Black Lives: Addiction. Insiders speak about the murky drug trading world in the US

this drug right here cooking this is worth for buck 5150 it's addictive jug everybody uses cocaine I got crack cocaine you can smoke it this is worth like 50 30 20 it's called k2 this is about a 15 dollar bag people will smoke this one I got bigger sucker you can find these drugs in any city in the United States that you want as long as you want to get it that's what I do I make money you know that's what I do every day basically a lot of drugs come in from South America in Mexico there any other countries you know that they can funnel them in through and every time it's sold it's stepped on or cut or so it gets less and less and less powerful so by the time it gets to the street level and certain towns it's nowhere near as potent as it was when it was certainly you know just brought in the trafficking goes on all the time and there are so many different ways people putting it in their anus in a condom putting it in a wooden figure that might be a souvenir you can cut it in half hollow it out fill it with a baggie of cocaine or whatever and then seal it back up varnish it it's a souvenir from wherever you went to people having it run for them by a through what's called a mule so you have somebody running it in so the person who's buying it has somebody who's basically going to get in trouble for trafficking it in on a plane or whatever so a lot of us brought in that way and again it gets stepped on more and more and more as as it goes but the thing is you can't stop it as long as people want it I mean now people in America are taking tide laundry detergent in back in the 1950s they snorted glue I mean they still do that but anything that changes your perception and it's such a problem all the time and it isn't always just the drugs are going to mess you up it's that it's it's all the dangerous things that go on around them the the violence because this is money it's business and if you mess with it you can get killed marijuana is probably the least offensive it's going to it affects people different ways some people get paranoid don't like the guy who stopped six times at one stop sign some people get just giddy and giggly and happy and hungry cocaine gives you a great burst of energy and you just you just feel powerful and you can do anything and your confidence goes up and all that I can understand why people would take cocaine but other people take Downers like I used to buy quaaludes quaalude is a cancer medication to stop pain so if people would take quaaludes you just you're gone you just you're just tired you just zoned out heroin has that same effect and I always wondered about heroin why do why would you take something that takes you so far out but I knew somebody took heroin I asked and they said because when you take heroin you have no problems everything's okay you just sit in the corner and drool on yourself and maybe but you don't worry about anything everything is just fine everything's okay and again it all goes back to changing your mental and emotional state why do people do this and it's to change their mental state they're not happy there's drugs everywhere if you would walk into it most bars and just ask if you want some heroin you want some cocaine you want some crack you want anything like that you want pills for money you got it you'll find people pretty quickly it's ubiquitous it's it's everywhere you know I can get you I could get anything drug wise telling you I do this like you know the mean I'll die for this I don't sell drugs because of my daughter no I'm not hustling for her hustle for myself I mess with legit boss people in order to people to understand me because you know I mean I ain't gonna short you I'm not like that I'm trying to improve on how much of a boss I could be remember I told you I had some rules the first rule never underestimate anyone the second rule remember that every actions there will be a reaction eleven never let your enemy know what you are thinking number 12 the only man who should be feared is God what they saying that they have a lots of did Wolfgang that's what they blame it on apply to the gang activity they're giving in as young as ten years old that I know of not really realizing what they're getting their stuff into what are they trying to find a family cuz a lot of them even they without the father whatever fight the mother and so they get hooked onto something with that because they want a family they want they want somewhere where they feel like they love so they go out in the street and find when you get into a game you feel like you're part of something so I believe that that's a lot of times to Widow that's what be the problem of that they don't have no food hand from they don't have no roof on top of their head so that's what they're gonna do so some of them don't have no skills at work so they're gonna steal they're gonna killed each other you don't have for my head on drugs real bad we got a drug epidemic we though a lot of young people's I'll hit popping the pills popping pills take money so that's that got a lot to do it for this world to take care that drug habit they needed some more positive or more they need more men more men to come out to show them show them and what they doing when I showed them how to South Oldham how to get up and go get a job by more than themself want to get a job versus standing out on the corner so they need more leaders to get out there to help them systems crash people individuals are not made to fight against systems even a company even a city government if you don't want to make a new world you have to make new people the same people that do the old stuff cannot make a new transition unless they change their mind and their hearts so that's what we mean we call it evolution over revolution see evolution takes over a long period of time decades and centuries so the human being has to evolve in order to make a better world how you doing brother hey Felidae they are you from my mom would put my kids off some keys rocks okay okay so what's your outlook I mean I'm just trying to take care of my daughter and uh you know they're trying to make a way for myself to be where I want to be in life you know where's that that's a good place to start like rich rich that's is it what is rich me you got what you want got everything you need the snacks that's accurate that's accurate you got what you look that's what you need so you'll particular see Richards having a certain amount of money then you know I don't always have to be a certain amount of money but I mean you gotta live rich know was that me I mean you ever have like everything gotta be like you know good about you you know I mean everything they're kind of me there can be no mistake there's a lot of money you know take care of my daughter so once you tell me what you hear you're the way you think you're gonna get there my heart's gonna take nothing is it people does it just to have extra money everybody wants to have extra money and keep gaining money every minute of the day but I mean you got it I mean you can go to Joe great that's the only thing that you know means the only thing that's