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so are you frustrated with how dry and
irritated your eyes get with contacts well in this video I’m gonna be sharing
why contacts feel so dry, some tips on how to fix dry eyes with contacts and
what I consider to be the best contacts for dry eyes. let’s take a look! and yes
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also if you’re new here this video is part of a complete series about contact
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entire video series linked in the description below so having dry eye
symptoms with contact lenses is very common in fact it’s the number one
reason why most people end up dropping out and stopped wearing contact lenses
altogether even recently I took a poll and people answered that yeah if vision
was the same across the board between different brands at contacts that
comfort was the next important thing when choosing a contact lens there’s
actually a difference between having just dry eye symptoms with contacts
versus having true dry eye syndrome if you’re somebody who has dry eye symptoms
even without wearing contacts then you might actually have dry eye disease and
because dry eye get so complicated so fast
I do have a whole series on dry eye if you’d like to learn a little bit more
and I’ll hook that up here in the YouTube card above as well as in the
description below again if you want to check that out. but for many people we
only experience dryness and discomfort while wearing contacts
of course discomfort could be from a poorly fitting contact lens which your
doctor should be able to kind of troubleshoot and help you with but a lot
of times it’s just from dryness and if you’re like me your contacts will feel
just fine at first but after a few hours and especially toward the end of the day
the your contacts just feels so dry you just want to rip them out smash that
like button for me if you know how I feel dry eye symptoms with contacts are
often caused by things like deposits which are proteins and mucus that build
up on the surface of the lens and that can actually contribute to an
inflammatory condition called giant papillary conjunctivitis also known as
GPC which is kind of a nasty inflammatory condition almost allergic
reaction to the proteins that stick onto the surface of the
lenses and yeah looks pretty nasty additionally dryness can come from
sensitivity to contact lens solutions as well as an unstable tear film from
either poor blink rate as well as incomplete blinking that means you don’t
completely close your eyelids all the way when you’re blinking and that’s
totally me all the way in fact comment and section below if you’ve ever been
told that you are an incomplete blinker all of these can contribute to a tight
fitting lens meaning that at the end of the day when you try to remove the
contact lens it just feels really awful burns and it’s like peeling off a
band-aid almost now usually longer a lens is worn especially in a monthly or
a two-week lens the more deposits actually get stuck on that lens and they
lose their wettability and that actually causes more unstable tear film which
therefore it causes the dry eye symptoms so my first tip is actually if you’re
wearing a monthly or a two week contact lens is to actually rub that lens when
you were cleaning or disinfecting the lenses actually reviewed the same tip in
a video about how to clean contact lenses but mechanically rubbing the
lenses actually will break off those deposits therefore increasing the
wettability of the lens additionally maybe trying a different
cleaning or disinfecting solution may be beneficial for you I know I personally
like to use the optically pure moist or the bio true solutions however it is
believed that using a non preserved hydrogen peroxide solution such as
clearcare may actually be better because you’re not gonna be introducing those
preservatives that are in the regular disinfecting solutions to the lenses and
that might actually help improve your comfort for dryness now most new soft
contact lenses do have types of wetting agents that are incorporated into those
lenses whether it’s actually put into the blister pack itself if it’s included
into the lens matrix or it actually is released from the lens during lens wear
which is actually a really cool technology but these wetting agents may
wear off and because of the previously mentioned deposits as well as
sensitivity to cleaning solutions that’s why most people will agree that using a
single-use one day contact lens also known as daily contacts are preferred
that means you’re starting the day off with a fresh new contact lens without
having to worry about deposits or cleaning solutions now what I think is
the best contacts for dry eyes is the dailies total one. it’s actually the lens
that I personally wear most days now this is actually a really cool lens
because it’s considered a water gradient lens and there’s no other lens on the
market right now at the timing of this video that has this technology the very
center of the lens is actually plastic but then as you get closer to the
outside layers of the contacts the part of the contact that touches the cornea
and the part of the contact that touches your eyelids is pretty much a hundred
percent water so no wonder they’re very comfortable
in addition these lenses have another cool technology which is called lipid
stabilization the lens actually contains a naturally occurring phospholipid that
is released which helps stabilizes the lipid layer of the tear film which is
really important for preventing evaporation of your tears
what’s additionally really cool is that this phospholipid isn’t released
continuously throughout the day it’s released when the lens actually detects
that there’s a gradient problem with the lipid layer and so it releases it as it
needs to throughout the day which helps prevent the evaporation of the tears and
improves comfort the only real downside of the total one is that it’s a bit
pricey it’s arguably the best lens on the market for comfort as well as
breathability for a daily lens and the manufacturer knows it so yeah expect it
to be a little bit more expensive I often compare it to buying the newest
iPhone on the market except it’s for contacts but of course prices may vary
depending on how you’re buying contacts and I do have another video that will
help you out which is about cheap contacts and how to save money on your
contact lenses and if you want to check out that video or see updated prices for
contact lenses right now I’ll include some links in the description below now
even with all of these tips and wearing daily contacts sometimes the contact
lenses still get dry especially if you’re someone who lives in really dry
air conditions or maybe windy conditions etc and sometimes just using a rewetting
drop for your contacts can be a big help now I personally like to use the blink
for contacts rewetting drop I find that it just seems to be a little bit more
soothing and longer-lasting than some of the other drops on the market but it’s
something that you can certainly try see if it helps you out throughout the day
and maybe even use it right before taking the lenses out just to give you
that little bit of extra comfort and hopefully that’ll prevent that burning
or stinging sensation when taking off the contacts so eye health question the
day which one of the tips did you find most helpful have you
tried the dailies total one contact-lens yet and do you have any tips of your own
to help people out with dry eyes go ahead and connect in the section below
hey thanks for watching if you got some value out of this video smash that like
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talk to you soon Oh another eye doctor pun!


