Big Pharma In Full Panic Mode Over Losing Their “Profit Party”

Drug companies are afraid that their profit
party is coming to an end. So what they’re doing now is they’re trying
to put together a lot of money to try to stop it. And they are raising some serious money aren’t
they? Tell us about this story. Well, this is, you know, very expected, I
guess you could say, but right now you have all these major drug companies and they are
in full blown panic mode. They see a sea change happening in this country
on the political level and they’re absolutely right about it because when you look at the
old guard, the people they are actually sending the money to, it is Nancy Pelosi. It is Mitch McConnell. They’re, they’re playing both sides as they
always do because they know that these ingrained establishment politicians are never going
to take on the, the, the power of Big Pharma. But those people don’t have much time left
in DC and they know that you’ve got a lot of people today, on both sides, who aren’t
going to be bought off. They see the polls, they see people having
to cross the border to get insulin and they know that this is not good for them. Okay. We, we know the story about how Republicans
got so much in bed with, with the pharmaceutical industry. We know that story has been out there a long
time. The, the numbers that they spread around with
Republican politicians were staggering. Okay. Let’s tell the rest of the story though. Bill Clinton comes into office. Bill Clinton says we have to reach across
the aisle and we have to make nice with Wall Street, otherwise we’re not going to be able
to raise money. So making what and making nice with Wall Street
was making nice with the pharmaceutical industry. The best story that tells that really shines
a light here is Corey Booker. Okay. You remember last year, last year, Cory Booker,
single handedly defeated legislation that would have allowed us to import drugs from
other companies, from other countries at a 10th of the price that people are paying. Corey Booker, the guy running for president,
who’s he talks like he’s a man of the people. He single handedly gathered together 16 Democrats,
we did this story. You remember? Yeah. The 16 Democrats, there’s no surprise, they’re
all Wall Streeters. He gathered them together and he defeated
that legislation. So where do Democrats fit in this time? Well, basically the same way. You’ve got a lot of people like Corey Booker
out there. Corey, Corey Booker took a lot of heat for
that and so he, he’s tried to play it with the, oh no, no, no, I, I absolutely want to
lower prices. This just wasn’t a good idea. No, he understands a lot of drugs in this
country are manufactured in his State of New Jersey. He’ll never go against them. It doesn’t matter what he says. He can go out there and give a flowery speech
and say, we’ve got to do something. People are dying because of drug costs. He’s got, he’s dying In the polls. Right. He’s done with. He absolutely is. It’s amazing actually how bad he’s done considering
the hype around him to begin with. This is an issue though. It is. This is an issue. You got elderly voters there in his, around
his home. They’re saying, look, we know what you did
and, but here’s the rest of the story, drives me crazy. We know that Republicans have been doing this
a long time, but at some point don’t the Democrats owe consumers to say, we’re going to draw
a line in the sand. No, you may not do this. Here’s what’s so crazy. All of a sudden Trump is on this bandwagon. Trump is going after the pharmaceutical industry. So now we see the pharmaceutical industry
loading up on Democratic candidates. Yeah, and what we have, well, what we’ve had,
I guess, is in the past, the drug companies, the lobbyists spending, it was almost equal. Even in the years, you know, oh, Republicans
take so much. Democrats were only a little bit behind them
there and they still are. And so when they look at somebody like a Bernie
Sanders or an Elizabeth Warren. Oh it scares the bejesus out of them. They know like no matter, even if I put millions
into this person, I can’t change their mind, but I could put millions into a Pelosi and
suddenly she’s controlling the whole Congress and nothing happens. How about Schumer? Exactly. I mean, my God, you would think that they’ve
put a funnel, the pharmaceutical industry has put a funnel in, in Charlie Schumer’s
mouth and are just dumping in more money than they can spend. Look, here’s the real ugly, people see the
stories, the stories that you do. You’ve done a dozen of these stories where
the pharmaceutical industry is making 100000% markup on their pill, 100000% that’s, and
it goes on every day and we allow it. Congress could do something about it, they
refuse to do anything about it because the money is so big, both on the Republican and
Democrat. So all of these Democrats that are saying,
oh, we have the high ground, we’re different. That is absolutely absurd. It’s ridiculous. Right, too, too many of them are paid off. And, you know, we did see, which we had discussed,
the Trump administration was trying to get it to where they had to post their prices
on the drug ads on TV and then the courts came out and said, no, no, let’s not do that. And that was an Obama appointed judge who
said that. So this is not a left versus right issue. This is a Big Pharma buying congress versus
what everybody in the public actually gets. Yeah, let me tell you the biggest lie ever
told by pharmaceuticals. There’s a lot of them because we go toe to
toe with them all the time. One of the big lies is, oh, we need these
markups because R&D. No, all the numbers are in our, you know what
the big, what the big cost is? It’s not R&D, it’s advertising. Yeah. It’s so when you turn on the television every
10 minutes, you have a new ad about something that’s going to make you smarter or happier
or whatever. And so they’re spending so much money that
this markup thing has nothing to do with R&D. Actually, universities, taxpayers pay for
most of that R&D anyway. Farron, thanks for joining me. Okay. Thank you.


