Bipolar Medications Changed My Life

hey guys it's Hannah thank you for tuning in so I've been reading a lot of the comments and see that one topic I've really needed with dress is meds meds meds meds and for your information I take medication for bipolar 2 also known as bipolar depression and I cannot tell you what medical what medications I specifically take because everyone is different but moving forward medication has played a does play a major role in my life I take at the same time every single morning and it really changed my life so what I'm gonna do today is just answer a couple of questions that people sent to me and have commented about first question how did you find the right routine of meds okay so I was at a point where I was so tired of trying all these different types of meds so I switched doctors and I went in with more demands we made a commitment to each other because I was on and off and always jumping I would say on the meds that the person suggested for up to four weeks unless I felt suicidal or like I was going to harm myself or someone else we would come back we would really we would readjust second question name one aspect of your life that has an that has had a positive change after finding the right routine of meds oh that's so weird my cap is here hmm okay this actually it's an example because one aspect of my life that has really changes I'm actually able to complete things after finding the right routine of medications I dropped out of college like three times when I was unmedicated and this past May I got my Bachelor of Arts from North Carolina State University hey and that was such a huge accomplishment because nobody ever thought that was gonna happen okay so this is a comment it's not a question but it hit home for me Hannah I love your videos I have tried countless medications nothing has been beneficial I am beginning to lose hope so so many people out there feel this way right and I've been there big time but right now I think is so important for the people who have a mental health condition who found disabled routine of Medicaid who have been able to live their life on meds to comment and to give hope to so many that don't believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel because shoot I know I was there please leave any more questions below and of course I thank you for tuning in and I can't wait to see you next time bye you


  1. I've been in my house for like 2 mont hff s barely able to go out. Shit sucks, no motivation or will.

  2. ah you're so inspiring. when I was unmedicated i dropped out of college multiple times and holding down a job was hard. since starting on lamictal, my moods are so much more stable. I'm so grateful I've been able to get the proper support and am looking forward to starting work again.

  3. So inspiring! I was diagnosed in Oct of 2018 with Bipolar 1. I have a hard time completing things as well. I would love to go back to school and actually get a degree instead of quitting and dropping out! I know I don’t know you personally but want to say congrats and we’re proud of you for pushing through! 🙌🏽

  4. Thankyou my fiance was unmedicated for a long time and it was an extreme struggle. I recently along with her doctor talked her into beginning meds again and so far so good. Thanks for supporting others who go through what you go through. Praying things get better because its been an extreme roller coaster but i love her and chose to stick by her side through the journey.

  5. i have been on lithium carbonate and topeiramate paxil and geodon for 25 years and stable for 13 years! There is hope if you just listen to your bodys signals and go to your doctor every month. since i have been stable for 13 years now, i go to the doctor every 6 months! It does gets better.

  6. I have bipolar 1 and I never want to be unmedicated again, the symptoms are really terrible. I take 1000mg Depakote and 300mg Seroquel, been taking them since 2015. I don't drink alcohol at all anymore. Cutting back on carbs can help with the eating and the weight gain. Also generally just eating healthy can help alot of the side effects, like the tremors and hands shaking. The meds do make me sleepy, but if I have a cup of coffee when I wake up, I can stay awake.

  7. I have bipolar 1 ,and I don't know a single person who has bipolar 1 ,and can be off medication.

  8. Congratulations on receiving your degree! That is a huge accomplishment for someone who battles Bipolar. I FINALLY graduated in my 40's!

