Bizarre Hollywood Facts : Bizarre Facts About Sherlock Holmes

Now for Basil Rathbone, perhaps best know
for his roles as Sherlock Holmes. Where was Basil Rathbone born? England, no. He was born
in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1892. When he is 4 years of age, in 1896, his mother
wanted the family to move to England. The father had booked passage aboard a ship. Then
his mother had a precognitive dream that that ship would sink off the coast of France and
urged her husband to cancel to cancel the reservations. Fortunately, he did so because
the ship sank off the Bay of Bisque exactly as she had dreamed. Now let’s fast forward
to World War I and Basil Rathbone and his brother, John, were both fighting. One night
Rathbone had a precognitive dream that his brother would be killed. Nothing happened
though. Two weeks later, he was out in the trenches and he suddenly had a terrible premonition
again. When he got back to the encampment, word was awaiting him that indeed his brother
John had been killed about one hundred miles away. Throughout his life, Basil Rathbone
always had a strong belief in the paranormal. Of course, this excellent actor best known
for his roles as Sherlock Holmes, how many films did he appear as Holmes in? Well, the
answer is either 14 or 15. Fourteen starring as Holmes, then he and Dr. Watson is Nigel
Bruce appeared in a cameo in the fifteenth named Crazy House. What was Dr. Watson’s first
name? Well, it was only revealed in one of those fifteen shows, specifically the House
of Fear. Where at the very end Basil Rathbone referred to his good friend as Dr. John Watson.


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