Billions in medication destroyed

perfectly usable drugs billions of dollars in life-saving medication dumped into incinerators the thought alone enough to make you sick right now some of the valley you're trying to salvage those drugs and they tell ABC 15 Sanchi Kaley the system needs to change life-saving medicine you paid for it with your tax dollars but we found it's thrown away day after day after day it's being shredded and destroyed this medication has already been paid for by Medicare the EPA estimated in 2015 that about 740 tons of drugs are wasted by nursing homes each year throughout America that's just nursing homes pharmacies and manufacturers also tossing perfectly good sealed medication to once it gets close to expiring it's taken off the shelves then eventually dumped into furnaces life-saving medication life-saving medications Steve hayslett used to be a retail pharmacist he says there's a massive oversupply of drugs that are just never used most of them are your expensive if you know your medications for asthma diabetes you know blood blood pressure hypertension cholesterol medications that people need on an everyday basis to survive and having to tell someone it's out of reach is hard you see just hope drain from their faces Fausto Lanthier knows that rejection the insurance I have right now I need any cover of five thousand the doctor work for I started using my insurance ironically Lana fears profession he's a certified nursing assistant and don't cover me and there's a lot of people in my work is this with the same situation and I have it every month he goes to the mission of mercy mobile clinic to get his diabetes and blood pressure medication mission of mercy alone hands out thirty thousand medications a year and they pay for all of it some of that same type of medication is what's being destroyed for us to be able to have a way to work with organisation's be able to accept those medications it would be so valuable to us it would it would free up dollars for us to be able to spend those funds on serving more patients who need our help some states have an established drug donation program collecting unused and unexpired meds Arizona lawmakers pass a law allowing a similar program but it's not operational you have to follow their super strict guidelines and they make it almost impossible to to get that medication that is just sitting there to the people who need it hayslett also believes there needs to be more incentive to participate it would require extra work for drug makers that are already turning multibillion-dollar profits those medications can be could be funneled to the clinics that the dispenses medications or pharmacies that's kind of where we come in this will be where a majority the drugs are gonna go Haslett is now the director for Sanrio health a new nonprofit pharmaceutical wholesaler with a warehouse in Tempe but right now the shelves are empty our goal is to get medications donated to us from other wholesalers manufacturers the manufacturers would get a tax credit for the donation Sanrio health would then supply medication to clinics like Mission of Mercy for free or at a reduced cost that sounds like a no-brainer to me it does sound like a no-brainer but the issue is that a lot of companies don't realize that this is an option and hayslett believes the cure for so much unnecessary waste angie kelly ABC 15 arizona


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