Big Pharmaceutical Companies Don’t Want You to Watch This Video and Neither Does Your Grandma

Want to be a drug addict? If you live in the U.S. chances are you probably
already are. The U.S. – land of the free, of MTV, and of
legal drugs. This might just be what makes America great. A place where our doctors prescribe us pills
we don’t need for conditions that don’t exist. It’s a win-win. Big Pharma gets bigger and richer and we get
higher or just die. The story was different 50 years ago when
Jon went down to his dentist’s office to get his wisdom teeth pulled and the doctor
gave him aspirin as pain medication. This was a time when young men went to war
and women worked their asses off at home to save the country from collapse. Now? We get high, play video games, watch YouTube,
and complain when someone doesn’t call us the right gender. And these days if old Jonny boy goes to the
dentist and wants some work done it’s dealers choice. Vicodin. Percocet. Codeine. You name it. Whatever company happens to be in bed with
your doctor that day. And if you don’t have private insurance
that pays for your drugs? No problem. Sign up for Medicaid. You’ll definitely be able to get free drugs
through them. Hello everyone. Thought Monkey here. Today we’re going to explore the issue of
what big pharma doesn’t want anybody to know. First what exactly is the pharmaceutical industry? To make a long story short it’s a business
that creates drugs for use as medications. It’s important to note that it’s not a
terrible industry. In fact they have made some very important
discoveries like insulin which has saved millions of lives or the countless vaccines that have
protected us from at one point, very common diseases like measles and hepatitis. The problem is not the idea of pharmaceuticals
– drugs are neither good nor bad. They can either be helpful or dangerous depending
on their use. The problem with big pharma is that it is
literally killing people. And it’s making a profit doing so. And our government is basically encouraging
it. You may ask yourself how an industry that
it supposed to be providing us medication which is regulated by the Federal Drug Administration
– an organization responsible for “protecting the public health by assuring the safety,
efficacy and security of human…drugs,” is killing us. Let’s first look at the health statistics:
• 99% of hydrocodone worldwide use is in the U.S – we know this drug more colloquially
as Vicodin (which is just a company that makes hydrocodone). This is a drug that the FDA rates as less
dangerous as marijuana but in 2011 caused nearly 100,000 emergency department visits. • The U.S. makes up 5% of the world’s
population but consumes 80% of its opioid consumption
• On average 40 deaths per day are linked to specifically prescription opioids and over
100,000 deaths per year linked with prescription drugs in general. This is far more deaths than what illegal
street drugs cause. • Prescription drugs are now the 4th leading
cause of death in the U.S. Ok. You get the point. Prescription drugs are dangerous and they
are killing people. But now the question is why are people taking
them if they’re so dangerous? The answer lies in the incredible reach of
big Pharma. The pharmaceutical industry spends between
30 and 60 billion dollars a year on advertising their miracle drugs. You’ve all seen their ads – blue skies,
beautiful couple, trees – having trouble sleeping? Bad knees? Buy our pill and feel like new. And then the 10 second list of possible side
effects which always include “and in extreme cases, death.” The folks that regulate these advertisements
have a budget of $9 million dollars. Do you really think a $9 million dollar budget
is enough to regulate something that is more than 6,000 times that size. This is not a David vs. Goliath story. This is an ant vs. an elephant. Big pharma is also notorious for selling drugs
that aren’t approved for certain symptoms – a practice called Off-Label Promotion. For example your doctor might prescribe you
an antidepressant because she or he believes it will help your migraines. This practice is at times is legal and at
others illegal. If illegal you will learn shortly that the
fine usually is smaller than the profit these companies make. Big pharma might just consider it another
tax of doing business. And yes it has in some cases caused death. There is also the idea that big Pharma creates
new illnesses and solves them with their pills. Sounds like a conspiracy theory, right? But actually it makes a lot of sense and you’ve
probably seen an ad that talks about some made up illness and a pill to fix it without
thinking twice. For example restless leg syndrome. Is that really an illness? When I sit down for long periods of time my
leg moves. But I think it’s because I’m bored and
I don’t want to be sitting (which by the way is an extremely unnatural position for
our bodies to be in – I mean where in nature can you anything like the modern chair and