  1. Big Pharma are definitely the bad guys, but let us be crystal clear, this is not some kind of victory. The world is going to shit and big pharma's profits are struggling to keep up with ist as is everyone else. Nothing's going to improve or get better as these goofs would have you believe.






  3. I am thankful every day that at the age of 71 I don't need prescription drugs to stay alive. I have no chronic conditions, just normal aches and pains that I take an occasional aspirin for and some allergies I take generic Benadryl for.

  4. A couple of people die from vaping and they raise the alarm. Pharmaceuticals and guns kill thousands yet we do nothing.

  5. Healthcare in Russia is provided by the state through the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund, and regulated through the Ministry of Health. The Constitution of the Russian Federation has provided all citizens the right to free healthcare since 1996.

  6. Drug companies are low life scum. It's time for a National Heath Care plan. Corporate Drug Dealers need to go to prison. Cory Booker is full a bull sh!$.

  7. Interesting that the 1% & CORPORATIONS are Perfectly fine with SOCIALISM for them

    But Socialism for the Working Class is just completely not acceptable

    So the Rich get welfare while the poor struggle & die

    Bet they all claim to be religious

    Thought the Bible spoke of Kindness
    Not the Evil that we all see from the 1% & CORPORATIONS

  8. We can't just stop at scaring Big Pharma. We need to crush them entirely. Take back all of the life-saving medicines that they've been price gouging us on and making them public property. Taxpayers funded the creation of these medicines. Taxpayers should thus own them.

  9. I dont have a problem pharma companies making a profit, but damn these guys are ruining people's lives for ridiculous profits.

  10. The devil has no limit.. Absolutely sickening what America has turned our health care system into.. Profit over lives and man created sickness just to keep the money flow is nothing shirt of the devils moves, smfh. The pharmaceutical industry moves just like him..

  11. The Pharmaceutical Industry in this country has their research and development supplemented by American taxpayers and they repay us by gouging us on prescription drug prices.

  12. You are telling the truth about the markup on drugs. 1 asthma inhaler over $400.00 and 1 breathing med (inhaled) over $400.00 and that's with ins. (mdicare) (2 cheap little plastic atomizers) $800.00 is more than 1/2 of a person's social security check. When you go in the donut hole, which is after after the ins co. quits paying and after a few mos., you have to pay full price. I had a prescription for a nasal spray……$42.00 with ins. $200.00 no ins. I laughed and told them to put it back. That price was so ridiculous, I couldn't justify it.
    It's nothing but a sleazy scheme that both sides are a part of and getting rich on while people are dying because they can't afford their medications. The whole thing is so repulsive it makes me want to vomit.

  13. Clinton getting his cock sucked got clinton to beg yo keep his presidentcy by ass kissing corperations…now Jeff epstien…
    Harvey Weinstein…mossad..c.i.a. black mail both sides of congress..

  14. They will just buy another republican to give them another trillion dollar tax cut… I swear I hope all these sick and disconnected people behind the scenes creating all of this health care chaos and more rot eternally where they belong.. HELL!

  15. Let’s play devil’s advocate. Pharma Co. “A” has a care drug they sell, but research at “A” has come up with a one time cure that will force “A” to give up profits on care drug. Is the corporate president violating his duty to stockholders to maximize profits by putting the cure on the market. This is why I support Bernie Sanders, he knows that capitalism cannot handle this problem. Medicare 4 All.

  16. Legalize marijuana 💚
    If you're a Floridian and a registered voter, sign this online petition.

  17. These guys dont understand the basic business forces at work. American investors are the problem, demanding 12, 15 even 20% growth, returns and dividends. How else can we expect corporations to deliver on that? By gouging in open markets like US. R&D budget for GSK is 8 times larger than their advertising spend according to their 2017 filing. This seems like a simple problem, allow consumers to buy drugs from other markets, cap premiums and mandatory co pays, until we get a normal healthcare system. Hospitals also shouldn't be profit centers, where they pick the most expensive version of a drug where generics are available.

