Big Pharma Greed Knows No Bounds As Infant Medication Increases By Nearly 100000%

Two whistleblowers who worked for a drug company
called Questcor say that the company bribed doctors to prescribe their dangerously overpriced
anti-seizure medication after they raised the price by nearly 100000%. I have Farron Cousins from the Trial Lawyer
Magazine with me now to explain what's happening. You know, when you hear, you hear these stories
from time to time and then you say, no, that really can't be, the drug company didn't raise
that 50000%, this is 100000% that they raised the price of this drug. It's called Acthar. That's one, Acthar is the one we're talking
about. Right. And it started off to where it goes from like
what, it goes from $40 to $39,000 per prescription. Right, for a, a small vial of this drug that
is primarily used actually to prevent seizures in infants. Yes. I mean we're talking about newborn children
having seizures and, and this company Questcor said, you know what's better than $40? What if we're making $39,000 per vial? And this story to me has every single piece
that is wrong with Big Pharma wrapped into one. You've got the price hike of 97000%, the bribing
of doctors, the off label marketing of this, and I know I'm getting ahead of myself. But this story has every ugly piece. Well, let's, let's break that down a little
a little bit though. Okay. First of all, you saw, you talk about the
off label. Off label means that the drug comes onto the
market for a specific purpose. Okay. It may be very narrow and then the company
says, well, we can't make enough money by selling it for that narrow purpose so we're
going to make up other things we can sell it for. This particular drug, for example, was sold
for a whole host of things that have not even been clinically proven to be efficacious. You understand they, they, they, they tell
the doctor, doc, we think it can be used for this. The doctor then uses it for that and the doctors
rarely, you know, they rarely say, well, what are the clinicals show? Show me what the clinical data shows because
the truth is the clinical data showed that this product was not even efficacious for
other things like MS and rheumatoid arthritis and some other things that it was used for. This is like the, this is the worst of the
worst. I mean this, this, if you were to in capsule
everything that's wrong with the, with the drug industry and everything that's wrong
with government for letting them get away with this. Understand this whistleblower brought this
case seven years ago. All right? It's sat around in the Department of Justice
and the truth is the Department of Justice, unless it is a home run on, unless it's low
hanging fruit and you can basically hand a victory to the government, they won't touch
a case like this. So somebody says, well, you know, this sounds
pretty bad. Maybe we can actually win this one. I mean, what's your take on that? Well, and the reason they want to take it
is because they can get a lot of money off too. They're, we're, we're talking billions of
dollars they can recover from this drug company, Questcor, which is now Mallinckrodt. But the reason the DOJ is even involved in
this and the reason the whistleblowers came forward is not because this company was ripping
off consumers. They also ended up, I guess inadvertently
ripping off the federal government in form of Medicaid and Medicare payments. The overcharging, the, the price hike. Had it just been consumers, the government
wouldn't care, the government wouldn't get involved cause that happens every single day. But when they find out, oh, well, you unfairly
rose, raised the price. You unfairly we're using this in off label
convincing doctors, bribing them according to the whistleblowers to prescribe more of
it. And we saw the prescriptions increase with
doctors who got your money or your golf junkets or your speaking gigs, then it's a problem. Yeah, well Questcor took it to a whole new
level. Questcor actually set out, they said doctors
kind of understood that, that it was a medication that really wasn't a good medication and really
didn't work. It wasn't really something that was going
to help MS or even rheumatoid. So what they did is they would then go about
bribing the office worker, the person who sets the appointment. And so they actually, so, so what they did
is they got 'em for kickbacks, not just the doctors but office workers. They got them for money laundering. They got them for fraud in mis, in misrepresentation
of this. And most importantly they got them for stealing
billions of dollars from the American government. I mean that's, that's what happened here. This company went from marginal kind of profit
to where it was making more than a billion dollars a year with this scam, Questcor. Absolutely, and to me that just really shows
how desperate some of these pharmaceutical companies are going to get. They know they've got a, a not so great product,
not as good as the competitors. So when you get to the point where you essentially
have to bribe the receptionist to even allow your phone call to come in, when you have
to bribe the person making the schedule to even let you get through that door to talk
to the doctor under false pretenses, something is wrong. But, but Questcor is not, you know, they're
not the only company that does this. We see this too often. No, no. Yeah. I mean, every now and then you'll have a company
that, that tells the story like this because this is a 100000% mark up on a drug that basically
is not even a good drug. Basically, doctors would even choose not to
use it. So they end up really, really pushing all
this towards taxpayers. Taxpayers end up footing this bill, but Farron
it, it's bothersome to me in so many, so many ways. This, this was brought seven years ago before
the Department of Justice says, yeah, maybe we ought to do something about this. They've had all this information for seven
years. Right. And they said, well, you know, we can't really
do anything because maybe we can't show that it's actually a bribe. And you know, at some point a prosecutor for
the Department of Justice has to man up and they have to say, yeah, we can do it. It's a tough case, but we're trial lawyers. Let's do our job. Unfortunately, that's not how this went. Understand this went through what, so, two
presidencies, right? Yeah. The entire time Obama's, entire time Eric
Holder was in office, he did nothing about it. Then you have, you know, attorney general
Sessions. He does nothing about it. And so all it does is perpetuates crime. It just perpetuates crime. And I don't, I don't know how we really changed
that and, and unfortunately you are right. They weren't looking out for consumers here. Right. They were looking out for the federal government. Yeah. If the government hadn't been part of the
scam, this scam would still be going on. And seven years, to give people perspective,
perspective, this happened before Obama was even reelected. Yeah. That's how long the DOJ had these documents
and these files locked away under seal… And did nothing about it. Until finally, I think it was a month or two
ago it was unsealed. Yeah.


