Bipolar disorder (depression & mania) – causes, symptoms, treatment & pathology

Maybe you’ve heard the term “bipolar”
used to describe someone who’s moody, or who has mood swings, but this colloquial use
of the term is really different from bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder, which used to be called
manic depression, is a serious mental illness that causes a person to have dramatic shifts
in emotions, mood, and energy levels: moving from extreme lows to extreme highs. But these shifts don’t happen moment to
moment, they usually happen over several days or weeks. There are a few different types of bipolar
disorders, but there are some common features. First, the low moods are identical to those
in a related disorder – major depressive disorder, also known as unipolar depression. Individuals with this can feel hopeless and
discouraged, lack energy and mental focus, and can have physical symptoms like eating
and sleeping too much or too little. But along with these lows, the thing that
sets bipolar disorders apart from unipolar depression is that individuals can have periods
of high moods, which are called manic episodes or hypomanic episodes, depending on their
level of severity. In a manic state, people can feel energetic,
overly happy or optimistic, even euphoric with really high self-esteem. And on the surface, these might seem like
very positive characteristics, but when an individual is in a full manic episode, these
symptoms can reach a dangerous extreme. A person experiencing mania might invest all
of their money in a risky business venture or behave recklessly. Individuals might talk pressured speech, where
they talk constantly at a rapid-fire pace, or they might have racing thoughts and might
feel ‘wired,’ as if they don’t need sleep. Manic episodes can also include delusions
of grandeur, for example they might believe that they are on a personal mission from god,
or that they have supernatural power. And they might make poor decisions without
any regard for later consequences. One way to understand these swings is by charting
them on a graph. So let’s say y-axis is mood, with mania
and depression being on the far ends of the axis, and the x-axis is time. The average healthy individual might have
normal ups and downs throughout their life, and they might even have some pretty serious
lows once-in-awhile, maybe after losing a job or moving to a new place and feeling lonely. An individual with unipolar depression though,
might have the normal highs, but they might have some crushing lows that last for a long
period of time and may not have an obvious trigger. Now, for the bipolar disorders, the first
one is called Bipolar 1, and these are people that have some major lows that last at least
2 weeks, and some major highs that last at least a week or require hospitalization. That said, untreated manic episodes can last
as long as 3-6 months. Depression is seen in most cases, but is not
required for a diagnosis. The second one is called Bipolar-2, and this
is when a person experiences similar lows, and has additional highs called “hypomania”,
which are less severe manic episodes than we see in Bipolar 1. To qualify for a diagnosis, these hypomanic
states need to last at least four days. Once again though, these symptoms generally
last a few weeks to a few months. Alright the third one is called cyclothymia,
or sometimes cyclothymic disorder, and these individuals have milder lows as well as the
milder highs or “hypomania” like you see in Bipolar-2, and they cycle back and forth
between these two over a period lasting at least 2 years. Sometimes, people with Bipolar disorder can
show other, less common symptoms as well, for example having what are referred to as
mixed episodes—experiencing symptoms of both depression and mania at the same time. Another symptom they might have is rapid cycling,
which describes a situation where a person has 4 or more episodes of depression or mania
within a given year. Like most mental health conditions, the exact
underlying cause of bipolar disorder isn’t known, and there is no single “bipolar gene”
identified, but it’s thought that there are genetic and environmental factors that
play a part. For example, one interesting clue is that
people with family members who have bipolar disorder are 10 times more likely to have
it themselves. Another clue is that some drugs and medications
can trigger manic episodes, like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (or SSRIs). It’s also worth mentioning that people with
bipolar disorder often have other disorders like anxiety disorders, substance use disorders,
ADHD, and personality disorders as well, making diagnosis and treatment a real challenge. Even though there’s no cure for bipolar
disorder, identifying and treating individuals is really important, since there’s a real
danger that the person could harm themselves or commit suicide. One of the oldest treatments is also one of
the most effective treatments, and that’s lithium salts. Lithium acts as a mood stabilizer—smoothing
out the highs and lows they experience. That said, it is much better at treating manic
rather than depressive episodes, and so individuals who take it often have to take other medications
as well, which can be problematic since some antidepressants (like the SSRIs) can trigger
manic episodes in individuals who are predisposed to them. Other treatment options include antipsychotics,
anticonvulsants, and benzodiazepines, but many of these—including lithium—have side
effects that can be severe and lead to non-adherence which can be dangerous for an individual. Now, unlike certain disorders like unipolar
depression, psychological interventions, like talk therapy, or cognitive-behavioral therapy
are not particularly effective in treating the manic episodes of bipolar disorder. Having said that, they can still be very helpful
tools to help individuals with bipolar disorder in general—especially after a manic episode
has ended. They can also help an individual handle stressful
situations that might otherwise lead a manic episode, thereby helping to prevent a potential
manic episode in the first place. Alright, so super fast recap: bipolar disorder
is a mental disorder characterized by depression, periods of lowered mood, as well as mania,
periods of heightened mood. Thanks for watching, you can help support
us by donating on patreon, or subscribing to our channel, or telling your friends about
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  1. Idk if i have anything wrong with me but. I am delusional. I can tell cause i somehow believe i have some weird ability that i can somehow know that future. Cause i always have weird incidents when i suddenly recieve words or like images in my head and it somehow happens few seconds later in real life and its slowly making me delusional. I have days were i feel so depressed and like i lost hope in life and times i feel somewhat happy and energetic and i wish for more times and believe i could do things. Lately ive been idk it feels like i have a split personality cause i would talk to myself and like you know i'm depressed and i have a side of me trying to cheer me up with words and memories then i have another side of me telling me that im useless and that im being selfish and being attention seeker. When in reality i have these thoughts cause i feel alone and ignore by my family even if at times they seem to care for me i always feel judged by my friends and classmates. I have trust issues and i always feel afrade of what people think about me even if i have courage to speak in front. But later it all hits me and breaks me down, i dont exactly speak my country's language well and my classmates always judge me and it affected me alot in the future/now. Idk but i know my family love me but something in me tells me that theyre lying and in reality they hate you, they probably hate talking to you, they feel ashamed of you. And worse of all. These words are what repeats in my head "maybe if you killed yourself already they would be happy without you and maybe they would't even miss, no one would remember you"

