Bipolar Medication Side Effects: Weight Gain

hey guys it's Hannah side-effects of bipolar medication specifically I'm gonna focus on waking because I receive messages and emails all the time about this particular side-effect it sucks and I have experience dealing with it as well and I want you to share your experience if you've overcome it please please please share that with us after my diagnosis of bipolar two disorder when I started experimenting with different medicines I noticed that I was gaining weight at such a rapid pace I gained 30 pounds in one month I mean that's ridiculous for anybody and I talked to people who have gained up to a hundred a hundred and fifty pounds it's like now not only do you feel out of control of your mind you feel out of control of your body and when I was going to doctors and telling them that I couldn't handle this type of weight gain it was like well that's a sacrifice that comes with you know having a healthy mind it is and the thing is I don't know if you have this but I do diabetes runs in my family and so does heart disease I said it's not a sacrifice of body you're basically telling me that I have to sacrifice my physical health for my mental health which is worse okay so my life won't be cut short because of bipolar disorder it will be cut short because of diabetes or heart disease and in a previous video finding the right psychiatrist that is the foundation of everything subscribe to my youtube channel and definitely check that out because I left my doctors that were telling me this and the woman that I'm with today she keeps a scale in her office she told me that it is a big deal and I just said to or listen I will get off of my meds if I'm gaining that amount of weight I'm being honest with you that's just the fact I'm not gonna be a hundred pounds overweight and depressed it truly makes no sense truly I still every couple of years have to make adjustments to my meds and I gain weight until my body can really get used to that adjustment and in a couple of weeks I'm gonna be talking about the diet I've been doing and the kind of easy exercises to get me back in shape I do not let myself get past 20 pounds anymore when I see that number hit the scale I'm like I've got to figure something out because 20 pounds turns into 30 which turns into 40 which turns in to a hundred you've got to I've said this a million times you've got to be real with your doctor okay that's what they are there for there are many other side effects like I also had to confront being sedated so severely that I was sleeping like 18 hours a day it's like a way of silencing and not saying that some people need to be brought down a notch but damn like that much you guys have to have so much to say about this so again share your thoughts your comments your advice down below and I will see you next week bye you


  1. Do yourself a favor. And quit lithium Carbonate, and switch to Lithium Orotate. I lift weights and train and like body building looking good (feel good) and desire to eat right !, and walking for an hour everyday or more . This is not possible to lean up and lose pounds on Carbonate. Plus Kidney damage no thanks. I really believe through Strength training and walking and eating as healthy as you can. I will succeed and you will too. I find that psychosis was led by shitty jobs, Marijuana possibly high THC and certain strains ( I will be looking into using CBD), Alchohol created stress and depression, rage, and especially a crappy diet (fast food , lots of candy, pizza, doughnuts) . etc A 60 minute walk every morning is changing my life for good. Study it out yourself. I am taking passion flower and hope to get a good vitamin D supplement, Krill oil for omega threes. Eating Whole eggs like 4 or more a day helps. I had a whole box of organic black bean pasta( gluten free it was so good). Lose the wheat lose the weight! Also Walnuts help me, and 85 percent organic fair trade dark chocolate(good together), Fasting, Grass fed cheeses, and beef, veggies, Sweet potatoes, Fish herring , sardines. Pineapple , grapes. avocados, grapes, bananas.

  2. You cannot justify saying that the sedative effects of your medications are there to silence you- many psych drugs have that effect when you first start taking them however once your body adjusts to them the side effects will wear off. What I’m saying is it’s temporary and if the meds help you then it’s definitely worth the temporary discomfort

  3. Mam I have an doubt (I.e) shall we take fat burners with bipolar disorder tablets and still get the same result from fat burners?

  4. I just don't eat. My husband has T&W off so we have a full Korean meal those days but I don't touch food any other day. Protein before bed, liquids, a tomato maybe but I don't eat. I can't afford to.

  5. My doctor ( and myself) let me get huge and diabetic but he kept telling me bipolar is worse. Now, depression, trying to avoid dialysis , poor body image,low self esteem, etc. are making me miserable 24/7. Don't gain weight no matter what but keep a doctor even if you have to change. This is serious for both women and men.

  6. I'm on Lamictal and Wellbutrin and it's working…sorta? My doctor tried Abilify and I gained three pounds in one day and was like, "NOPE." Now my doctor wants me to try Rexulti and I'm afraid to touch the stuff because I know it will probably cause the same thing. And honestly, if I gain weight and go back to feeling fat and bad about myself, I will want to die. Seriously. To me, it's not worth the chance. What were the meds that gave you trouble? Because it's the APs I don't trust.

  7. I weighed 181 (after 5 years working to get there) when I had my first manic episode (we didn't know that's what it was at the time) that got me hospitalized, in January of 2017. Multiple hospitalizations later I was diagnoses Bipolar-2. I weighed 211 at that hospitalization in April of 2018. Got on Lithium and Seroquel which work great except in November of this year; seven months later, I weigh 239. Which is *traumatic*. On the brightside, I've been stable so long my mate is open to me experimenting with weight loss again so long as I don't use Ephedra-like supplements (they can cause mania.) I want to get back to 181… however long it takes.

  8. 40 in 2 mos. It's the reason why I've stopped multiple times and rapidly shed the weight, only to be re-hospitalized. At this point I'm getting older and need the stability so I can work so I'm kinda trapped. I eat healthy but it doesn't make a difference. It does suck, it really does but I am proud of what I accomplish when I am stable. I just wish I was free. And fit of course, like I would otherwise be.

