Big Pharma Pays Up for Their Part in the Opioid Crisis | The Daily Show

The opioid crisis. Over the course of two decades,
millions of Americans have become addicted
to these painkillers. And after years
of people demanding that someone
be held accountable, the drug companies are
finally starting to pay a price. There is word tonight
of a settlement involving thousands of lawsuits
tied to the opioid crisis. OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma has reached an agreement
with 22 new states and about 2,000
local governments over its role
in the deadly epidemic. The company will pay
up to $12 billion over time, with three billion coming
from the Sackler family. They own Perdue Pharma and will also give up control
of the company. You know,
I’ll be honest with you, I’m torn about this story. You know, yes, I’m happy that the opioid companies
will have to pay, but at the same time,
they misled sick people about how addictive
their drugs were. Right? They also lobbied to lift limits on how many opioids
doctors could prescribe. And then now that they’ve made
billions of dollars off an epidemic
that caused countless deaths, they just get to be like,
“Uh, how about we give you some of that money back
and we call it even?” I think it’s bullshit.
I’ll be honest. Imagine someone
broke into your house, stole a bunch of your stuff,
and then when you busted them, they’re like, “All right,
all right, you got me. “How about
I break you off a hundred and we call it even, yeah?” Yeah, and then you’re like,
“That’s my wallet.” He’s like, “Okay, $120, $120. But I get to keep
the library card, okay?” And even though,
even though this opioid crisis has been in the news
for the past few years, the family who profited most
from a lot of this devastation has managed to remain
fairly anonymous. But now we’re finally meeting
the men behind the curtain. NEWSMAN: For the first time
we’re now seeing and hearing from Dr. Richard Sackler, the former chairman
and president of Perdue Pharma, respond to questions
under oath. Do you know how much
the Sackler family has made -off the sale of OxyContin?
-I don’t know. Do you know if it’s over
ten billion dollars? I don’t think so. Do you know if it’s over
five billion dollars? I don’t know. But fair to say
it’s over a billion dollars? It would be fair
to say that, yes. Really? Really? This guy’s
gonna act like he doesn’t know if he made a billion dollars? Get the (bleep)
out of here, man. You see him acting like
he’s thinking about it? “Uh… did I…? Yeah, I guess you could say…” He’s acting like he has
to count up all his change. “Well, I did get that
ten dollars from grandma. “And I made $150
from the yard sale. “Oh, yeah,
there’s a billion dollars “from killing thousands
of Americans “by lying to them
about their painkillers. “Oh, yeah, I almost forgot
that part. Oh, and I got the library card,
yeah, the library card.” And the Sackler’s, they-they
aren’t the only ones facing consequences
for their role in fueling the opioid epidemic. Right? Everyone’s favorite
baby shampoo company has also been told
it’s time to pay up. Yesterday,
an Oklahoma judge ruled that opioids ravaged the state, and ordered Johnson & Johnson
to pay $572 million. The judge said that the company
intentionally misled the public about the dangers
of its drugs. TV REPORTER: Johnson & Johnson
stock was up as much as five percent
since the company was ordered to pay far less
than many investors expected. Yeah, you heard that right. Johnson & Johnson’s stock
actually went up after they were fined
$572 million because they expected the
punishment to be much worse. They expected the punishment
to be worse. Yeah. And that tells you something. It’s like a guy coming out
of the shower and his girlfriend is like, “Uh, you’ve got
some explaining to do. “I was looking through
your phone “and who is this puppy you met? “It is adorable.
You know I love puppies. Why didn’t you tell me?”
And the guy’s like, “Oh, yeah.
Oh, the puppy… “that I’m totally
not having sex with. Yeah, the puppy.” So, as it stands, these drug companies are gonna
pay a bunch of fines, not even admit responsibility. And no one seems
to be going to jail, which is insane when you think
about it, right? Like, just think about
the levels here. Prosecutors want
Felicity Huffman to go to jail for cheating in
a college admissions scandal. They want her to go
to jail for that. But the people responsible for thousands of American deaths
get to walk away with a slap on the wrist. These people are basically
very formal drug dealers who are now protected just
because they’re a corporation. But if you look at someone
like El Chapo, what’s the major difference? Right? Be like,
oh, it’s more violent. Yes, but fundamentally,
he’s a drug dealer. They’re all drug dealers. The Feds took his money. Yeah, and he’s spending the rest
of his life in prison. So if you think about it, El Chapo really only made
one big mistake: he shouldn’t have been
a drug lord, he should have been
the CEO of El Chapo, Inc.