  18. The worst part is if drug companies invested that lobbying money on more stable profit streams, instead of paying off politicians, they would be fine over the long term.

  19. Has anyone done a fair amount of research into the many many nutrients the body needs to keep itself alive? Yes, corporations do a large amount of poisoning us but people need to make better choices. All the data is not kept in secrecy regarding what the human body must have. If sufficient amounts are not present, the body devides between long-term longevity, or short term survival.

  20. Vote for #Bernie, and genuine progressive members of the House and Senate, and state govs, and legislatures… then we can begin to fix a lot of the problems in this country.

  21. It's about time. The CEOs of these companies should be tarred and feathered publicly in every state a person has od'd on pain killers in the last ten years.

  22. Good! Why should Americans pay 2, 5, 10 times more for essential meds than the rest of the world. NO REACHING ACROSS THE AISLE WITH REPUBLICANS. BEND THEM TO THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE!

  23. It's about time this happen for the good of the country Once this opiate situation stayed in the slums or hoods it would have been 👌 know that this has over run the burbs and pale children are affected then and only then it becomes a epidemic issue. But will put a black or brown kid in prison for a dub, 99% of the opiates are from the rich kid circle, bcz LOUD smells loud and 💊 rattle. And politicians enjoy the perks YEEhaa and ride off to the islands while our kids OD for their greed and that negative energy is know causing GOD to destroy these destinations of the EVIL SOULS that are there to know pollute it with their PANSEXUAL activities. ✌ ☝ God bless.

  24. Concerned citizens need to (continue to) spread the facts via crowdsourcing sites like Wikipedia, LittleSis, CMD's Sourcewatch wiki, MuckRock (FOIA requests)

  25. Their planning on bribing the politicians to let them jack up prices, they also plan on banning drugs from canada & other countrys to cut competition. Billionaires are never happy with what they got no with them it's me me me more more more. the money they scammed from needy Americans ends up lining the pockets of their fat greedy Ceo's. & insurance companies are run by big pharma thats why insurance dont pay for S… & why they force needy Americans to pay out of pocket boohoo bucks they cant afford thats why so many are dying, neglecting their health or going to foreign lands for health care…

  26. Canadian here. Our drug prices are in the sane reality world. Guess what? Same drug companies, same insurance companies and they still make a profit and drug R&D is plentiful.
    It it not a complicated system, operated for decades. We like to complain about it some but it is very quick political suicide should any politician what to make any 'adjustments'.
    You are making it way more complicated then it has to be.
    By the way, way cheaper ……….Eh! (in this context the American translation to: "Like DUH!" ).

  27. The goal of every business is to obliterate the competition. There is no choice. There are no free markets. All about dominance and capital. Heartless, stone cold capital. That's how you can jack up the price of old as the hills insulin 1000% or repurpose old generic drugs and sell them as newly patented breakthrough drugs. After which you drop to your knees and cry poverty at the high cost of R/D, television propaganda and lobbyists.

  28. apparently can't trust any politician..[duh] try to pick the lesser of greedy smooth lying talkers. by the way, Nancy Pelosi… where are YOU!!!!

  29. Marcia Angell, former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, has written a great book about this subject …The Truth About the Drug Companies. Big Pharma rips off Americans in multiple ways … our taxes pay for the R&D via the NIH and universities which develop the drugs, then we pay huge inflated prices to Big Pharma when they get the patents on the drugs. The keep the patents rolling by copycat drugs and minor, insignificant changes, which locks in their gouged prices. And they use a portion of their profits to buy up both political parties. Avoid voting for Wall Street Democrats … and most Republicans are confirmed Wall Street shills.

  30. I'm quite sure that all the talk of big pharma losing some of their profits are only temporary,to appease their puppets in Washington because of the ubiquitous outrage over this abomination against humanity and in a year or so,it will get back to business as usual and they will continue to rape us and reap all the profits back that they'd lost this year and some.

  31. Please sign, support, and share … … … Thank You 💜

    #MeToo #MMIWG #TrumpModels #IdentityStolen #TrustFundsStolen #Corruption #Drugged #Abducted #Tortured #Raped #Filmed #Trafficked #TajMahal #PornHarms #HolisticHealth #antihumantrafficking #EndIt #TimesUp

  32. Booker, we want to lower drug prices, but this is not the way to do it i.e. thru legislation.
    Because we want less government intrusion and they will do it on their own! Right……………………………………………………………………

  33. Never mind this nonsense why don't we allow the truth to come out that these petrochemical pharmaceutical poisons do not work and in reality cause death. It is time to reveal the truth about nutrition and how therapeutic doses of nutrition is far superior to chemical poisons. Nutrition with herbal medicine CAN EASILY CURE DIABETES without the toxic side effects. North America is about 4% of population but we take 80% of the world's pharmaceuticals.

