Best Proven Way To Do Intermittent Fasting | 2019 IF DIET | Dr.Education (Hindi)


  1. Hi doctor.. my feeding window starts from 2 pm but i workout early in the morning. So of i do not feed for 4 hours after workout do i have a chance to decrease muscle mass ? Or loose gains ? Also i have hypothyroid and under 75mg thyroxine.
    Please do respond.

  2. as soon as i sleep my heart beat rises and lower jaw shivers ..after some time….. then automaticaly comes in normal state …………..after again when i go to sleep again it happens (some time in month) …reason and treatment

  3. very much liked this vedio ! doing IF for five years. thanks for clarifications and most valueable vedio for me !

  4. Thanks for the explanation of calories .I always had this question in mind how much calories I should have now my doubt is clear. πŸ™πŸ‘

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