    Idk whats wrong with me but if my thoughts dont stop i might as well do it. Cause it will get worse. Thankfully its not that bad. Im smart enough to know that… it will get better, if you just try…

  2. I know how hard this disease is. My mother is suffering from it! And hypomania is really hard to handle. But we are always hoping for the best.

  3. I had a period a few years ago now where for a full year I felt extremely over-confident, euphoric and kind of, invincible. My life was actually going very well and I thought at the time I was just very happy, had unstoppable momentum and was on the up and up! I felt absolutely fantastic! But I started doing some pretty erratic things. I found myself constantly at the pawn shop pawning all my stuff so I could buy cigarettes and skateboards, because I had gotten right into skateboarding (at 41). At one point I even pawned my car. I just never seemed to have enough money. My studies started going down hill and I didn't realise I had a real problem until it was too late and I had to withdraw. I found myself not needing much sleep, often I would wake up after just two hours and honestly felt that was plenty because I felt so good. So I would get up at 2am or 3am and go skateboarding all over the place. I'd just hang out on my own, smoking, skating and just feeling great. At some point I started skating up the middle of main roads while there was traffic coming the other way, only darting off to the side and onto the sidewalk at the last minute. And I'd be shouting out things like "Get off the road you fucken morons, I'm trying to skate here!!" and laughing my head off. There was an incident one night right out front of my apartment where a girl was robbed at knife point, the police came to our door and asked if I'd seen anything etc. Afterwards, I noticed a strange looking guy over the road, he really looked suspicious, so I decided to go after him. I armed myself with a huge screwdriver and went walking the streets in the middle of the night trying to catch this character. Later in the year, as a joke a friend of mine painted my finger nails with nail polish, and I found that I actually really enjoyed it. It looked cool. So I started doing it regularly myself and before I knew it I was using makeup, dressing in sexy lingerie and denim skirts etc, fully dressing up like a girl, and eventually I started going out in public like this because it gave me a thrill. I noticed also during this time that I honestly felt like my senses had become heightened, I could hear more clearly, I could see more clearly and it seemed as if I could see things that other people couldn't. Minor aspects of other's body language would tell me things that were going on that other people were oblivious too. At times although I felt great, I would also get aggressive very quickly. If some guy cut me off on the road while I was skating, I would yell out "Watch out mother fucker!" and more than a couple of times I ended up fronting up to guys who stopped and got out of their vehicles to fight. But each time, was probably 4 or 5 occasions, the guy would back down when he saw me, because I was usually in a kind of a rage I guess you could say. One night when I was actually in my car, a guy tried to rob me, I'm sure that's what he was doing anyway, he seemed really aggressive, so anyway I drove off but he banged the roof of my car so I slammed on the brakes, jumped out and started raging at him. He turned and took off on his bike sticking his finger up at me. I was so angry I jumped back into my car, turned around and chased him down, revving the crap out of my car, I was hot on his back wheel and fully intended to knock him off his bike but he jumped up onto the kerb and got away. One day I was needing to do a transaction at the bank and I got there just a few minutes after closing time, people were still coming out but they weren't letting people in. I argued with the lady at the door and eventually said "I'm coming in the door in two seconds and you're not going to stop me" and with that I barged my way into the bank. She grabbed me around the torso but I just pushed her off and walked right in. She was yelling and everyone started looking at me as if I was robbing the place or something. I just kept saying "I just want to do a transaction. Go away!". Some other pretty crazy stuff happened, too much to write here, but anyway by the end of the year I'd upset quite a few people and had to move out of my apartment, was ostracised by my friends, and banished from my Dad's side of the family because of a few arguments I had with my step sister. By early the following year I started feeling very differently. The euphoria had passed. Completely. I felt very alone, scared, disconnected and just kind of distant to everyone and everything around me. The world started to seem very threatening. I'd gone from having absolutely zero fear of anyone to having excessive fear about everything. I started becoming depressed, developed serious brain fog and just couldn't think clearly. I withdrew from my studies and just pretty much hid away, watching TV in a locked up house where I felt safe.
    I did this for the next 2 years because that was the only way I felt that people couldn't hurt me. I'm working part time now but I hate it, I hate people looking at me, and I'm still completely depressed and hide away as much as possible in my room just playing on Youtube. I've been depressed now for almost 3 years and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. My question is, does anyone think it's possible I have bipolar disorder? Something definitely doesn't feel quite right.

