Biohacking: Why I’ll live to be 180 years old | Dave Asprey

When I was 14 I was diagnosed with arthritis
in my knees. And I remember, going home, I was shaken. Because in my mind, as a 14-year-old, I said,
look, this is a disease that old people get. And now that I’m 46– when I say “old people,”
I’m talking about people that I respect and admire, the sources of wisdom. And I cultivate friends, when I can find them,
at least twice as old as I am, because they know all the stuff that I haven’t learned
yet. But at the time, I said, I’m young. I’m a teenager. I’m not supposed to be experiencing this. And I was dealing with metabolic issues. I already had stretch marks that still cover
me. I hit 300 pounds in my very early 20’s. And I started having brain fog in my mid-20’s. I was diagnosed with high risk of stroke and
heart attack– very high risk– as circled by the doctor when I was 29 years old. It turns out I was dealing with all the stuff
that normally hits you when you’re 60-plus. And I was doing it as a young man. And it scared the heck out of me. And it did that because no one likes to look
in the mirror at a time you’re supposed to be growing your career and say, I can’t remember
what happened in that meeting. It’s just gone. And I’m so tired. I just can’t put one foot in front of the
other. But I’m going to do it someway anyway. It turned out that the people who knew how
to fix this weren’t my doctor. My doctor told me vitamin C would actually
kill me, believe it or not. So I fired him. And for four years, I became my own scientist. Fortunately, I’m a computer hacker, and I
know how to do that kind of thing. But then I hooked up with an anti-aging nonprofit
group. And I started hanging out with these people
full of wisdom who are making themselves younger. And the stuff that they knew, the things I
was learning from them and from the top researchers in the world, they made me better. They gave me the tools of what became biohacking,
a movement of people that’s now even a word in the dictionary. It didn’t exist eight years ago. Well, it turns out that those tools that make
older people young make younger people kick ass. And that’s been a foundational thing for what
I’ve done with Bulletproof and for what’s changed my life in a very dramatic way. I’m about 10%, maybe 10.2% body fat right
now. I don’t experience hunger on a regular basis. I love what I eat. I have more energy at 46 than I did at 26. I feel amazing. My brain works. I can remember all the things I want to remember. I don’t drop words. And it’s been absolutely liberating. It also cost a million dollars along the way. And that is completely unfair. Now, I am very fortunate that I was able to
do that, because I worked at the company that held Google’s first servers when Google was
two servers and two guys. So I had a leg up early on, and I was able
to spend myself to wellness, to make a lot of mistakes, to waste a lot of money getting
younger, and then to say, all right, how do I go beyond getting younger? And it is that deep knowledge of 20 years
of working with the world’s best anti-aging researchers and scientists, and reading the
papers, and doing the work, and trying it myself that led me to say, with reasonable
confidence, look, I’m going to make it to at least 180 if I want to. And that’s not the cap, that’s the floor. All right, let me see. Now, if we wanted to be ridiculous and you
wanted to be like, here’s an anti-aging thing, I can do something like this on camera. I’ll just be like, how many people do you
know with flexibility like they’re teenagers? Do you want to do that? We just got it.


  1. What a steaming pile of bullshit. Big Think; you can do better! Who is this guy? WHY does he make these baseless assertions? This devalues your channel.

  2. There is some genetic research to suggest a human life span should be over 500 but too much junk dna and wear and tear and many other theories

  3. oh so the previous time u brought this clown to sell his "bullet proof" coffee with his pseudoscience was not enough so u brought him again? apparently whoever pays u give them a podium. fuck science fuck facts and fuck the people, right? 😑

  4. he didn't deny that from some point and on he will start to replace parts of himself with robotic components until there is nothing human left! so jokes on us because we will pay this without even realizing it!

  5. Awesome for you. Seriously. I would expect, however, some set of facts or actions to be presented or something from the Big Think people.

    I watch the channels videos all the time but if I didn’t the title and video we’re like a Clickbait. Not cool

  6. This dude has an agenda. And that agenda is to sell you highly overpriced coffee and supplements. Nothing more than plain old fashioned snake oil with a Silicon Valley twist.

  7. First thought: delusional liar tries to sell you stuff

    Second thought: I wonder if I’ll be proved wrong in 134 years.

  8. I didn't subscribe to this channel to hear this kind of shit. A video like this has no real place on BigThink. Some rich guy made himself feel better buy spending over a million dollars on himself. And claims he can live to the good old ripe age of 180. Think of all the good you could have done with a million dollars instead you spent it on yourself. If anything can be said about this video its not to be like you

  9. ANOTHER infomercial from this con artist?! I'm unringing the bell.
    You're so full of crap that the bugs in your gut might live to be 180 yo, but YOU will not.