  1. So lets grow the population by criminalizing abortion and then kill the kids by over-pricing medication.

  2. These same big pharma companies have immunity to liability for injuries their vaccines cause. Why are we ok with this when it comes to our children?

  3. And how many of them will be criminally indicted and stand before a judge and jury for their crimes. I thought so…0..

  4. “Big Pharma needs sick people to prosper. Patients, not healthy people, are their customers. If everybody was cured of a particular illness or disease, pharmaceutical companies would lose 100% of their profits on the products they sell for that ailment. What all this means is because modern medicine is so heavily intertwined with the financial profits culture, it’s a sickness industry more than it is a health industry.” 
    ― James Morcan

  5. ALL of the Republican and corporate Democratic talking sacks of vile stinking corruption are gone, They just don't know it yet! Every elected official who took bribemoney from corporations, in essence buying a vote for certain legislation that when implemented is favorable for the profits of that company, are on their way out!  Usually what's good for company profits is bad for the guy on the workfloor! Keeping the wages low, jacking up prices for groceries or medication, more expensive company Insurance, less coverage, scrapping worker aid programs, no more free coffee etc, etc! So to ALL the elected Representatives in Congress and the Senate who sold their souls for a few bucks i say; Shame on you! You've betrayed the Flag, the constitution and the American people you SWORE to serve! Shame, shame, shame! Enjoy your corporate bribes while you still can! This sickness that's infecting the Nation, this vile, evil shameless greed must stop, beginning with eliminating the corporate bribes out of government!

  6. I am in favor of REAL CURABLE healthcare for all human beings and animals, but not when the pharmaceutical and medical insurance industries do just the opposite. Pills, pills, pills, $ $$ $$$ $$$$. Hippocrates said, "Primum non nocere" meaning FIRST DO NO HARM. It is harmful when you experiment with poisonous pills on patients, charging exorbitant fees such that they can no longer afford to live in their homes, cutting budgets for rehabilitations and disability therapies. It is astounding how much you hear and read about pills, meshes, prosthetics, inserts, injectables, sutures, creams, and so on being pulled from the shelves. You hear and read legal ads, "If you have died from a pill or whatever…ahem…call 1-888-blah-blah-blah for legal advice. It is shameful that corporations make $trillions off of the innocent, the sick or the injured.

  7. 6 down votes on a story where a pharma company took a censure drug for infants from $40 to $39,000. Forget the bribery, etc. 6 people got paid to downvote, can we prosecute people being paid to leave fake/negative reviews. $40 to $39,000 price increase. Un fucking real

  8. This is where Hannity's "deep state" is located.

    Big Pharma
    Defence Industry

    All fussing against democrats is nothing but a smoke curtain.