the only thing that's basically in a way of this is that the only thing in the way yeah I know a lot of us is in the grave dude oh yeah you said your daughter though right yeah he daughter right so if you was in jail when he was dead would I leave your daughter and then she's like the biggest piece of the puzzle well you know she want I mean if I'm dead I mean there's nothing I can do I mean I taught her a lot so if I do die she's gonna be smart how long a lot of stuff five okay she knows stuff too like she knows a lot of stuff you think she knows enough now to live her life without you for the rest of her life and she got our Marro game right now he working for the game right now there's a hundred other cats of the same mentality you had trying to the same thing that you're trying to do the same way you're trying to do it you me and all y'all came with yeah I mean I know you feel like you're gonna be the one that win nah I'm not mad at you for that yeah I mean you gotta feel like you're gonna win a few in the game but I'm saying to you is you need to flip the game this was some of my crew this is one of my guys this is Chuck he serving life plus 20 in a maximum-security prison underneath the ground he's on something that's called no human contact this is my man t big t he was big too well he was gunned down this was a kungfu he was one of my personal bodyguards he had to kind of leave the city to really not come back this is one of my guys he was like one of my pit bulls he was one of my fighters this is little Nellie he ended up fighting this guy and the guy got the drop on him pulled out 380 and shot him one time and he was paralyzed from the neck down but all of these guys on here dead except for two this was me you know and this was me you know saying so this was me were like 19 this was me in like 21 I was known as crazy Ted because one is that I was known for carrying big you know weapons like one was a sawed-off shotgun which is a little bit unrealistic to carry on a day-to-day basis because just so big I needed for people to think that I was gonna go as far as anybody would take me it's funny because I'm I'm known as dr. Ted Sutton now but if you google crazy Ted my face is gonna come up it seemed like it was something that was good to get into you know we were popular people knew us all of these things the things that happen to us at a young age and so I hate a chance to live the life almost as an older person at a young age I actually carry these pictures around with me because you know sometimes I have to be reminded you know that I was given a second chance most of the cases that deal with involved drug violence and things of that nature and that and because the money is the purpose of the drug business you've got a lot of individuals who are compromised as a result for example a correctional officer who's charged with bringing drugs into the facility these paid by individuals on the street to bring these the drugs in and other contraband into into the system he was arrested as a result of a wiretap and that's in a state court you also have the federal system which is more feared by those who are on the street involved in criminal behavior because in the federal system they have a great deal more investigations as opposed to just the beat cop running around catching a guy on the street so they have the wiretap they have the confidential informants with the federal cases the penalties also far greater and so most individuals are fearful of becoming involved in the in the federal system well there's a lot injustice in the system he doesn't get it right and so you do have a lot of innocent people who happen to be convicted after being given their due process sometimes unfortunately that conviction comes as a result of illegal prosecutorial work or police actions and in Baltimore we have seen recently a number of police officers who were involved in criminal behavior that led to other people being convicted and sent to prison it is a big problem because the community loses any little trust they have in the system they definitely work on statistics it's a barometer of how good a police officer you are that is how many arrests you've made and if you can be for a gun and in the large amount in our car that's even the better there is an incentive to arrest people even if they're not guilty [Applause] since Freddie gray a few years ago we have seen somewhat of a reversal of that because the officer's feeling is that they themselves could be prosecuted for making arrests that they deemed legitimate and so where the officers many of them used to be proactive many of them now just sitting back putting in their eight hours and going home and so you in Baltimore you see it's kind of a retrenchment in terms of the arrests however when it comes to the drugs and the guns they get Pat's on the back and so those arrests are always constant always so if you know that most of the people in this neighborhood who are dealing drugs are black and that's just happens to be a fact because of the arrest records it would be silly to say I'm going to ignore that because I don't want to be racially prejudiced and so it's always the it's always like what can you see so if you stop somebody and he's got be in a trunk full of heroin he's going to be probably armed dangerous and really not want to be going to jail for this very well might want to kill you and he may be very well armed better armed than you are so you may have a 45 and he's got an ak-47 assault rifle that could blow your car apart you can't get rid of anything that's illegal anything that is made illegal just it's still out there to be purchased chances are if there's 20 cars going is probably a shooting it could be a bar fight that's really gotten out of hand but if you're seeing that many cars there could be a shooting a knifing anyway I can go to each other anytime so but when you put yourself in positions where you're at a higher risk it's more likely to happen to you to somebody else you have anybody but you can't rationalize with yourself by saying it could have anybody right cuz it can but if you if you hustling and you're on the corner and somebody trying to rob you like literally you get a shot rather than me getting shot while I'm at work Wow it's ten times higher you are you late everybody got their you know what they weren't doing like so I was you I was 18 19 you know I mean I had my gang we did our thing I'm saying now I was more muscle I wasn't that fat my boys had so I stayed that money because my man's precisely I'm saying good but it came to a place to where of my crew three cats is gone him him like wow like yeah I mean I'm really in this you feel me I came to a place to where you know I had to decide what I wanted and what was one give me what I wanted and Husting wasn't gonna do it i someone's gonna get me so I got knocked the next time you feel me until somebody robbed me the next time yeah I mean – my money was down I've always had a plan that nobody robbed me well I mean he might even shoot you – you feel me I'm taking two different paths to get there you know I'm saying and one has high risk and one has low risk you know if you feel me so my thing is for you