  1. The largest and most powerful drug cartel in the world. …. C. I. A. Every penny should be seized, not a billion or so in penalties when they made a hundred billion. Only problem is that the criminals in DC, the District of Criminals will just line their bank accounts with it.

  2. It’s a “supply & demand” issue…if there’s no demand for it, there wouldn’t be a crisis. Doctors overprescribe & people are not content just taking Motrin something similar

  3. It can be stopped if they stop giving these away to people who take them and sell them to others this isn't caused by the drug companies it's caused by the users who abuse the drugs they say they can't live without. Dumb what a bunch of idiots.

  4. People knew exactly what they were getting into… Everybody loves to blame for everyone for their problems.
    And yes I’ll probably get slammed for this bit this is MY opinion. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  5. It is misleading to say that they (JNJ) expected to pay more pointing to stock, It is people who own the stock estimated based on the other companies that were part of the case.

  6. Love Americas sense of justice. You can do what you like as long as you're rich. Just pay a fine, and keep on being rich. Greatest country in the world.

  7. All you idiots don't get it. The (((opioid crisis))) was caused by one family. The (((saclar family))). Know who (((they))) are

  8. Yes. This is USA… a shit hole country as say your retarded president. The Moron in chief followed by millions of dumber Americans who believe earth is flat and let their kid die in schools. Lol you are the shitiest country ever. All this for money. Lol. Dumber than That there is nothing

  9. Please see [ Should Big Pharma be Held Legally Liable for Misrepresentations made to the FDA?]

  10. I made a song about big Pharma where i mention Richard Sackler and Purdue Pharma it check it out

  11. anyone else see just what a sham this society is? health, justice, and liberty are all for sale in the 21st century and nothing is sacred any longer!!! you all just keep watching and pretending like this is normal though…how is this funny again?

  12. Oh really. Paid out of dividends probably.. just a shift in name and business as usual. Hospitals docs and healthcare one great big pile of crap all rolled up in one cozy little company. Feeding off of people no better than pimps for the drug industry

  13. that's sickening ..Tharre are still Drs out there doing it..Littel children 12-13 Snorting this shit…but Ofcourse it gose on..

  14. Everybody who had some sort of surgery will be prescribed painkillers, does the patient ever ask where or how these drugs where made? No! They just got out of surgery and are in pain. It's capitalism either way, and if your a chemist you know that the making of prescription painkillers is pure opium cut down according to each prescription mg dosage, with some other chemical to soften the eurphoric effect.

  15. Its pennies compared to profits they made. Next is Juul and tobacco companies… selling vaping devices as toys to teens and preteens and now a lot of them are having breathing issues because they added Nicotine without telling its users.

  16. Hey fat head Trump your peers are the drug dealers living inside the Wall. Sacklers are the biggest drug dealers in the world and they're white rich Republicans like your fat dumb ass.

  17. Punishing these people by telling them to pay a fine is like punishing cocaine dealers by telling to give up a few grams.

    And carry on with their businesses.

  18. No one is going to jail for the pills, and killing thousands of people, because they can't prove that one or multiple people within the company explicitly said to lie about how addictive the drugs were. They put a warning on the drug and said it was addictive, people didn't listen to that warning and became addicted due to the fact that the companies didn't put other restrictions/warnings on the drug so they could make money off of it. So since the police can't prove that one or multiple people within the company are responsible for those deaths, they (the companies) get fined. It has nothing to do with being rich or white or the CEO of a large corporation. But since they are rich they can afford to pay those fines. So maybe the fines should be increased. You can't arrest an entire corporation with all of its workers, it's not possible and probably would violate some of the workers rights. So we are at a stalemate and can't do much more than blaming and pointing fingers. The best solution would be to take the drug off of the market, invest some money into researching and developing a new drug that preforms the same but is less addictive or not addictive at all. And fine the corporations more, they should also have to pay the families compensation for the ones that they have lost.

  19. It's not a crisis…it's a hysteria…real people are cut off from pain meds! Ever wonder why20 military vets kill themselves a day? & & At least 50 other people a day too.the Govt wants your ass to die so the rich can have more& the rich & politicians buy their opioids on the dark web..go to what really

  20. I've always said it; these drug companies are evil, but smart. They're just legalized drug dealers who managed to get protection from the law itself.
    All they had to do was wave money around, and viola! What should have been illegal is now legal, and what is clearly evil is tolerated. All because of their "contributions".