  10. Around 120 is the max for humans. And I’ll wager with you if you like. Damn delusional product pushing freak

  11. I love BigThink, but I don’t think it should serve as a platform for pseudo-science and snake oil salesmen. If you want to interview a real ‘older dude’ living in top shape, energy and perfomance, go for guys like Rich Roll, John Joseph or Rip Esselstyn.

  12. Did you notice what he said: I'm going to live to 180 'if I want to'…

    Meaning, when he dies at 80, he'll just say: 'I could've lived longer, just didn't want to'

  13. I was wondering when this channel was gonna turn the BS-to-masses side after being bought by a Koch (
    Ding ding ding… what's next? flatte eurtth? (misspelled on purpose). Sad when people think and push for money=truth. Tough times people. Be nice to each other. Unsubscribed.

  14. First a comedian spiritual view on depression, then some randoms individual experience on drastically changing his health? Is Big Think losing it?! I wanna see professionals with real academic knowledge talk about critical subjects, not lamens sharing their stories.

  15. Yea, no one can accurately predict the age they will reach until we improve our knowledge in genetics. Hopefully soon enough we can alter and turn off the Genes for all cancers.

  16. Y'all are just pro aging lmfao. Sure, There's a 99% chance its bullshit. But y'all out here in the comments getting mad. Its like you see aging as some sacred thing, Which it isn't.

  17. When someone says I'm a computer hacker, it's like if someone would say I'm very smart, trust me. Hmm.. very suspicious

  18. Please don’t listen to this moron. And shame on the channel for pedaling more crap like this. Also, he will be dead in about 40 years.

  19. Im gonna have to leave Big Think. There were always intellectual weaknesses in their selection of topics and speakers. Many of the ideas werent "big" at all but rather little recycled and repackaged old ones.

    But lately, it's far too much self-promotion, exaggerated claims, unscientific speculation, vaguery and even outright advertising

  20. Terrible video. I went to comment this before reading all the comments. I was watching this, and seriously thinking about how this is the worse vid to ever be uploaded onto the channel.

  21. "I became my own scientist. Fortunately I'm a computer hacker so I know how to do that sort of thing."

    What sort of thing? Diagnose and repair the human body? Because you can hack computer code? These two are not the same. I would not ask a botanist to do brain surgery just because a botanist "does that sort of thing."

  22. Look I absolutely 100% understand the people here bitching about how he's pushing his product in the videos and he is sort of an arrogant prick.
    BUUUT the guy is right in his own mad kinda way. Now I don't necessarily buy into his confidence that he's going to live to 180 but the concepts he's talking about are real. Honestly ever since I started intermittent fasting a few years back my way of living has completely changed and my mindset will never be the same again.
    Also there are many scientists who have declared that there might people alive today that will end up living forever. As biotech and infotech develop at an exponential rate by 2050 we might have a totally different perception about human life spans and immortality.

  23. Why would you want to live to be a hundred and eighty years old?if I had a pill right now that would make me 30 years younger I would flush it down the toilet.

  24. @BigThink what is this? You just put a guy on your channel 3 times who just talked about himself and how we should listen to him simply because of who he is. This type of nonsense is not okay

  25. This is the worst video I've ever seen in Big Think. What's there to think about? A guy says he feels better at 46 than 26, says it cost him a million but it didn't gave to, claims he will live to twice the age anyone else expects, and provides no information about what he's done or how he's going to live so long. This reminds me of the guy who thought vitamins would prevent him from getting cancer then he died of cancer.

  26. Isn’t it interesting how all humans, no matter what your path in life, conclude that the most fulfilling things are a higher power and family, taking care of those around us, community. Love it!

  27. What's up with the anti-science and quackery on BigThink? I subscribed because they had scientists talking on their areas of expertise. But this schmuck is just a con artist.

    Also: if he's the future, I'm out.

  28. Autophagy is what I guess he is about. Fasting. You can drink coffee and add butter to it aka bulletproof coffee. Rubs me very wrong he took so much of our time and tells us nothing so this google search link may be the way to go. PS I agree with fasting. Wonder what he spent 1 M on???

  29. I haven’t watched a video on this channel in a while, and it’s obvious it turned to shit a while back. Time to unsubscribe.

  30. This guy forgot about Plane Crashes, Car Accidents, Terrorist attacks and lots of other stuffs that can kill u easily! What a Naive young man!

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