  9. That's nearly 1000x increase, by the way. This is the kind of price hike that you only see during war time scarcity or catastrophic economic mismanagement.

  10. Dismantling abortion rights + gouging up infant medecine… I see what you did there Corporate America.

  11. As an MS sufferer, I would be FURIOUS if I had been prescribed a medication that is not specifically tested for multiple sclerosis, especially when MS specific medications actually exist!

  12. And this is just one of the many, many reasons why capitalism needs to die. It is entirely based on selfishness and greed. And that becomes agonizingly clear in an instance like this. Those CEOs and so on are more than happy to let legions of people die, all so they can increase their profit margins.

  13. the people who are anti government are the GOP, the GOP are the part of government that are the murdering human spew. Find a republican or Pharma head who fell off the back of a cruise ship tell them U toss the life preserver down but it will cost 56 million dollars

  14. I blame the big pharmacitical, but I blame the government more for not regulating these company…but why should they, they are getting a price of the pie along with the doctors… I'm so glad that I'm !earning the use of natural herbs…..oh! Of course the feds , especially the federal reserve that is one of the entity that is in control of our government via of the big banks start loosing money, then they get concern….if they wasn't cheated, they would never get involved…..and the bit is, they are not federal government, look them up, you'll see.

  15. I have work in 2 doctors offices both of which got free beast from the former sees like vacations and meals and all kinds of goodies the doctors are greedy also let me clarify that not all doctors are greedy but the to I worked for were

  16. Anyone want to hire a group of assassins to kill these greedy fucks? I’ll start a GoFundMe. These excuses for human beings need to die in some slow painful way. Cersea style. Go all Game of Thrones on their asses.

  17. Where schools are free-fire war zones and kids are denied health care…..Lovely country you've got there.

  18. killing baby's while claiming your opposition is killing baby's to own the libs.

  19. What is Acthar prescribe for: infantile spasms

    Acthar Gel. H.P. Acthar (repository corticotropin) Gel is an adrenocorticotropic hormone used to treat relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS), infantile spasms, and nephrotic syndrome (a collection of symptoms that indicate kidney damage).

    FDA panel recommends CBD for pediatric seizure disorders
    Publish date: April 19, 2018
       Kari Oakes
       Clinical Neurology News


    Advisors to the Food and Drug Administration have found a generally favorable benefit-risk profile for cannabidiol oil solution in the treatment of two forms of severe pediatric seizure disorders. The drug is under expedited review by the agency.

    In a unanimous vote, the 13 members of the FDA’s Peripheral and Central Nervous System Drugs Advisory Committee found that the benefit-risk profile of cannabidiol is favorable for the treatment of seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) and Dravet syndrome (DS) in patients 2 years of age and older.

    If the FDA supports this recommendation, cannabidiol oral solution would be the first cannabis-based medication approved in the United States.

    “At this point, this is a spectacular advance,” said committee member John Mendelson, MD, chief medical officer of Ria Health, San Francisco.

    Fellow committee member Mark Green, MD, concurred. “It is clearly an honor to be making a decision based on science and public interest, rather than political discussion,” said Dr. Green, professor of neurology, anesthesiology, and rehabilitation medicine at Icahn School of Medicine, Mt Sinai, New York.

    Patients with LGS taking cannabidiol oral solution at 20 mg/kg/day in two clinical trials saw a 42%-44% reduction in drop seizure frequency over a 14-week treatment period (P = .0047 and P = .0135, compared to placebo). A 50% reduction of drop seizure frequency was seen in 40% and 44% of LGS patients in the two clinical trials.
    FDA icon

    For patients with DS, 20 mg/kg/day of cannabidiol oral solution resulted in a 39% decrease in convulsive seizure frequency during a 14-week treatment period (P less than .05). There was a numeric, but not statistically significant, increase in the number of DS patients who saw a 50% reduction in convulsive seizure frequency on this dose.

    Sustained efficacy for both seizure disorders has been seen during an extended open-label follow-on study.

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