Betrayal "The Autoimmune Disease Solution They re Not Telling You" Trailer

there is a silent deadly disease that strikes at the heart of the human experience it weakens morale threatens hope steals dreams it leaves a youthful spirit wasting away in a body that forbids from every aspiration it mercilessly attacks men women and children it devastates families the reality is that we face a disease that's plaguing more lives today than cancer and heart disease combined together this disease has swept the globe and is growing at rates unprecedented it's no longer a question as to if this will affect your life or your loved ones but when want to know what it is it's autoimmune diseases in order to bring you betrayal I've had the privilege of teaming up with experienced film and documentary director and producer Jonathan Otto Jonathan has dedicated his life to alleviate suffering through his work and has a profound ability to understand and capture what the true impacts of autoimmune disease really is he believes that it's time for the world to see what families are experiencing the pain and suffering as well as the joy and fulfillment that comes the day that you turn your condition around Jonathan and I with our film crew have teamed together and travel across the country and all around the world through England Portugal Germany Spain Brazil to gather the stories pull back the curtains on the lies and reveal the truth about auto immune disease I had a 72 year old guy came to see me really simple guy just a loving simple guy he was a janitor in life and he didn't want to retire because he just loved his work and he's the kind of guy whenever you talk to him just feel happy when you talk to him really really nice man he'd come to see me every once in a while you know and and he came to see me one day and was feeling good feeling better than he felt in a long time and I finally convinced him let's do a blood test to look for more risk factors for cardiovascular disease I tried for maybe two years to get him to do this blood test and there's a copay and was going to cost him a little bit he did want to spend the money and he finally said okay doc let's do the test so we drew the blood that day and I said okay ray see you next week we'll have the test results back Ray died on the way home from that blood draw they pulled over the side of the road on the freeway and just keeled over dead of a heart attack Ray's death hit me hard I don't hold back anymore we aren't holding back in betrayal this is to carry the message out to the world not on my watch number again that's why we're doing this did you know that over fifty million people the United States alone are suffering with this disease and some of the most debilitating autoimmune diseases are projected to double within the next 20 years in case you're not as familiar with the title of autoimmune disease let me introduce you to its many ugly faces the disabling multiple sclerosis MS diabetes inflammatory bowel diseases including colitis and Crohn's celiac disease even degenerative brain diseases such as dementia Parkinson's and Alzheimer's thyroid disease such as hypothyroidism including Hashimoto's Graves rheumatoid arthritis psoriasis and many more if you or anyone you know that is suffering with any of these heartbreaking diseases or if you are determined to prevent yourself and your loved ones from facing a dreaded diagnosis what you are about to learn could be one of the most important discoveries of your life if you have a family history of autoimmune diseases this is critical for you to know what I'm going to tell you is that all of these diseases come under the one banner of autoimmune disease the reason all these diverse diseases form a collective much like how lung cancer breast cancer colon cancer fall under cancer is simply because there's a reaction happening the body that's universal across these diseases there's a root cause that's common to all autoimmune disease whether it's thyroid disease inflammatory bowel diseases or rheumatoid arthritis and the greatest tragedy of this whole equation is going to shock you there is a solution to all of these diseases – autoimmune disease it's been around a long time the spectrum of autoimmune diseases can be stopped from progressing symptoms can be taken away totally you can go into remission and you can reverse the disease altogether the net result a sufferer can go from being bedridden debilitated by ailments to being rejuvenated active totally pain and symptom free and present with their loved ones why have we lost the determined pursuit of the cure why are you okay with watching your grandparents your mom and dad grow weary and crippled with rheumatoid arthritis how are you okay with accepting a child simply has this or that disease and there's nothing that can be done and that he or she must live with the symptoms and take the medications for the rest of their life in this upcoming free documentary series we're going to pull back the curtain on the true solutions we're going to share with you the autoimmune disease secret they're not telling you we are risking all going against the grain to share information that will affect an industry that is literally making over a hundred billion dollars annually just for autoimmune disease the series is called betrayal we traveled the world to bring you this solution we spanned across the United States through London Spain Portugal and Germany to consult with world leading scientists doctors and the patients that have recovered from a host of autoimmune diseases make sure to register for free for the seven part series now to make sure you don't miss out on the opportunity to learn information that could save you and your loved ones from sickness and misery choose to empower yourself with information and live happy and healthy register now and I'll see you there


  1. there is not such a thing as autoimmune disease,human body is incredibly intelligent and never attack itself,they just don't understand the workings of the body and invent labels,names, diseases just to come up with a new drug to sell.

  2. I Would Like To Know, Dr. O'Bryan, In Your Book Or Findings, Is There A Cure, For "Addison's Disease?" An Autoimmune Disease!

  3. The medical system does not give a fuck about about our health we have to take our own health in our hands and not the the corrupt medical system.

  4. You didn't tell us either. All you did tell us is that you're spending bucks for promo videos with production values, so whatever you're dealing is gonna cost.

  5. reverse autoimmune, its the food, sugar gluten GMO's and process food, and all fast food's , simple,  stop eating food that is fake, like splanda , twin sugar aspartame and that stuff that rise your insulin , then animals that are fast fed, chickens that are fast grown , they are all fed with GMO corn, eat real grass fed meat and real wild fish, nothing farm. and better if you are to inhuman and eat the meat from animals that are abuse in industrial farming then you deserve to get sick!

  6. hi dr.what about chronic urticaria?do u have a solution 4 that?it is a miserable disease if the cause is autoimmune.pls share ur thoughts. thnx in advance.

  7. It should be called "Betrayal, we tell you its a free series but you can only watch a trailer unless you pay for it" What a joke! I guess they call that marketing, I call it lying

  8. Its a sad realty of how we pay very little attention to our body.
    A while back i had a bad autoimmune disorder and i went to few Doctors
    and they couldn't help at all other than prescribing temporary relief
    pills, but i started to get angry over my changes in my life and how no
    one could help me with this problem, until I read this book "the amazing
    liver and gallbladder flush" by Andreas Moritz and i fallowed all of
    the procedures and to my amazement all my problems where gone. And so i
    became aware that our bodies needed a organ cleans, just like a car who
    needs a fluid change after a while.
    Here is the link to the book for free for anyone who is interested.
    good luck …Knowledge is Power.

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