Bjj Techniques Spread Like a Disease

we got a question today from a guy who is wanting to be more creative with his jujitsu game so he says that he's a blue or purple but I don't have the question on me right now apologize for that but he is doing well things are going really well he's hitting lots of techniques but the issue I guess that he has is that he wants to be more creative with his game he wants to kind of you know get a veer off and get his own style but he finds that he's only able to use the techniques that he's been shown and he has trouble sort of playing outside of the box and so his question to me is how do you become more creative with your jujitsu slash when does your game begin to blossom when do you get to create your own style of jujitsu so brother thank you for the question and I'll share like this I'm not the most creative person but I've definitely been creative with Jitsu and I've been able to create my own style but it's maybe not in the process that you might think so jujitsu techniques I'll say it like this are kind of like it's kinda like a disease I'll use this analogy now I'll get into why I call it that but an example that is this weekend my buddy drew he's a brown belt he came into town and he trained with me for a couple days and while he was here on Saturday we're having a good roll everything's going good and then he throws me with a beautiful throw throws me in front of all my students I don't know the name of the throw but it's the last name is guy Ishii and it's where basically you go right up under the shoulder sends me flying is a beautiful throw now when I hit the ground I'm not mad I'm more like oh man you hit me with that beautiful throw and he had learned this through a while he was training in South Florida with cyborg cyborgs really popular for the throne now after we were done rolling I got up was like dude you gotta show me to throw so he shows me how to do it okay cool got the hang of it and then today on Monday me and my guys practiced it so this is what I mean by it's it's a disease it's infectious right he was infected with a technique from cyborg he then infected me with it cuz I was like that's so cool and then I infected my students with it and then it'll continue to go now like infectious diseases what happens when you begin to have a cure for them they begin to adapt right they begin to change this is why staph infections are so gnarly because we give one antibiotic and then it adapts to the antibiotic and then we have to have another one and this is the way that it happened sometimes with your techniques because you take that technique that you have from your coach from a friend from some bearded guy on YouTube and you take that technique and you put it into rolling you use it with your training partners right or tournaments or whatever whatever it might be and then they come up with the cure they stop your technique they find a way to defend against it and then what do you have to do you don't necessarily want to give up on the position altogether so you think like well they stopped my half guard sweep well maybe there's an adjustment that I could make and then you begin to go down this loop where you then have to be creative to make something new happen and so this is kind of the normal let's say little I don't see cycle of techniques so when you learn these techniques from your coaches and stuff like that use them as is just use them as they show them become very proficient with that because there's something there that's why they're shown them to you now when they stop working or when you start running into difficulties that's when you go off in your own path with those techniques and you have to be creative with them now the one thing is that you'll have to do is you'll have to be ok with messing things up because in the process of creating these new variations there's gonna be a lot of things that are gonna work but then you keep doing it and over time you'll find new stuff this is how my half guard game happened years ago I learned a bunch of half guards stuff from different people and I really liked the position it seemed like it fit for me and then I kept using it and initially I used it the way that they show showed but I found that there were problems I was having and so then I began to adapt things and try new grips there was definitely a lot of getting smashed in the process but over time I develop my own half guard style and so it'll happen with this way I think for a lot of people now there are people like I said that just kind of cook things up you know like let me try this right that happens sometimes but a lot of times the variation and the creativity happens on a much more like utilitarian sort of way where you're just forced in this position and you've got to find a way to deal with it so I would say don't worry about not being creative give your time or give you a game time to blossom you're still fairly new in jujitsu so give it time and like I said just be mindful that as you're going into these positions as people stop your techniques that's where the creativity is gonna come out so yeah brother thing to start with but first I'm sorry for missing your question in your name or missing the question but thank you so much for asking and guys I'll talk to you next time


  1. I am always playing half gaurd and I got really good at it but people have different responses like for example my friend always tells me to keep going and when I’m a black belt I’ll have an amazing half gaurd game and style but other people are telling me play something else because I’m playing half gaurd in almost every roll. So am I playing half gaurd too much and should I mix up my game or is it alright?

  2. just realized have been watching your videos for the past 7-8 months and hadn't subscribed . awesome content and helping me get back into BJJ after 6 1/2 years out … i was once a blue belt , getting my skills back up is taking its time but all the videos are brilliant and help !

  3. I have a question what made you want to start BJJ? Why didn't you do something like Catch Wrestling knowing you already have a wreatling background?