  34. Giant Pharma hatched a plan to slyly slip away,
    from unwelcome supervision by the DEA.
    They went right up to the Hill and did the pay-for-play.
    Now two-hundred people are OD'ing every day.

  35. Wait until psychedelics become more accepted as a tried and true treatment for so many mental health issues… Hope they disappear!

  36. Hey guys – you miss a lot when you say Pharma spends so much money of Advertising – they do – but the real money goes to their armies of Drug Reps – who spread out weekly – over our entire nation, to visit each & every prescribing doctor, in America, to lavish them not only with, 'Free Drug Samples' of every kind – they bring gifts – mostly food, for the entire staffs of every doctor. My doctor, knowing I sometimes had to visit Food Pantries to get by – he always offered me a free dinner at his office – every Wed. Afternoon – after the Pharma Reps had left. There were all kinds of freshly prepared foods brought over from Fort Worth {37 miles away} – fancied Chicken, Prime Rib & steaks, pasta salads, briskets, baked fish, breads, cakes, veggies glorified – everything you can imagine on a, 'Grub Hub Menu,' and 3-5 times more than a full staff could eat. I'd get my share, and take home a ton – and still, everyone else has their take-home as well!!! This is just one doctor office. My doctor was party of a larger doctor's group which, alone, had 1,000 offices in the west side of Fort Worth – doing every kind of practice! That's all the Drug Reps do – 5 days a week – they are carting around trunks full of drug samples, and car-fulls of the freshest, finest restaurant-prepared foods, and deserts – serving it all up to doctor offices five days a week. Can you imagine how much the food and sample drugs are worth??? Then – add that to the salaries that all these drug&dinner peddling gophers get paid themselves. This bill along would likely pay for America's entire Education System – with the best funding imaginable! Here is only the 1st domestic sin of Big Pharma. Then you add the salaries of all their paid Lobbyists, and the bribes they pay politicians – then add the advertising on TV & all print, and streaming media. They likely have a greater budget than many foreign countries!

  37. We the citizens need to rise up and insist that the law allowing unlimited amounts of campaign contributions, by any entity, be reversed.

  38. Yep the U.S. pays for the cost of the R&D and then turns around and sells the data to big pharma companies for a fraction of what was spent on the R&D

  39. the price of insulin in the United States per vial was $320, while in Canada the same medication under a different name was $30. hmmm seems like a pretty big gap in prices for the same thing. people are dying because they try to stretch out the insulin they need because they cant afford it.

  40. What I dont understand is how the big pharma company's can give Canada a price on their drugs so much lower than USA. They are made in the States then sold to Canada were they are sold at a cheaper rate. How does this work? I guess u dont have a good negotiating person, right.

  41. And they criminalize your local drug dealer. When the government is involved with more drug activity than anybody else in this world just so they can profit off of our pain and suffering because we cannot afford to pay for the drugs that we need to take.
    So who then is more of a criminal our government or your local drug dealer.

  42. Big pharma money is about buying off scientist and Dr.s and delivering their addictive poison. In the wrong unsuspecting hands, people Die. Is it helping Americans?

  43. This is big pharma owning the entire most important ones in government and others that stand in their paths to destruction…

  44. It's interesting that Americans come over to Canada to buy cheaper drugs. But I watched a video yesterday saying that the big Pharma is taking Canada to court because the government of Canada wants to lower drug prices. Apperently Canada pays the highest prices for drugs in the world and the government is tired of it.

  45. We need to sue all them pharmaceuticals companies and get our tax payers money that we have been paying for years.

  46. introduce new white collar crime penalties.

    steal over a million – death penalty, ,etc etc, SHIT will GET REAL fast when white collar criminals are presented with proportionate fucking PENALTIES for HIGH VALUE CRIMES.
    if guys can do a couple of years for stealing a $10K car, then why does a criminal that steals 100K or more get a slap on the fucking wrists?

  47. Americans are coming for them !! They will pay taxes and should not claim BANKRUPTCY when sued . They have enough money in one family to enrich all of america!! .

  48. I forget who said it recently but they were right: Some things just shouldn't be for sale. Health care is one of them.

  49. Vote the republican's, trump and looser Democrats out of office 🤑. They are the worst. AOC and the Squad 🇱🇷 are the true fighters for the people 👍!

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