Billy Raffoul – Mental Health (Can't Do This By Yourself) (Live At Independence Studios)


  1. Loving the new ep and this is my favorite song. So relatable and has been helping me work through some issues, as I’m sure it has others. Thank you, Billy!

  2. 💜👼 been watching..pat your heart that is what I do when it aches. Or take a walk in the rain an breathe🎶💫

  3. Immense talent, keep up the good work! Your words are having a bigger impact than you think. Thank you.

  4. WOW!!!!….ooh boy! I need a lot of healing and things will get better someday….even it feels broken when you're not next to me…..Can't wait for the concert in S.L.C., Ut…(YAH)….

  5. wonderful song. reminds me of the time, I first talked to one of my friends about my depression. those voices in my head, that constantly told me, that the world is better without me… sometimes you just need help. and everything will be fine. <3

  6. Beautiful 💗💗demons sometimes become unbearable too keep fighting but it is said too serve the light we work in the dark 💗

  7. Heard your voice for the first time while I was on vacation. It’s like no other. I think you’d like my Music Billy!

  8. So amazing, your talent is beyond anything out there, stay humble.. great things are coming your way!! ❤ Lynette

  9. Just want to let everyone listening to this know that you're strong. You can change for the better, even if it feels like you are stuck. You're wonderful, and you don't deserve to carry this burden by yourself. The strongest action can be admitting you need help, and I know you're strong enough to do that. I'll be sending some love your way. 💜

  10. 🇧🇷 OMG! I've known you for a few weeks and I love your songs a lot. They're so fucking good!

  11. I hope anyone that is hurting is able to reach out … I know how hard it is… But it's worth it… Hugs…

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