  1. Use 2 g of Omega 3 Fatty Acids before bed each day. Get a prescription from your optomistrist. I know for sure that Walmart pharma will fill the prescription.

  2. Could you do a contact recommendation for dry eyes and an astigmatism? Or maybe what realistic expectations should be with contacts and an astigmatism?

  3. YEZZZZ Alcon DT1 multifocals are the best but the most expensive. My second choice for comfort and affordability are the Alcon Airoptix aqua with hydraglyde multifocals both great for my dry eyes.However, I do have the onedays for emergency and travelling. The feature of lipid and tearfilm is really noticeable especially for long days at work.

  4. I've had GPC as i started out with yearly soft lenses in the 1980's. Cooper vision Permalens Naturals,74% water and worn as a daily wear lens. Who knew back then that deposits would cause such a high level of inflammation of the eyelids. GPC brought on MDG years later. Due to dry eyes I upgraded to rgp lenses about 15yrs ago. And then last year upgraded to rgp multifocals and soft multifocals.

  5. Have you ever heard of someone not liking clear care? I mean I know people have their own opinions but I used to use clear care for years when I wore contacts. I recently started wearing them again and it made my eyes burn, soaked my contacts for 12 hours too. Then my contacts got super dry really fast. I don’t understand why it would’ve worked for me so well before but not now.

  6. I haven’t. They don’t have toric yet!
    I can’t wear contact. My eyes get to red and itchy. I wish I could try the daily total 1 😩

  7. I liked learning about the water gradient lens. Very cool 😎. Eye see where you are going with that. Pun intended.

  8. Hi doctor, I started wearing 1 day Acuvue moist. I find then a little bit uncomfortable, and I get dry eyes from them. My doctor recommended me Systane Ultra. They work alright, but now I’m curious on trying blink drops for contacts. So I can compare which one works best for me. Once I finish my contacts supply, I want to consider changing to other contacts brand to improve the dry eyes. Awesome video 👍

  9. I use the daily total ones and I was unimpressed with them. They fell out of my eyes after hours. I didn’t have this issue with the Bausch n lamb ultras. Today I tried the transitions contact and need to give them a few more days to find out if I like them.

  10. i've used the acuvue vita's for about a month now they seem pretty comfortable and luckily haven't had problems with dry eyes yet, although i'm still not great at putting them in. Still love watching these videos just in case! 🙂

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