Bill Maher Demystifies Socialism & Compares the American Model with the European Model


  1. America has socialism for the poor, capitalism for the rich, in Europe we have Socialism for the rich, and capitalism for the poor…

  2. Breitbart has over 90% JEWISH STAFF, in partnership with KKK

    “Make America GREAT again”, by joining together to end AIPAC / Israeli / Goldman Sachs. Bloomberg kinds 'STRANGLE HOLD' on the so-called 'SUPER-POWER' for the rest of the world, but S**T-SCARED of 6/7 million Eastern European ISRAELIS. That is the reality of USA.

    Michael Scheuer, a former CIA Intelligence Officer had said the following in a TV interview.

    “The Congress in the United States is owned by Israel.”

    Israeli-owned US Congress is handing out $15 BILLION EACH YEAR to 6/7 million Israeli masters, which should be STOPPED, especially as USA has now debt of over $22 TRILLION.



  4. I'm tired of all this socialism. Take driving for example. When I go for a drive, being a rugged individualist, I like to take my own road with me. But every time I do there's one of those damn taxpayer funded, socialist roads in the way. And don't get me started about the police, or the military.

  5. Hey Bill, the problem is that socialism is never done correctly and is way too easily corrupted. As government gets bigger, its power and control gets stronger until it controls every single aspect of people's lives. That's what we don't like.

  6. Seven years later the Leftists and Democratic Socialists are trying to push a welfare state/socialist solution with the New Green Deal.

    Nobody would believe him.
    No people is laughing at their kind of existential world.
    Bill Maher cannot be a socialist; because comedians would not survive in Venezuela kind of existence.
    Besides, Maduro would suspect you. ; he wouldn't t know whether you are his competitor.. Dictators.are created by the socialist;.you can ask Maduro in secret; he will tell you that
    He won' t hesitate to do that ; if only even to strike fear in you. So of course the message is fear their kind .
    Dictators hate. competitors. For them comedians are competors. They don't know what to think ; they don't know whose looked are better So theyn always ask . who's doing better . what to do ? They begin to harbor suspicion. That they no longer make people laugh; it's because of the kind of people like Maher
    They tend to ask.that in their way to bed. They couldn't sleep: which is better Maduro began to that question again and again. To lose Maduro's head or Maher?

    That's the irony of being socialist. Nobody can make joke of the likes of the Mullas of Iran; or the like of Sadam; or Kim Jung Un. And now here's Maduro. Can you believe that. This kind of humanity are getting nearer to our. hemisphere.
    Nobody can go to sleep, he began to murmur.
    It's worse than having the Dalton gangs as your neighbor ; like their snoring is entering through that wall of some dilapidated Western hotel wall. Then a little later when you are on a sleepless trip of your dream; some stray shots are heard in the silent of the night.
    It's not no longer Maher jokes , of course; that was in the dream; it's real; the sound like bullets are always real; there''s no sound of bullets in a dream, you realize.

  8. Oh Bill, you do a disservice to every hard working American pulling the cart while so many others just ride in it, socialism is the politics of envy. The government is not entitled to steal from one group of people, because someone else thinks they should to equalize income . Everyone needs to have some skin in the game. When the government tries to equalize, it just makes all of us equally poorer. We pay into Medicare and Social Security, they a not welfare programs, stop with the lies. If you want socialism so bad, than move out of your mansion and give you money to people who are less fortunate than you.Don't let government steal my money to conceal your own guilt so you can feel better about being rich.

  9. Welfare statism doesn’t equal socialism. Most self described socialists are really social democrats. Actual socialists are fucking loonbags.

  10. America isn’t really a capitalism nor is it socialism. We’re a social democracy meaning that we are capitalist but we have social programs. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, welfare, and other government programs isn’t evil socialism. It’s social programs.

  11. I love the religious video and as an atheist your video makes very good observations. Healthcare should be where we draw the line on capitalism. Our current healthcare system is becoming a cancer within itself!!!

  12. The US in a way subsidises European socialism with those bases. European countries have been able to spend money on socialism instead of having to spend it on their own militaries.

  13. You forget one thing, If youtube and youtube rules were derived out of socialism, this video could not be posted, you would have to get special permission from government censors even in agreement and the cost of the internet itself would be astronomically higher. By the way, imperialism is largely talked out in communist circles. If you prefer communism, which sounds plain as day, make it clear. We have far more freedom than Europeans do. I can get in my car and drive from New York to LA anytime I want with gasoline that is lower than virtually any nation on earth. Europeans pay twice as much and are chained to a train schedule with no freedom. Universal healthcare works great so long as you have bumps and bruises and are young. If you're old with cancer, you're on a waiting list indefinitely. Canadians come to the US for treatment because it takes too long in their world. You sound like a uneducated millennial who's read from the likes of Howard Zinn and Lenin and any other jaded author with a middle finger in the air towards the common man.

  14. This is just completely wrong. Government spending is NOT socialism, socialism is state ownership of the means of production. The Nordic model which he's referring to is CAPITALIST, with high tax rates and lots of welfare. Their markets are actually freer than ours! If you want REAL socialism, Venezuela and colonial Jamestown are examples of ideal socialist societies. Not Sweden or Norway.

  15. Americans have no idea what socialism actually is. No european country is socialist, we are capitalist countries with state capitalism. Arent americans educated in basic ideology in school?

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