  21. It's good that the drug companies are being held "accountable".. but what about the law makers and federal agencies that allowed this to happen under their watch?? The same law makers who took money from lobbyists to look the other way.. this is typical of Justice in the US…college admissions scandals are more heavily prosecuted than the killing of American citizens, 🤔🤦‍♂️…

  22. A white woman goes to prison for SAT test bribery and college admissions. Lucky she’s not black. There are cases where black women falsified paperwork for their young children to access better schools and they are now serving 10 years in prison. Wha?! “Get the fuck out of here”

  23. Aannddddd big surprise: The Sacklers are declaring bankruptcy. Who’d a thunk it? After all, they love the Swiss Cheese Banks for money laundering-oops, I meant shoving money through great big holes and then see? Absolutely transparent: Nothing here folks, just empty holes called Shell Corporations.
    What do you mean you want our name removed from our “Philanthropic” tax write offs as well? Do you realize how much it costs to appear generous?! Ask Oprah-She knows! African schools are much more lucrative write offs than homie’s Chi-Town public schools-who are desperately in need of an infusion of $$$.

  24. How do the people that are addicted get the drug………thats who is responsible

    A Dr I know says oxy was made for terminal patients…….so the Drs passing this out to their favorite druggies are responsible

    How is the drug getting into the hands of drug dealers…….thats who is responsible

    but as always lets blame the easy targets

  25. Is nobody gonna talk about how one of the family members is named Mortimer? Gee can't believe he's an evil corporate scumbag…

  26. Blaming our heroin addiction crisis on legally prescribed medications like OxyContin is waaay too simplistic. The vast majority of people who are prescribed these life-SAVING medications for their incurable chronic pain conditions do not become drug addicts, nor do they overdose on their medications. The ppl who are fanning the flames of this opioid hysteria are the same ppl who will benefit financially from everyone being labeled as either being a drug addict or having this new “convenient” diagnosis of opioid use disorder (OUD). They own the rehab centers that they want everyone sent to & benefit from everyone being forced onto Suboxone or Subutex; which, by the way, are just as addictive as the oxycodone & heroin they are taking you off of.
    Hundreds of thousands of real people, like me, who suffer with real pain that can’t be cured, are being demonized & left to suffer after having our medications either reduced to an ineffective dose or taken away entirely; & we are sick of it. Someone needs to speak up for us.

  27. they should take 6 billion from them not 3.. WTF they should fine the owners not really the business. they control the business so they should pay more of that bill not thier company. like 12 billion but 6 coming from the family and 6 coming from the company

  28. Johnson and Johnson’s stocks didn’t go up because they didn’t loose as much money as they expected, but rather because of their brand new love child “esketamine”. This is a derived from ketamine! The difference between the two is that esketamine is far more powerful and is name brand for the use of major depressive episodes! It also costs $35,000 a month for 8 doses! These 8 doses come in the form of one spray in one nostril and one on another twice a week! Then president TRAMP tells the committee overseeing treatment of Vets with PTSD to order “lots and lots of esketamine” for these people, which will not have to pay $35,000 a month! Also, this will be paid for with tax money, which goes to Johnson and Johnson for the supply of this medicine! But the absolute best part is that TRAMP owns a ton of stocks in Johnson and Johnson, meaning he makes an order for a medicine that’s barely approved by the FDA, stocks Vets up with a medicine regular people can’t afford but need equally as badly, and all that money goes right into TRAMPS pocket!! That is the new America! The president can freely commit fraud without concerns! Only particular set of groups are listened to because they have enough supporters to shame the government so getting rid of them is easier! Drug addicts are victims! People in pain are the villains! The world of psychology has become the punchline to a bad joke! One last thing that keeps getting me with OxyContin! It’s always been made from a substance that has always been know for its addictive qualities! Just having the term opioid in the description should have set off some warning bells because how could anyone actually make opium not addictive?? So, yeah, doctors knew what they were doing but they had two reasons to continue doing it! Of course the first being the kick backs which made many people rich, and the second was they were given an out! Since this was approved by the FDA for treatment of pain, and the representatives are saying it’s less addictive then other pain meds! So in theory a doctor could blame anyone and get away with it! And they did! But now not even pain specialist will write pain prescriptions! And will cut you off like a long fingernail, and for no reason! So we have a president ordering an abundance of a brand new anti depressant for treatment for people that actually decided to go into the military and had the opportunity to choose of that was the path they wanted to take or now! Meanwhile, non Vets are sometimes actually laughed at by doctors when the doctor is asked if you can try this treatment! This treatment that will make TRAMP plenty of money, meanwhile he knows nothing about the medicine or the fact that maybe non Vets can’t afford $34,000 a month!! We have people with stage 4 cancer in hospice care being prescribed Vicodin for pain! People on the cusp of death already and a doctor gives them Vicodin? Screw that! If someone is about to die you make it an effort as a doctor to make them as comfortable as possible! Don’t be afraid of the DEA because it wasn’t the DEA that went to medical school! And abusing such power is sickening! Also how doctors just tend to refer you from one place to another to another because they don’t want to deal with you and the hassle of prescribing pain medicine!

