Blockchain in health care data management

why is it so hard to maintain accurate provider information first of all this information changes all the time doctors are constantly moving in and out of networks they're constantly accepting new new insurance coverage they are changing office locations and changing their affiliations you know with clinics and hospitals so the information changes a lot so unless that doctor is very good about calling up there you know their their networks and payers they're affiliated with every time one of those data field changes it's going to fall out of sync really quick most doctors don't do that either so it requires the health plan to pick up a phone every couple months reach out to the doctrine say hey this is the information we have on file is that correct so pretty manual updates do come in so how plans do get updated information but they get it from a bunch of different sources so providers provide some updates so doctors directly provide some updates which is great because that's the most trusted place to get the updated information from but they get a lot of they get a lot of updates from patients too who call up and say hey I went to my I went to the doctor's location that was with it in your directory and they weren't there so here's where I found them here's here's the correct address you get them from third-party providers a lot of doctors offices you use third-party software systems those systems collect data about the doctor as well and can inform a you know a payer if an address changed or a phone number changed how can blotching kind of reimagine this this ecosystem here you've got a bunch of health plans that all have relationships with the same doctors and they're all trying to maintain the same information so right now payer a maintains a directory payer C maintains a directory EB beans they all do the same thing and there's and there's a there could be a good amount of overlap in those in those in those networks so PRA may be trying to maintain the same information about a doctor that a and D are but no one's talking to each other so what we're proposing and what we've explored a little bit is using a blockchain to support a network that essentially maintains a master identity profile for a provider that is shared across all of their pay or Philly actions and Billy rates insane when I asked you know who knows about provider data because we we built a very rough prototyping at the time I think we I think we used like eight to ten data fields and use a smart contract that kind of house house that information but the benefits here that you get synchronization which has not existed you get consensus around what the current state of that record is and you allow providers to interact once with a network instead of having to go to five or six different health plans that they have agreements with and update that it's that information five or six times

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