  4. I think I might have either cyclothymia or bipolar 2,, either way I think I definitely experience mixed episodes and frequent cycling. Like the other day I was so unmotivated to interact with basically anyone, i was irritable and wanted nothing more than to go home and sleep the rest of the day, and I felt that way for literally no reason. I think that was the last day of about a 2 week long period of feeling very self-hateful, unmotivated, and lethargic. But the next day I felt fine. I was chatting with my friends and I was awake and doing pretty good. I feel like this is bipolar but not so drastic?? That's why I think it cyclothymia. Could anyone possibly help me understand this? I'm planing on getting a therapist soon-ish but it'll probably be months before we even start planning getting me one because if family reasons.

  5. i really need some help. i feel like i have bipolar disorder because i always have these type of mood swings. somedays i'm so energetic, some days i make decisions that are so risky but i cant stop myself and theres days where i can barely get out of bed. this behavior is really effecting me in school, and well, highschool is already tough. i tried to express these feelings to my parents one day after getting into trouble at school but the words couldn't come out, i just busted out in tears. it's crazy and so difficult to deal with but i dont understand whats wrong with me 🙁

  6. i feel as though i’ve been ignoring what i’ve known for a long time. i am bipolar. i talked about it with my therapist and she confirmed. it runs in my family so it’s not a shock but it’s been really hard coming to terms with it. now that i’m aware of the symptoms i feel like i’ve been analyzing my entire life thinking “oh that was mania” and “oh that was a depressive episode” and it’s driving me crazy. and the thought of having to take meds everyday to fit what the world thinks i should act like is a lot. anyone been where i am and have any tips on what to do next? i feel like i’ve been hit by a train and have no idea what to do next.

  7. I was misdiagnosed with bipolar a couple years ago, but I actually have borderline personality which I would say is milder (at least for me). If you are questioning what you have, I would look into BPD as well. It’s really common and not as well known

  8. Hello guys , please can anyone help… i'm doing a short movie for my university about someone who has bi polar disorder and to do so i have to really understand what happens in the mind of someone who has it … if any body can explain every thing that they think hear see feel when having both manic and depression states… what goes into your mind? What do you think about that leads you to depression or mania what are the transissions that you experience when you switch to the other mood? Please help i would appreciate it!

