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welcome to expertise education consultancy go so Adam has Jalalabad state medical university may have the exact a Jalalabad State Medical University or he s our students Jalalabad State Medical University K I am dr. Bailey aperture student study currency basket or decked a university Cassie a horse key study Cassie hi addictive what's your name my name is Bob Mandarin Mandarin I'm in there from India you pick in the UPS okay shut up considered my poor delight here man first year is ok ladies are universities arm masala cappuccino sta be able copy Malaga study copy serve both by still study body sorry Indian teacher Han or coffee helpful teacher copy Subterra desire Tiger de Vaca subject concern for staircase Adam anatomy physiology histology her she encourages a Latin medical biology or five semester my second semester man medical parasitology microbiology and in foreign language English mouthy anatomy physiology histology Sam Mitchell DSM selector man okay it's all yours today English Mayo t hey sorry English Meister do tha Indian Olivia cotton when I teach at a time visiting ok or your page your teacher says no Indians beer yes sir Indian teachers I am surrender to German internet international subjective yeah Burrington Indian teacher ok thank you very much orab conceive or tell me rhythm man saw Boco Deir alla vodka Jesse Austin Sarah Marshall a copy a Chowchilla ok thank you very much thank you thank you thank you setup condom no of Abkhazia may you be so sure run you belong Putin do jihad consider a program if I steal my poor trust you Cassie lucky universities University Kavya chisel okay hostel be ahsoka will be cover chopper kana ask you brothers of the time to provide curtain either call is my priority evoke a few HEA study do data subject domain subject MD do faculty engage faculty or cottages from the English via KO ta Cusco hindi may throw us some Java Cusco extra time later okay so setup the students cordial all about State Medical University prefer courier for caring Gigi's hello what's your name Trillium Cup from where in the IUP India you P okay tell me something about the University our University copy HEA okay ibmp both geo tak or just a Kobe problem OTA the Sun look extra time they think he MATLAB but I he's a birth a child hostel we copy har they salute how coach Guyana trying University keep RM I said the university both the Chia Murray River door you said the Winnie Opera match at home copy room but Jane India Virginia Hana kotti Monica Monica give me a university my very good thank you thing hello friends number to say his name Merton jayakumar cancer coming from Bihar very good cosmetic an already from our act on behalf okay up magic which University came I remember thinking I'm just gonna relabel extracted University yeah mainly Jack to this hanky subsets each University me at the airport or you have a hump the key to overall China study channel level yeah I do Bo Minsky to reduce attitude Yampa both I see a monkey do faculty there will be both a change Yankee Joe siren voltage and I'm a dinosaur doctor service will be copied yada Minsky cooperative and Minsk or do subsidy but his college college a college major Hamid pretend I be impressed important sorry teach anime Indian little mini-book caveats English anton velov hindi be used Minsky kisi which is got some anemic with dignity I got by the quilt wrapping reggae – hmmm say extra time liquor Musa so modulator or Miami home loco goodness a covert courtesy boom thank you hang extra is Kerala mister did they bought a cheap whiskey vodka coke problem Newt Indian cafe or Indian mess a whiskey but Jim sots kiss your contributed to local Jammu team up to locally we have taken a needed thing happened in student Kelly Alex ammonia or Bahuguna CLE both sides again natural evolution hanky was building building it naturally absorb more pollution a affable will be for sumo semana movie but the job Pablo you nasty and I am a boss support cut the indian school lucky KO bhi mera festival a holy dip our league a BBS anyone at the ticket Archaea de yada buggy sub Cheeseman are tensed up my girl Scalia but okay girl Scalia upper case a high-security casino hostels Cassie and Kelly Akaka facilities here was a battle media here for girls there are too many means no need to fear parents about girls because of all security state means however his hostel is too much secure up K hostel allaha boys ha former city may huh ok Cassio are still up to are too good both are if Sonia pure still in hostel only there is miss canteen Jim no girls Kelly especially yeah / quick problem but lucky girls are acting up fully secured it okay anything else you want to say

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