1. Going off from Noam Chomsky said before, the public are slowly becoming aware that the majority of the politician's are schills and mouthpieces of the private corporation and super wealthy. So much pathetic (pathos) appeals that carry no weight and people are looking at it with squinty eyes thinking… wait a minute, that doesn't make sense.

    Many Dems are just moderate pubs, and the Reps. are extreme right.

  2. Let me tell you why I don't have time to wait for Medicare for all. My roommate and best friend got into a wreck two days ago. He was mentally unstable immediately after the wreck and got out of the car and he got hit by another car. He is very lucky to be alive. That being said he doesn't have health insurance so he is in the hospital racking up a huge bill. He can't work for at least a month. So now I have to get a second job to pay his half of our bills. He will probably go bankrupt because of the medical bills for this situation. I am very familiar with this because I will be finalizing my bankruptcy on the third all due to medical bills and a lawsuit. I have never owned a credit card, I have never even been late on a car payment, and have never been late on rent or utilities. Yet, here I am filing for bankruptcy because we don't have Medicare for all.

  3. We dont have time for highways or immigration reform! That shit takes time! Diane YOU don't have time! You're one foot in the grave!

  4. Not trying to be rude…but did you see how the lady just shook her head and smiled…like that answer wasn't complete bull. This is exactly the problem with the baby boomer generation…care more about optics than actual substantive policy. He basically told her that they are going to use Medicare/Medicaid as a public option and competitor to drive the costs down. That will take time…time she does not have.

  5. So Joey doesn't have time to wait for diabetes treatments, but Dianne has all the time in the world to wait for her MS treatments? What the actual fuck?? Your house is on fire, but we don't have time to go get the fire department, so we're not even going to call them. Instead, we're just going to form a bucket brigade using only coffee mugs. Catastrophically stupid and infuriatingly disingenuous.

  6. It's always a person with a terrible health condition asking for some compassion and then "ok…lemme answer like how I rehearsed in my hotel room."

  7. God Damnit Kyle!!!! why did you have to play that clip of Beto. That shit just pissed me off so much i caught myself gritting my teeth. I had to pause and just laugh at myself.
    This Medicare for America if it were to pass flawlessly in its current realised state that proposal will basically be the insurance for the underrepresented bottom half population. It will always be in the crosshairs for cuts in congress every year. It will do nothing but reinforce the same high deductible private insurance that has been offered at my current and previous 2 employers i had since 2013. $5000 deductible for 25% of your weekly earnings and $2500 deductible 33% of weekly earnings. And even once they are paid there is still copayments on everything. This piece shit needs to get the fuck out of here.

  8. 12:51 Puts to bed his whole gross campaign strategy in a nutshell. Can we get Kyle to moderate some debates? Oh yeah … Don't want to cause any trouble.

  9. Kyle, you’ll get there soon enough, and you will realize that politics in America is a sideshow, and not a change agent… It is a barrier, and a soul crusher, because it will NEVER lead to change in an inherently corrupt system.

    Look past the politicians, and to the revolt… We certainly don’t have time to get past all the gatekeepers.

  10. he sounds full of it… with the mannerisms, cadence, and lip biting. its like he trying his best to sound like he cares

  11. Healthcare is not a business. In every country of the world its regulated. The us system is a complete bs just careing for pharma companies.

  12. I thought beto was going to say nhs style then he said this face palm

    We dont have time to let health care be ran by profit seeking monsters so why let hospitals make money off of suffering single payer is great nhs is the only way profit leaves healthcare
    We dont have time for this

  13. Free healthcare doesn't solve anything. Bernie is just another lying politician trying to get votes …. The fact that ppl ignore yang and tulsi is insane and no Bernie and tulsi don't go together. Bernie is a moron who wants terrorist to vote and everything be free

  14. "We don't have time to do the right thing, we're gonna do small incremental steps instead"
    Centrism in a nutshell.

  15. In other word: "We dont, have time to help people like Diane, we have to make republicans and the establishment happy with quick half measures."

  16. That was so hard to watch. I can't stand, that guy's, voice, and how he, takes a pause, every 5 seconds, that he, is speaking. It drives, me fucking, nuts.

  17. Beto is trash. Too busy taking big corporate dick up the ass in exchange for donations left on the nightstand to give any fuks to regular people.

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