  9. what if you have these symptoms but it can change very quickly say from a manic episode to "Normal" within a couple of minutes and then later that night has a depressiv episode for an hour

  10. My mood swings happen the entire day .. is this a disease ??? Specially at night! When I think about how I screwed my life and people who are responsible for it are some how my family members. …. I become 😈

  11. for mine, it happens during a day like for 1 hour i can be highper and feel like on the top if the world and yelling and laughing and racing thoughts, non stop laughing, talking fast non stop and go to not being able to talk or talk loud enough for people to hear me, blocking people out or isolation

  12. Idk if I have bipolar, depression or if I just over think my emotions. Ik ive had highs and lows, my low lasted all summer and into october when I almost tried committing suicide. from november to mid december i was just in the middle, but then ive been pretty happy and okay with myself that past few weeks. I haven't told anyone about these feelings bc im scared im jus overthinking it all

  13. Oh God! The amount of people in the comments section like: I cry sometimes and then I laugh sometimes…AM I BIPOLAR!? Smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

  14. My ex had biploar. I found it very hard to live with, the up and the low low downs.

    I felt like i was going crazy.

  15. Just wondering why it is not mentioned that some medications for Bipolar treatment cause organ damage? Lithium is very dangerous but peddled to people with this illness as a great idea. They only find out decades later that they have kidney damage and other severe problems. This SHOULD have been mentioned! I only have 2 people in my life who have Bipolar and BOTH now have severe health issues and organ damage from the medications they were told they HAD to take for Bipolar.

  16. I ended up in a crazy manic episode due to a toxic relationship and got arrested by police on my motorbike and due to the mania i was going off at them and ended up in a mental health hospital for 2 weeks. Lol….. total shitstorm of a situation

  17. 😀😋🤣🤔😑🙄😕🙃😬😩😨😳😵😈👨🏼🙃☹️🤔😮😥😛😀😁😂😉😊😋🙂🤡

  18. can someone help? I cry about 3-4 times a week, over…I guess my thoughts? I have nice parents and decent friends, I just don’t get why I feel sad so often. I’m only happy 1 or 2 days a week…i feel like everyone hates me a lot, too. Advice? Help?

  19. I think i have this. Some days i wake up really sad & crying . I was so sad the day before yesterday . (2 days before this comment) today I’m ok . Not sad . My mood varies .

  20. thats true.. myself type 2, it isnt worse tham type 1, but difficult to cope the major depression n the urge to attempt suicide.. arts and social service help me.. make ur life useful, help others who needs help, it will kick away ur depression, im very sure main cause of the depression is self low esteem, like im useless n worthless, im good at nothing, im burden for everyone.. the only way to get out of it, HELP OTHERS TO HELP YOURSELF.. and also enjoy the nature and arts..

  21. I still remember when I had a manic episode during school one day and my friends didn't know i was having one (i never told them abt my disorder) and i somehow got into ditching school with a senior i barely knew. Still feel guilty bc i dragged my friend with me too. Bipolar disorder is real and it fucks with people lives man.

  22. the causes of bipolar 1 and bipolar 2 are the same ? and clinically depressive person shouldnt even have a single manic episode right?

  23. I envy those normal people when they became sad because they can describe why they're sad..
    They can explain why they're happy…
    Depression, anxiety and bipolar always shut my mouth and things started running my head that is can't even focus clearly on something…

  24. Reversing bipolar Facebook ..Depression Is Not a Serotonin Deficiency,
    Thanks to direct-to-consumer advertising and complicit FDA endorsement of evidence-less claims, the public has been sold an insultingly oversimplified tale about the underlying driver of depression. Here's how we know depression is not a serotonin deficiency corrected by Zoloft:

    What Is It Then? Inflammation!
    Inflammation is a buzzword, and a 41 million+ Google hit for a reason: It appears to underlie just about every chronic disease plaguing Americans today. A contribution of genetic vulnerabilities likely determines who develops heart disease or cancer or obsessive compulsive disorder, but many researchers are convinced that depression may have a significant inflammatory component. Just as a fever is one of your immune system's mechanism for eradicating intruders, suppressing a fever, in no way, serves to resolve the underlying infection or to support the body's return to balance. Similarly, suppressing symptoms of depression does not achieve rebalancing, and will likely result in the Whack-a-Mole phenomenon of shifting symptoms, and protracted resolution.
    There appears to be a specific subset of non-responders to medication who have measurable markers of inflammation as explored in this study. We know that medications such as interferon given to patients with Hepatitis result in significant levels of depression and even suicide, and we know that anti-inflammatory agents such as infliximab or even aspirin can result in resolution of symptoms. Investigators like Miller and Raison have discussed, in a series of wonderful papers, the conceptualization of depression as "sickness behavior" with accompanying social withdrawal, fatigue, loss of appetite, decreased mobility. Recent meta-analyses have identified at least 24 studies that have correlated levels of inflammatory cytokines like CRP, IL6, and TNFalpha with states of depression.
    What Drives Inflammation?
    What causes inflammation in the body that can affect the brain? This is the subject of an excellent book and it turns out the list is long, but these are the contributors that I see most commonly in my practice:
    It's in almost every packaged food. Seriously. Look for it and you will find it. It may come with different labels — cane sugar, crystalline fructose, high fructose corn syrup — but it's all sugar. The way the body handles fructose and glucose is different, however, which may account for why fructose is seven times more likely to result in glycation end products or sticky protein clumps that cause inflammation. In addition to the above mood and anxiety roller coaster, sugar causes changes in our cell membranes, in our arteries, our immune systems, our hormones, and our gut, as I discuss here.
    Food Intolerances
    Gluten, soy, and corn have been identified as allergenic foods and a leading speculation as to how these foods became and are becoming more allergenic is the nature of their processing, hybridization, and genetic modification rendering them unrecognizable to our immune systems and vehicles of unwelcome information. Gluten (and processed dairy), when incompletely digested, result in peptides that, once through the gut barrier, can stimulate the brain and immune system in inflammatory ways.
    The epidemic incidence of autoimmune disorders in this country is a direct reflection of environmental assault on our system. The body's ability to determine self from other starts with the gut and our host defenses there. Unfortunately, it doesn't end there, because autoimmune disorders typically have psychiatric manifestations. This makes sense — the body's immune system is misfiring, and the immune cells of the brain (called microglia) are following suit. Beyond rampant inflammation, autoimmune disorders such as Hashimoto's thyroiditis (more here) also result in symptoms related to damage to tissues. Low or erratic thyroid function can cause anxiety, depression, flattened mood, cloudy thinking, metabolism changes, and fatigue. Sometimes even the presence of immune system misfiring can predict depression as was noted in this recent study where women with thyroid autoantibodies in pregnancy went on to develop postpartum depression.
    Before You See a Psychiatrist
    Do a 30-day diet overhaul. If you feel committed to the cure, eliminate these provocative foods: corn, soy, legumes, dairy, grains. What do you eat? You'll eat pastured/organic meats, wild fish, eggs, fruit, vegetables, and nuts/seeds. If this is not revolutionary, then you may be someone for whom nightshade vegetables, nuts, or eggs are inflammatory. If that seems entirely overwhelming, then start with dairy and gluten. If that is too much, then gluten is my top pick.
    Here are some top therapeutic foods:
    Coconut Oil
    Introduce 1-2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil to give your brain an easy source of fuel that does not require significant digestion. When your brain is inflamed and your sugar is out of balance, your brain cells end up starving for nutrients to make energy. This can be an effective shortcut.
    I use this spice in therapeutic doses, but it has recently been demonstrated to be as effective as Prozac. If you cook with it, use pepper and oil (red palm, coconut, olive oil, ghee) for enhanced absorption.
    Fermented Foods
    Naturally fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles as well as kefir and yogurt if you are dairy tolerant are a source of beneficial bacteria that can retrain the gut to protect you from unwanted pathogens. A recent study demonstrated that these bacteria can, indeed, affect brain function.
    Detox Your Environment
    Here's an important way to call off the dogs of your immune system. Give it less stimulation.
    Filter air and water
    Purchase products free of known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors such as parabens, TEA, fragrance (pthalates), sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, triclosan
    Eat organic produce, pastured meat/dairy
    Make your own cleaning products from household vinegar, baking soda, tea tree oil, or purchase similarly simple products
    Avoid eating or drinking from heated plastics
    Avoid cell phone use
    Avoid processed foods and sugar, consume low-mercury fish
    Carefully consider risks and benefits of any elective medical interventions
    … Kelly Brogan MD – Holistic Psychiatrist

  25. so i cope with MDD (major deppressive disorder) it was 2 months after my 3 attempt of suicide, then now after what i see i have all the symptomes of bipolar

  26. I am always underwhelmed since most information covers mostly Bipolar Type I.

    Those with Cyclothymia and Bipolar II are often overlooked as "milder" forms of Bipolar Disorder when, in fact, it is not "milder".