  29. and to WHO do they pay this fucking money? It sure as hell isn't the families that have the losses, or the junkies. So what's the god damn point?

  30. And now they filed for 'bankruptcy' which means they don't have to pay out any more settlements until they reshuffle 'ownership…' and still keep their money.

  31. Nope, big nope, I'm going to disagree big time here, I'm a dental implant surgeon, and I gotta say, every drug has a prescription, everyone who goes to medical school, dental school, anything related to medical services, knows when, how, and whom to prescribe opioids, I rarely prescribe them and threat most of my patients with NSAIDs without any problem, but the doctors and dentists and everyone allowed to prescribe them are the real culprits to be honest, the ones that charge them into your healthcare program, well most clinics and hospitals can charge more, so yeah, that's my POV, and it's mostly what's happening, big pharma is nothing without the ones prescribing them irresponsibly, don't get fooled, this is a very leftist way to manage the problem, "oh yeah send the big pharma owners to jail" when we know it's everyone in the healthcare system but we can't send them all to jail, so let's point fingers.

  32. who are they paying it to and how is that going to help the people that are addicted? I keep seeing a lot of lipservice being paid to this opioid crisis but I still am not seeing any help for the people trapped in this web.

  33. This is a bunch of fake BS. The Federal Government finances these RX companies tol come up with drugs, then they get a cut of the money bc they are repaid with interest. They then find out the drgs are harmful and close down the drug after so many billions are made. They se the companies and get paid again, but the consumer who suffered are not paid what is due them. They were the test experiment under the US govs watch. What I hate about this BS is the people do not get the money. They have to hire a lawyer, pay the lawyer to get anything, if they win anything. I think when the US government or State sues these companies then all of the money should be divided equally amongst the people of that state including family members who suffered because of the addicted family member. The Federal Government should only be allowed 10% the attorney should only be allowed a combined total of 10% and 80% goes to the people of that state. We pay taxes, we pay for our medications and we pay when we suffer from those medications. 80% belongs to we the People.

  34. When are black people going to receive a settlement for the crack epidemic the C.I.A was complicit in inserting in the black community in the 80's?

  35. EVERYTHING is a effing con!!! It’s all bullshit! That’s why more and more people who’ve seen the light, are moving off grid away from all the human scum!

  36. It's similar to prostitution: it's only illegal if you don't film it. Then it's pornography, and that's protected. Except, you know, people aren't dying from their orgasm addiction, nor are they living in crack houses because they spend all their money on their porn addiction. And nobody cares about the porn stars or anyone associated with the creation of the product, except as it relates to being "sinful." But still. Our laws are skewed to protect things that are properly labeled, even if they're basically the same in nearly every way that matters. And rich white Christian men. They're almost completely untouchable.

  37. This makes me so mad! They should have to give up every penny they made off opioids and redistribute it to the millions of Americans and communities whose live were impacted or ended from that drug. I can safely say my life and my friends and families lives would be significantly better if my mother and her friends were never allotted the amount of opioids they received. Screw Perdu!!!

  38. There it is the Wars going on in CORRUPT America The Drug War and The Civil War. The rich who have the Control, Money, and Power.

  39. This is only hurting people with real daily chronic pain. I have EDS and it took me two years to find another doctor to give me medication that I never abused in the 5 years I was on it.
    In that two years I went back to not being able to work and not sleeping.
    The CDC going after doctors is BS.
    You are not helping drug addicts. They still hit the streets as much as they ever did.

  40. I failed to see anyone who got addicted to these drugs get any money from these lawsuits.
    Do anyone else know anyone who got paid?
    Please let me know if you do!

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