  9. Stopped taking them for this very reason. It just made me feel worse. 50lbs in 2 months and my regular weight was 120. It practically killed my fibromyalgia. I saw a naturopath instead. It took about 4 years to get my body back through hardcore exercising

  10. I'm not even trying to come off bitchy… but fuck the comments on "you can loose the weight but not your sanity"… kidding me??? When the weight continues to come at a fast paced everything is out of control and meds do not stabilize a mind that is unhappy with the physical side effects of medications. I'm not even weighing myself right now because I'm not at a stable place but can say I've gained probably 20lbs maybe more since being on meds for the past 7 months. Ffs

  11. I am not even so sure that I actually have the bipolar that I was diagnosed with at age 40. Anyway, been taking litihium and seroquel for sleep. Told doc I wanted to come off litihium to get off meds all together eventually. After weaned off of that he prescribed depacote (sp). I gained 20 pounds in 3 weeks. I went back to see him and he told me that he forgot to tell me I need to just eat lettuce and tomatoes and he WAS SERIOUS. What the hell??? That is not even possible. Now NONE of my clothes fit aside from sweatpants, which suck to wear in summer. Even my elastic shorts are showing my rear from the massive weight gain. This is NOT an option and I would rather take my chances with no meds at all. I am not working right now so no possibility of buying all new clothes. This is absurd. I was trying to get off of lithium and then he gives me this other one that seems to be much worse? I still take a seroquel at night but immediately stopped the rest of it. I feel fine. Now to figure out how to lose the 20 pounds when I am 48 years old and pretty inactive. This is truly a nightmare. Had I known this side affect I would have NEVER agreed to take it.

  12. Dont think of weight..think of being healthy. I lost weight on serequel ..i use to be 63 kg..i reached 80kg ..then i got back to 69 kg .Just work out ..stay happy..sleep on time..have routine and finally drink lots of water.

  13. I've gained 20lb in the last year and 9lb of wich in just the last 2. But this combo I've been on is the best I've ever been on. I feel so stable and happy over the longest period of time. But I've never been over 120lb. Now I'm over 140lb 😓

  14. gained weight, just lost twenty, cut out sugar, drank lots of water, walked my dog daily, rode a bike at the gym daily. still felt kind of sad, i wanted better results, ;/

  15. A Lot of doctors for some Odd reasin feel a need to overmmedicate patients. Its one thing to give someone enough to bring them into a "normal " range but why drug people into oblivion.
    S P E A K. U P. Drs arent God and You have a right to have your vouce heard and respected and acknowledged.

  16. Love your videos, thanks for putting yourself out there. I started using a fitness tracker, mostly for meal and weight tracking. I weigh myself everyday, after I wake up and after I brush my teeth at night, overkill, I know. I write down as close as I can what I actually eat. I jot it down as I go through the day, I don't want to wait until later when I'll have to rely on my memory. When my health gets bad for whatever reason I can look back and see how much my weight is actually fluctuating, how much and how often.

    Because I was seeing exactly how much candy I was eating and coffee and soda I was drinking it was easier to have less of it. I would reach for the stuff and then my mind would be "nah, you don't want that, I had some earlier" And I'd walk away without it, and somehow not feel deprived, just walk into another room and miraculously not think about going back to get it. That hasn't been been my experience when I'm cutting back for diets.

    My weight actually yo-yo's a lot. Even though I might be sick it's still awesome to see the scale drop fast, but I feel awful when it jumps back up and then some. Tracking how much it fluctuates day to day lets me see trends and patterns. It's really helped me mentally not be as upset and defeated feeling when I see the scale move like that. I know I'm addressing this side effect, I'm seeing the trends and patterns and I'm stressing less about what is happening, with the bonus of cleaning up my nutrition. It just feels good, even though it takes a lot of time to track all this stuff, for me, it's worth it.

  17. What's frustrating is when you can't tell the difference between a side effect, a symptom of the illness, or some other thing. My hands were shaking a bit recently and I have no idea what category that falls under.

  18. I was taken off Lexapro & given Pristiq. The side effects of Pristiq were horrible for me. The weight gain was a huge issue for me, especially since I am a binge eater. It triggered my hypomania, which in turn brought on my eating disorder to the forefront. It took away my daily suical ideation, but brought in the ability to actually attempt & commit suicide. I was very irritable & raging. Needless to say, I should've gotten off sooner than later. However, I was confused. It did allow me to function better with daily chores. It did help make daily living not such a huge chore. So, I was torn. I gained almost 10lbs & had to stop. The weight gain brought my depression & anxiety to the surface. I am also on lamical & topamax. I was switched to lithium from Pristiq. However, at this point, I'm frighten to try anything new. I feel I'm still recovering from the damage Pristiq did to me mentally, emotionally & physically. I really don't know what to do or trust at this time. My doctor recommended inpatient treatment at Chicago's finest teaching hospital. My social anxiety is at an all time high. I can't see going anywhere. I had a panic attack just going to his office appointment with my supportive husband. I haven't been in private or group therapy for a month. It's disheartening. 😨

  19. I gained 100 pounds about 1.5 years ago being prescribed the wrong medications. I gained 20 pounds in one month as an inpatient. Now I lost 32 pounds from that. I'm happy but still have a long way to go.

  20. I am on lithium and seroquel plus Ativan for anxiety every night.

    I have completely cut out all processed foods and am gluten free. I weight 108 lbs and am 5 ft and have been able to maintain my weight.

    I walk wherever I can (I just walked to the post office 2 miles there 2 miles back) and take the stairs as much as possible.

    Not exercising ‘on purpose’ but just making it part of my routine helps my bipolar in my mental state and my physical state as well.

    I hope this helps some people! ❤️ you all we can fight together

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