  9. It's funny that you reposted this now. Yesterday, I saw my new doctor ( mixologist) for the first time. She has good patient relatability but I can't look her in the eye yet. I don't know if I can trust her. I lost my first bipolar doctor after 20 years together This is a difficult time to say the least. Old doctor and I were in the middle of agreeing on new RX schedule I have been bipolar for 35 years and diagnosed for 20 of those years. So, my first point is that this is a life long race. I use the word race because it fits the analogy of hitting the wall. This is going to happen to you more times than you'll be able to count. Relationship changes, changing houses, other health problems, weight guidelines, side effects, the list goes on and on. The second point is don't let this bother you. We all go through it. Some of us just quit taking our rx's because it is a bothersome process and it is but stick to it. Keep yourself here-alive, present and responsible for your disease. No one I've heard of breaks an arm, goes immediately to get it casted, then comes straight home and takes off the cast. It takes time for the new RX to work. Give it that time. If it doesn't work, back to the doctor. We're not stupid. We are experts in this field. We need to teach our doctors how to treat the next one of us to keep our people healthy and strong. If you think of it that way it may help you stay on your rx's and changing when needed. Lastly, there are two drugs I kept of the five I have been on for the past three years. I now have a new antidepressive, an extra antipsychotic , and an extra sleeping pill. Wish me luck with these. I am saying that they will work.

  10. I’m bipolar..but I don’t tell my parent because I don’t want to go to the doctor and have to buy pills. My family is poor so I don’t want to cause trouble for them.Oh and also I’m a narcissist.

  11. This is partly about meds and also about family relationships.I started with bipolar at 26 was diagnosed bipolar 1 two years ago aged 52.I take lamotrigine quietapine and a low dose anti depressant and I'd say it helps about 80% the rest I work at with mindfulness and constant adjusting my life.This illness has kicked the crap out of me over the years and nothing will challenge more.In the darkest moments when I thought I could not even take my next breath the thought of the pain it would cause my son prevented me ending my life.It hurts so much to be spoken to as I was yesterday by the very reason I've put up with this pain in the royal arse illness.People search for that one thing that will keep them safe and sadly do not find it.I will at some point speak to him and tell him to treat me in a kinder and respectful way as I deserve it as we all do! ! I know I wouldn't of ever chosen to live this way but on I have to go.

  12. Well…. PLEASE tell me what your meds are? I am currently on Zoloft and hate everyday Im alive. I am thinking about starting Latuda. have you taken it and did you or do you benefit from it? Thank you!!

  13. hi Hannah, I'm Phil from Australia, I also have bipolar 2, I'm on epilum and efexor xr capsule, I've just been informed to go off the efexor because its a depression medication not a mood stabilizer, I feel a little frightened mate

  14. I dropped out of college 3 times. Changed majors 3 times. Lost track how many jobs I quit or was fired… 27? 3 divorces. I’m on depakote AGAIN.

  15. I received my Bipolar type 2 diagnosis about 9 months ago. After a few attempts at finding the right medication, I've found something that worked and have been on it for about 6 months. These have been the greatest 6 months of my life. I've never felt so stable, calm, and just normal. I'm not elated like I was when I had periods of hypomania but I have such a deeper overall satisfaction with life. I'm no longer afraid of social situations because I don't know what my emotions are going to do to me. It has helped my career, my family life, my marriage, and my personal relationships. I've come to realize that first and foremost I had a chemical imbalance and while therapy has also played a huge role, there's nothing I could do about my chemistry without the help of medication. I went from sleeping 3-4 hours about two weeks a month (with some nights zero sleep) to sleeping 8-9 hours every single day of my life. It's really more than I ever hoped for and I got my life back.

  16. I’m taking latuda 40 mg for like the past week and at first i had no side effects but then i started getting increased anxiety and muscle stiffness in my mouth and racing thoughts. I take it in the morning, should i break it in half and take it at night instead??? I can’t talk to my doctor yet because she only works thursdays

  17. Did bipolar disguise itself as ADHD? Did you feel able to focus and comprehend things more on the medication?

  18. please please listen to me i have to say just for leagal reasons it is in my opinion that your better off without the medications any that are for bipolar.. If you want to go threw life having every doctor saying that you have A.L.S. then take the meds. I took the medication for pain because I didn't want narcotics. when I got off 3 years later I could no longer keeps my body from tremoring. i almost lost my voice. i have to drink for breakfast lunch and dinner. I have met many many people at the MDA that did the same as I did. if you think im ok because there's nothing going on now, just get off the meds and you will see in a couple of months. PLEASE SAVE YOURSELVES from this. I owned my business grossing over 3 million a year. now im living off of social security. DONT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU PLEASE! for the love of everything HOLY dont do it please.