when in history did we ever have to sit down for 8 hours a day – yeah our legs are restless
because we’re not supposed to be doing the work that we are, in the modern age). But yeah you want a pill for that imaginary
illness? It exists – go on WebMD. There are dozens of recommended drugs you
can take for your lively leg. So it’s easy see that these drugs kill people
and it’s pretty easy to understand why people buy them. I mean the consumer is f*cked. We’re relying on a budget the size of an
ant to regulate the behavior of an elephant. And it gets worse. Because the ant (or in this case our government)
ends up helping the elephant (or big Pharma). The government sponsored health programs Medicaid
and Medicare (part of the ant in our example) actually perpetuate this problem. Both of these are government health programs
funded by our taxes that provide health care to people who either can’t afford it on
their own or are old. Health care unfortunately often means just
providing pills for people who have problems. In this respect our taxes are literally killing
us. You can actually think of it like a cycle
– and I’ll explain that in a minute. First how is our government f*cking us so
badly? First big Pharma donates millions and millions
of dollars to our Congress members and even presidents. Yes even Obama was given a whopping 1.2 million
dollars in his 2008 election by big Pharma. You know when a friend lends you money you
feel obliged to pay them pack whether in dollars or favors. Same sh*t in Washington. The favors here come in enormous tax breaks,
tiny fines for violating laws such as the prohibition of Off-Label promotion, and of
course the revolving door between the FDA and big Pharma. One current example of a tax break is under
the Republican Trumpcare Plan where big Pharma would get $28 billion dollars in breaks. Johnson and Johnson alone would reap in $19.8
billion. The biggest ever big Pharma fine for illegal
activity on the other hand was $2.3 billion when the company Psifzer – the Viagra company
– was found mis-marketing a handful of their drugs. That year the company made $43 billion in
gross profit despite such a fine. The same year that company was found guilty
in causing the deaths of at least 5 Nigerian Guinea pig children in a trial run of one
of their drugs. Wow. And let’s just say the more research I did
the worse it got. And what about those revolving doors? According to one study in some scientific
magazine that only 10 people probably read it says that between 2001 and 2010 half of
blood researchers that reviewed drugs between those years moved on to work for big Pharma. This makes sense though. The FDA doesn’t offer the salary that the
billion dollar pharma industry does. Also frustrated yet dedicated FDA members
have talked about the fact that they can’t stop certain drugs from being approved because
their bosses are being pressured by big pharma lobbyist. In essence the thing that is supposed to regulate
big pharma is being regulated by big pharma. So here’s the cycle. Big Pharma wants to make money on their new
drug. They have to convince doctors to prescribe
it and they do so in many different ways. One way is by using beautiful sales women
or men – yes they recruit from modeling agencies – but let’s move on. The doctor then has a patient with such and
such problem – headache, restless leg syndrome, whatever – let’s use depression as an
example. The doctor then prescribes the pill that the
pharma rep just pitched. Your insurance or Medicaid/Medicare (paid
for by our taxes) or yourself then pays for the prescription that the patient may or may
not actually need. The patient doesn’t know, however, that
they just got a pill that includes one drug for depression and another to sedate the person
from intense agitation. It then causes that person to go on a rampage
(and I’m not kidding this actually happened, look up Joseph Wesbecker). The pill? Prozac. Big Pharma makes billions because of their
strategic Prozac marketing campaign, but gets a slap on the wrist fine for their negligent
business dealings. Joseph and 6 others die (not to mention however
many other rampage killings are due to Prozac side effects), but big Pharma makes billions
and gets to spread the love to the FDA, Congress and even the President. They all high five and suck each other’s
d*cks and make a sh*t load of money. This, though, is just the tip of the mother
f*cking iceberg. And I thought you should know. The moral of the story? Don’t do drugs guys. All it does is f*ck you up and make rich people
richer. And if you do do drugs, just stick to weed. Ok maybe mushrooms from time to time, I guess
ayahuasca seems to be alright. And a little bit of ecstasy I guess is cool
too. But seriously, stay away from anything legal. Thanks for watching this episode of Thought
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makes a big difference. Until next time.

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