner gel directly from the source.

  22. It would have been more helpful if you could provide information on the amount that needs to be consumed in order to reap all these wonderful benefits of Aloe vera. The general information provided here can be found in similar videos on the benefits of aloe vera.

  23. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ Thank you Dr. Axe and your wife your so, so generous and all yours staff truly sorry no been able to thank you for all your โŒš and your effort for clear, clean educationals, nutrition and health benefits all kinds diversities of ๐Ÿ“น shows. Thanksโ˜€๏ธ

  24. I think its sad wikipedia( which is one of the highest search results) said this"There is little scientific evidence of the effectiveness or safety of Aloe vera extracts for either cosmetic or medicinal purposes." I wonder if this has to do with the pharmaceutical/healthcare industries plan to keep people sick!!!!!!!!! Think about your body being a plant and not getting the right nutrients. Our food is artificial and synthetic!!!! A whole food diet is the way to go and natural medicine!!ย Were our ancestors really that dumb if they built things out of stone how many things have we built today that could out last as long as the construction they did.

    This is a book titled "Cancer Can Be Cured ", the author is Father Romano Gazo.

    Since you are a medical physician, it would be simply brilliant to do laboratory research work to scientifically determine ALL the benefits of the herb called Aloe Vera.
    Father Romano Gazo's book is pretty amazing(please see above pdf of his excellent book)
    For example,
    do the benefits differ depending on what particular family of Aloe Vera is used?
    what is the most potent/effective way to use Aloe Vera?
    what makes the combinations of Aloe Vera, wild honey & whiskey so so special?
    what is the best way to use/consume Aloe Vera internally?


    Dr. Axe
    There are without a shred of doubt, massive findings to be made by exploring this divine herb in great depth.
    And I do think your collaboration with Dr. Andreas Kalcker would be simply PHENOMENAL.
    And your loyal followers are eagerly waiting to hear from you and your findings.


  26. I love aloe vera juice. I started getting it sometime back last year. It helped my stomach from where I had surgery to remove dermoid cyst and ovarian. I also had to get my left ovary removed. It has also helped some pain in my neck. Ty for helping us with the tips.

  27. I add aloe vera juice (pure no sugar or added crap) and Lugols Iodine solution to my bulletproof coffee.

  28. I love nature home remedies I learning everyday a new remedies but when I saw you today first time in ur channel… I love it .. let me married with you โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿค—

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