    Of course, the high and lows are not as notorious, but the experience is nowhere easier as it might seem in a graph.

    Having BD II, it is very challengeful even noticing whether it affects my life or not or to what degree.

  27. that time when I was so depressed, sad, hopeless, angry, feeling betrayed, I laughed like an insane person while crying.

  28. I feel all hope is gone when I begin to realize of my bipolar state. Live in Korea is not happy and joyful. Stressful situation and harsh words spread deep inside the society. It sicken me. Several index provided by OECD and UN show how unhappy Koreans are which mostly made by themselves.

    I complained it too much. Maybe it is hard for me to overcome all hardships and handicaps surround me. Hoping no more victims occur, I end up my some words.

    May peace be with you all who are in suffering.

  29. I am bi polar and schizophrenic but unlike what you said , I can manic for years then I become depressed for years ! I have been depressed now for over two years and meds don’t help and doctors keep giving me the same medications only they increase the dosages and it still hasn’t helped !!! I don’t own a gun so I can’t shoot myself but I do live a ten minute walk from the beach and often I swim far hoping a shark 🦈 will kill me but nothing happens ! I wish I were dead 💀! I don’t like people and I trust no one and I’m tired of living !!! These are horrible illnesses !!! Thank you for sharing this video though !!! 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️

  30. The cause is congested colon once you cleanse colon and put the right nutrients you heal read dr abraham hoffer dr schulze dr.andrew sauk

  31. I can't go to the hospital cause I mite end in metal hospital and I don't wanna go. 😢😢😢😢😢

  32. Yea, hits close to home. Was born to a mother with paranoid schizophrenia and heavy depression that abused substance use when pregnant, ended up with depression at very young age, now I’m being medicated and treated by a doctor and diagnosed with manic depression. I’m 18 atm, and it’s really hard to do normal activities, keep up with school, keep some contact with friends and such. I wish I were healthy and yet there are completely healthy people saying “omg I’m so bipolar” or people that pretend to be ill just for attention. I’d gladly give it to anyone for a few months to experience it.

    Other thing that worries me is that I might get schizophrenia by my 20ies, and it already looks bad. Bipolar disorder mixed with schizophrenia is called schizoaffective disorder if I remember well.

    Well, to all my diagnosed human beings, either by a mood, anxiety or personality disorder, I wish you lots of luck. It gets rough and hard.

  33. I think I have bipolar 2, because around 3-5 days I'm really hyper, then 4-6 days I'm depressed, but I haven't see a person who will actually confirm that I don't or do have bipolar, so could someone help me for now?

  34. Im confused with my neighbor's condition. Her aunt said that she has bipolar disorder but her mood only shifts from normal to very very very angry ( talks a lot with swearing and walking around from one place to another). Is it still bipolar or something else?

  35. Depression is almost always situational. Peeps just don't want to admit that, because they would need the courage to change their situation, either from within, ending toxic relationships, or their environment. Also, when we stop thinking of our petty problems and stop being the problems for countless innocent beings everyday, there is something called karma. God is love, not power from above, and love isn't biased. i can also attest to natural medicine such as Cannabis (anti depressants are also tested on animals!), yoga, exercise….. And, love, not dependency 💚 Poor babies…..

  36. Tge term manic depression should be brought back. It's a feeling of being very sad but in a panic, no matter how much the body exerts itself that feeling stays stuck.

  37. I checked on the internet using several sites, and i have all the signs of bipolar disorder and i sometimes have thoughts of hurting myself and so i really wanna get checked, but i dont want to tell my parents because theyre gonna think im over reacting because i told them once and they made fun of me for it. And i think my problem has gotten worse.

  38. It's scary because most of these match up to me
    But I dont think I have bipolar disorder because I'm too young and they're not THAT extreme
    Please help meeeee

  39. So EVERYONE in the world has Bi Polar disorder.
    That sucks.
    What about breathing disorder?
    How many breathing people have that?

  40. Bi-polar is a personality/ideology trait.
    Psychiatrists recently medicate against it as a "cure-all" against herecy and/or blasphemy.
    Obey organised religion or take your "meds" is their underlying philosophy.

  41. It’s a crutch and a gift and we shouldn’t be alone with it. We are loved. We are great. We are superheroes who can save the day. Remember even though you have it doesn’t mean you give up.

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