Better Physician Leadership, Better Healthcare

I have two hats that I wear. I could not do this job without an MBA. Not the way that it needs to be done. To affect change and do the things that you
need to do to keep your healthcare system moving forward in our changing industry, you
cannot do it without these skills. It’s important that we physicians understand
that our industry is changing. We have to be part of that change to ultimately
succeed in taking the best care of our patients that we can. If we’re not really emotionally involved,
neither is anybody else. There are a lot of good MBA programs, there
are only a few elite MBA programs. The Kelley Physician MBA was very unique and
very directed at a leadership role for a physician. I could immediately apply these concepts at
work the very next day. I think using these skills immediately as
I learned them helped me develop them. Before I took this program I could have learned,
just as I learned from my colleagues in school, I could have been learning from my CFO and
from my CEO. I now can provide feedback and important details
in the conversation that sometimes actually change how they think about things. That is the reason that it is important to
change. That is the reason we do what we do; is to
take good care of our patients. This program has clearly made me not only
a better leader, but a better doctor.

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