Best flea and tick medications for your dog

he has moved elsewhere in the studio because a sign of the season can be found in your pets a concerning signs sometimes absolutely but first I've got to say you know what I like better than rod 770 degree forecast is this little guy his name is Victor right dr. Liang this is Victor he's a 12 week old pit bull puppy so with us we have dr. Dennis Leon a veterinarian and owner Viva Viva pet care and you're here because most often times pet owners when we hit spring going into summer we think of flea and tick problems with our pets and you're here to give us a little bit of an insight into what prevention you think works best yeah we'll just do a little bit of overview and now's when we start talking about flea and tick prevention but really it's a problem all year round in this climate absolutely yeah so I in fact see as many fleas during the winter time as I do in the summertime sometimes more and I think part of that is because people become a little bit complacent about using these products as the weather turns a little bit I've been there done that in the winter months I've taken time off from the prevention and no more once you get fleas on your dogs you will never go there again so it can be challenging to you to get rid of it so you've brought a few options for us you have some topical some oral different methods what do you think works the best so if I'm a dog owner at home and I need to get something for Victor I think the really most important point here is that there's not a one-size-fits-all solution so dogs are differently from cats cats are not small dogs what might be safe and effective for a dog might be really dangerous to use on a cat okay and there are dozens if not hundreds of different options out there and it can be really challenging even for me to wade through all of them so the best bet for any pet owner is to really have a discussion with their veterinarian and come up with the with a good strategy to to prevent not just fleas and ticks but parasites in general and you're gonna show us how to do a little bit of on flea inspection can I said yep so here's the first first step is admitting that you have a problem so there's a little flea this little flea comb which is just a fine-tooth comb that you can get for a couple of bucks they make metal ones like this which I like and they're they're plastic ones too and you just run the comb through through the coat and hair and then you'd see them on there right away that would kind of get them out there yes sometimes you see the fleas and that's great because that makes for really easy diagnosis sometimes you don't see fleas but just flea dirt something with flea experts which is really just dried up blood and what are some of the best methods you did bring a couple you were gonna point out for us here yeah I brought a bunch and this is again just a really small sampling of what's available out there I think the ones that are most popular and the ones that people know about the most are the topical liquid applications ones that you put as a drop for a rim right by the shoulders of the neck one of my favorites for that particularly for cats is revolution it's a topical and it's not just fleas its fleas heartworm intestinal worms ear mites so it's a broad-spectrum product I always wonder about the collars are they effective as effective as the topical types historically have really downplayed the use of collars I didn't think they worked very well they're kind of smelly and toxic but there is a more modern collar the surest oak color that is available for dogs and cats nice thing about this is not only does it kill fleas and ticks and repels ticks and it lasts for eight months okay so that's really nice you kind of set it and forget it now doctor LAN we're going to imposts these on our Facebook page on the Portland today but you're also going to be putting them up on your vive pet care facebook page as well yeah I've been posting over the past few days just a little bit more in-depth information out these types of products out there and how to choose and thank you for bringing Victor I think he's going to sleep in my arms at this point he's been a good sport dr. Leon thank you so much thank you


  1. Had dogs all my life, over 60 years, flees, ticks and worms hate blood that contains garlic, and will move off your pets and kills worms, 5 days a week give your dog a very small amount of raw garlic, ground to a past or cut as small as, possable, mixed with its food, one time a day, only a small amount is, all that's, needed. No more, parasites cost nothing more then the price of the garlic. For all animals treatments research how any problem was cured in the past naturally. A good soaking in the bath for 30 minutes, fur washed with coconut oil shampoo will kill any tick or flees there is no need to use exspensive dog shampoo as its the lathering and soaking that kills these pests.

  2. Recently I purchased a product from VetSupply. Tell you what, the product was really good and my buddy recovered in no time. VetSupply is probably the best pet care site on this planet.

  3. I have learned why they invented these types of treatment. None of that hippy natural stuff works worth a crap.

  4. Last time at the vet I had to pay $360 for a 6 month supply of Nexguard for 2 pugs. $720 a year for pills for dogs is INSANE. They also upset both dogs systems for 2 days. Charge a realistic price, and quit ripping off people! I'm looking for something different! Disgusting!

  5. Really? The best you can do is say "have a discussion for your veterinarian?" Don't even look, not worth it.

  6. Mmmm too dissapointed because this guy is an actor and if you don't believe me watch 2012 movie the astronaut at the international space station scene when he's watching tru the window😡

  7. We have used Capstar and NexGARD on our 2 dogs with good results and no side effects. We just started them on NexGARD and my wife waited at the vet a good 30 minutes after they were dosed for a reaction and then asked what we do if there is a later reaction. So far, so good, and NO fleas.

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