  19. Had sub-clinical OCD since childhood, and still have several Asperger traits even though T and PDoc says it's not quite relevant at this age (33).

    Got Anxiety and Depression worsened by relationship problems. Was on SSRI and SNRI for years, on and off, and now my PDoc says I need a mood stabilizer.

    Though I can live with emotional suffering, my GI shuts down when I'm in low mood, so I can't eat, digest or poop, plus nausea; and that's when I usually go to my PDoc.

  20. Also Bachelor of Arts = good luck finding a job. I'll never understand why people pick the most retarded Majors pick a normal major like business, English, ect.

  21. Poopycock, I have bipolar 2 also and I'll tell you exactly what meds I'm on – lithium, clonazepam, perphenizine, and colonidine… See how hard was that?

  22. Hello there,
    I was diagnosed with Bipolar type 1 years ago. But recently I’ve been getting these paranoid feelings and delusions that someone is out to get me or I hear things. Not sure whats going on. I feel scared something bad might happen to me for no reason sometimes. I am also having trust issues. All this just started about 1 month ago. I’ve read that it might have been the medication I was taking because of the fast jump increase I did that make me get these emotions but Ive stopped talking it and still feeling something.

  23. Thank you so much Hannah , your advices is very important for us thank u again. Plz I wanna an answer to this question # haw I know my self that I found the right medication!?? / and how long the effects of meds take to give results !!??

  24. could you tell me please how did you feel through your first week with antideppression medicine?

  25. What do you think about herbal supplements for Bipolar illness such as omega-3 fatty acids or other types of herbal remedies? Have you tried any of them to treat your bipolar II disorder?

  26. Hi! Medication changed my life. I have been compliant with my med program for 6 years and things are better. I have a really good therapist and I am able to focus. I've also had the same psychiatrist for 6years. Consistancy helps.

  27. Me again. I wake up everyday, paranoid, depressed, groggy, confused, isolateted, in despair, and basically lifeless-!! My dreams are also very disturbing-!

    I am 56 years old, and this is getting really, really OLD–!! I take trazadone, (100mg) for sleep, and helps a little. However, my mouth is extremely DRY and parched every single morning-!! I DO NOT self-medicate with (drugs/alcohol). I have NEVER DONE THAT–!! Maybe I should try that-!! This way isn't working AT ALL-!

    I live alone, (widowed) and the absolute worst part of this disturbing situation is that I feel that NOBODY really cares-!! I have very little social contact, and I know this is NOT healthy at all. I am substitute teacher, and school year is currently in summer break-!

    In closing, I spent the vast majority waking my time alone, using a computer. This aspect of my life has really NEVER changed, since I was a teenager-!! Any suggestions would appreciated–! Thanks for the video–!

  28. I really wish you'd tell me what meds you're on. I was prescribed lamictal and I haven't taken it cause I'm terrified of getting the flesh eating rash that you can get. Risperdal makes you fat because of hormones and lithium can cause toxicity. I don't know what to do.

  29. I got off my meds, cause I always told. Myself, if I’m mentally in-order… then I won’t have a disorder. I a, NOT mentally in-order. That is why I keep taking my meds. Lol (:

  30. Just wait a while.. It'll definitely change everything and you'll know exactly what you were taking, because you'll regret ever taking any of it…

  31. congrats on nc state grad!!! i live in raleigh area and have just about managed my bipolar enough to go to grad school. you go girl!!

  32. Oh my gosh. I'm so glad I found this video. I live in NC! I'm about to start another master's from NC state. Thank you so much.

  33. I'm so sad that most people with bipolar advocate for meds. Isn't there an alternative? I'd rather die, than take those chemicals.

  34. Haldol and seroquel doesn't work for me. My body reacts bad to them like muscles spasms and poor appetite.

  35. I was undiagnosed during college and got a BA in psychology and minor in public health. I wanted to do premed but I struggled with the upper lever courses. I have a learning disability but I'm gifted in math and science.

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