  4. Huge fan. Thank you for sharing all these videos. You ARE making a big difference in New to jiu jitsu lives. I look forward to each new video and someday I hope to get a. Live lesson from you.

  5. Absolutely correct 👍
    I just taught a Kimura that works against bigger guys that I got from a bearded guy on YouTube 🙋

  6. my videos r “boring “ 😂. hey those r some dangerous lifts so I don’t care if it’s boring. yup .

  7. This reminds me of a documentary on creativity on Netflix where it stated that to be creative you are going to have to face the fact that you will get confused ,make mistakes and fail (until you get it right), that if this doesn't happen you're not going to progress with that creative mindset (I always keep this in mind when I get smashed countless times on the mat 😉

  8. I disagree. Creativity comes from understanding, not techniques, but concepts. If I know how to sweep, then I can assemble parts to make a sweep from scratch. If you know what you need for a pass, then you can create a pass from whole cloth. The evolution of 'a move' is always going to be limited by the requisite parts the make the move the move.

  9. Hi! I'm hoping you and the forum might be able to help me with a bit of an issue I've run into this past week. I'm a 25 year old woman, a 4 month white belt, and relatively small (5'5", 135 pounds). I've been training at this gym for about 3 months and absolutely love it, but this past week our head coach introduced a 13 year old girl and 9 year old boy who are joining the adult classes because they're too advanced for the kids. The first day, a coach asked me to partner with the girl since I'm female and the closest to her weight, which I was cool with. We did knee on belly passes for the hour and I made sure not to put weight on her, let her practice more, etc. Last night I was asked to partner with the boy, and let him practice leg locks on me and other guard passes. Super sweet kid, but I didn't get to practice anything on him because he looks like he could snap in two by me just looking at him. Now, I'm super happy to help and understand the concept "for the good of the team" but at what point do I bring something up to the coaches? I'm paying $200 a month and don't want to sacrifice my own training and entire sessions of drills twice or more a week. Thanks for any advice!

  10. Hey Chewy! Love the videos. Your positivity is great! I have a question I hope you can answer. I live in the middle of nowhere, with no gyms nearby or training partners. I want to train BJJ like crazy. How would you manage training without a gym or partner? Are there basics or workouts you can do alone?

  11. Chewy: your understanding of human nature & your self awareness is great! You would would make a good psychologist, counselor, psychiatrist, teacher or public speaker. You are very inspirational. Keep up the good work!

  12. I’d really like to know why people give your thumbs down. Like you should have to give a reason for a thumbs down.

  13. As an artist and someone who's also been training a japanese martial art like Kendo for quite a long time, I must say that jiu-jitsu itself feels like a creative experience for me. This doesn't mean that japanese martial arts are bad.. All martial arts got their advantages, disadvantages or purposes. But I gotta admit that in BJJ you got much more opportunities to be creative. To try out different techniques in different ways while this is something that isn't just possible in rather restrictive martial arts like Kendo. In Kendo you are urged to apply a technique only in one "perfect" way. I guess creativity is what I've been truly looking for in a martial art which made me like BJJ a lot more in the end.

  14. Good stuff, man. Thanks for posting

    The post you just made on facebook about Thursday being a drilling day in your gym got me thinking. What is the right mixture of drilling and rolling to really help new students progress?

    I'm new to BJJ (only training since February) and am at a gym that does very little drilling. We warm up with 2-3 light rolling rounds, learn and drill a technique for about 15 minutes, and then roll hard for about 45 minutes. The techniques that we learn seem pretty advanced, one day it might be a sweep from half guard, the next might be the darce choke, the next might be a take down. I feel like I am improving a little bit but don't feel like I am getting a good understanding of the fundamentals to not get killed in every roll. Do you have any suggestions on getting more exposure and practice with some of those fundamentals at this gym so I can not get murdered every time and progress a little bit quicker?

  15. The technique you mentioned is called Sumi-Gaeshi on Judo, thos technique was used by Sakuraba from catch wrestling, it is a great technique for law enforcement when thry try to reach the gun because if the energy is high, sometimes I ended up on Side control kimura set up. It's my favourite single leg counter when sprawling fails and a over under uchi mata counter is not an option.

  16. His videos spread like disease. I watch them EVERYDAY! Mental reps baby. Then come rolling time at my local gym I find myself seeing more openings.

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