you need to find a path of least resistance you know I'm saying that's gonna get you where you want to be without adding as much risk you know because the last thing you want is for your mom to be looking over your casket I started hanging with some of these guys when I was like 15 playing basketball you know damn in the projects Lafayette courts being in the area Lexington terrorist projects the real problem was is that when you surround yourself with people who think alike but everybody's kind of thinking some crazy stuff it doesn't seem as insane it kind of normalizes the insanity because everybody else is thinking the same thing we were comparing guns what kind of gun you got what kind of gun you got man where I got this on man I got the desert eagle ain't nothing I'd be like oh man I got the Glock that's with the laser dot in and so it normalized the insanity where somebody would say man this is crazy and we wouldn't say it was crazy to be like nah this is Tuesday so I had parents that were good parents that were positive parents that were in you know the church but then when I went to school so for eight hours I dealt with people that didn't think that way and then when I left home from school I dealt with some more hours after that so we in the projects and you know we kind of out here you know if somebody say something man what you looking at yo what you looking at to be honest with you for me everybody looked at it as more protection you don't really want to come to a gun fight with a knife we would put the gun down if the next man was gonna put the gun down so that's kind of like the mentality that we had with it so it may have been some other gang some other crews out there some other neighborhoods here in Baltimore first it was split East Baltimore in West Baltimore that's an off the muscle and I had guys you know up in that area now it seems to that the the game has definitely changed the rule has been money first paper over everything so as long as I'm making paper I can sell – that girl is pregnant I could sell – to the children that's in a middle school you know saying I can do certain things and I asked them I'm like alright then you know tell me what your number is they said well what your number is what you mean and I said tell me when you get to this number as a drug dealer when you out here slinging whatever money you whatever you doing to make your paper here on the streets tell me when you get to that are you gonna quit like is it $10,000 $15,000 $50,000 $100,000 what is your exit plan cuz see if you don't that means you don't have no exit plan that means that you're waiting for the jump our boys the stick-up boys or you're waiting for somebody to you know extract you out of this so that means you even waiting to get locked up or get killed so that definitely means something definitely just happened you know up here and it's a little fresh too so they don't even had a tape out yet this was definitely a crime scene a shooting I got a homie that I went to school with with the college with he's a doctor he makes more than anytime soon you know and he hustlin fill me something if it comes down to the paper yes I mean there's jobs I can get you the paper you want that you don't have to hustle but you have to hustle to get that job you feel me you grew up in a family like we did went to college a Trainmen noodles every day you feel me maybe there's a residency I mean he worked his way up scats make it to 50 a year it's free legit I made more and souvenir I don't know that but how you wanting to double that here's where most hustlers make mistakes that right you flip to eat the day if you make 250,000 a year you ain't got nothing into the year that was a bad investment that's where that's where this is the property gamble or you you can lose it on still be a hustler and make it right and this wasn't my destination I'm just heard this is what I am here for like this basically so basically letting life you let life happen to you you didn't take basic or didn't grab hold of life you did life happier you basically now you just rising the humming to me you're riding a wave that's a bad place to be in broke you can run away but you can decide though no but you could decide well what's making money if you if you got nothing at the end of the day yeah I mean if your whole life is a gamble you know the me and you're always looking for the next big lick to get the flip you know me like you're not flipping into nothing yeah I'm saying that's the docket number if you're a hustler you'll make some money but that's the core no mistake of a hustler is you just live for the moment yeah not into the day you let you in the day you live up with nothing like it be flashy flashy and you but you're never happy you understand say you can never achieve vibe and you can't you can never achieve happiness that way too because you never nothing you always you always flippin you always flipping or you always on your next you always looking for your next lick you fill me you never to a place to where you could say let's go on vacation you feel me let's go lay on the beach can't do that because guess what you always in the moat you're always a flipmode you came that you can't say it but I wanted to do that stuff but it's just like I gotta stay in Pittsburgh – I don't want to go nowhere and live nowhere I have this is the base for like I want to be in Pittsburgh and you could hustle just as hard legally I wish I could it's some kind of way I can't make the drug like when – it legit business without no body touching anything like it just being what you do is I'm talking about forget the drugs like first of all drugs destroy Jamal right drug store your family members in your community so forget the drugs but that's not helping I have to help you or nobody else this is who I am this is what I need to do this for what I'm on my way to I lost 40 cats from I'm 40 40 years old I lost 40 cats from the time I was 12 till now gone you know me something had big money so there's a lot of people's a lot of close close friends right my people I used to hang with but in the hurt is down a zero because you can't trust people because you can you can make a decision today say I could but it's not that right it'll make me aggravate it to not do what I want like like how what I'm saying like why can't you do what you want what I want is to be a hustler yes what you rather have didn't it straighten it out I'm still gonna be at hustlin against or whatever but I'm done luge it so like still gonna keep gonna keep gonna keep doing it so I being job for life greetings from the lawyer white knight to the KKK if you want to win the little white knight to the KKK visit our website a KKK white power first message my name is Brian and I would like to join me you can call me well kq1 well no one white power second message hello I'm trying to join leave me a call back my name is Riley courtesy these are your friends in Illinois love in the south we love it up here engine white power message me and my wife we were just want to know if we could join now we can do it give me a call back white power I think you guys do great things white balance message hi my name is Jeff you


  1. Do they mention that the CIA was actively distributing crack in black communities in order to fund rebel groups in Nicaragua? Today the heroin epedemic has been ravishing white rural communities and now it's been declared a national emergency. It's funny because when it was black people it was "because of our culture," but now that it's white people it's a medical epedemic

  2. My truth, I hustled from the age 16 to 21 and never received the things I have as of today such as a Home , two vehicles , and my own Floor company at 37 years of age . The hustle want get you to far.

  3. That dude talking to the pastor is almost a lost cause uneducated and just wanna be "rich" smfh education is sooooo important people

  4. Stupid western America i dont have this kind of problem in my country and still u call us savages right now look what happens to American especially African American

  5. truth the USA owns every single drug cartel in the American continent, they even sale drugs in the stock market, government employees can blame other countries, reality drug dealers save their money in the USA soil banks, the war against the BAD MENS is fake as the top ranking politicians in the USA, trough hollywood movies for years kids learn that the use of drugs is cool, fun and you can be rich if you traffic with drugs,arms, human organs, people, animals, is kind of RBI from China, but this rut is to kill people specially blacks, so when you see on tv dramatic news about the international drug dealers ask yourself who made possible the millions of drug kilograms to be move around the USA territory? don't they have checkpoints in every city? don't the USA Gov have the most advanced technology? once again fake propaganda against other countries

  6. Wow RT on anti America again? How about Drugs in Russia 🇷🇺. You wouldn’t dare because they’re
    paying you……Fake documentation…I bet RT is working on another anti America videos…..

  7. where to go Russia 👍 I hope your proud of your self 😎 The title "black lives" nothing to do with "black lives matter" shows the world what they live day by day, the good, the bad and the ugly 😃

  8. "If you want to make a new world you need to make new people" the depth and truth of that statement will escape most but it is one of the truest things I've ever heard.

  9. A 5yo white kid was just thrown to his death by a black immigrant in the Mall of America. Maybe we should start advocating that 'white lives matter' since so many black people think they have the right to murder white people including their children?

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