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  1. For a long time (approximately Two years), I was maintaining my treatment to keep my blood pressure not right up until this calendar month I uncovered about this “Zοtοsο Yuku” (Google it) medication. The doctor has verified it too. Dont really need to take the medicine previously prescribed to me. .

  2. Dear Dr.Osborne, Thank You for sharing Your scientific wisdom and professsional knowledge, plus NO GRAIN NO PAIN, that changes lives for the better worldwide!
    Thank YOU Thank YOU Thank YOU!!!
    many Blessings Your way,
    Regina Rianelli, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South America

  3. Ive been on bp meds for over 20 years. Ive just started taking trace mineral supplements. As soon as I take the supplement I feel so much better. Im finally getting good sleep, pain and numbness going away, and no more cracking sounds when I move my joints. I saw my doctor and told him I felt better after using the supplements. It was only then that he ordered a blood test to test my levels of vitamins and minerals!! After Im already healing myself.
    Just remember: they call the doctor's business a "medical practice" for a reason. They are literally practicing on us. Lol.

  4. I think this guy gets a lot of his information from the internet. He is a chiropractor from Texas but he claims to be a world expert in hypertension. I could find nothing online to back up this claim.

  5. SUMMARY: Blood pressure medications cause a deficiency in 6mths of B1 (thiamine) = a weak heart (beri beri). Also can cause a deficiency in magnesium (natural blood thinner), potassium & calcium (electrolytes) which thickens blood and can cause muscle spasm. CoQ10 is also affected and made deficient. The meds actually cause the segue cues which then cause high blood pressure. Use dietary intervention instead of the meds. Studies done 10yrs ago called D.A.S.H. = Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. Diets high in the magnesium, potassium & calcium electrolytes helps put blood pressure DOWN.

  6. I am a living witness that bp meds will wreck your health – I had a doctor scare me into taking them (2 bp meds and a diuretic) because I had one reading of 126/83 which is NOT hypertensive – I never had headaches until I took those pills, couldn't stay awake, my face swelled on one side, my gums bled, my ankles swelled, lost my appetite, then couldn't sleep at bedtime, my hair fell out, my skin turned into a crumpled paper bag, I lost energy – eventually had to quit working and went on disability – changed doctors, she took me off the bp meds, my blood pressure has not gone beyond 124/77, now I've got to figure out how to restore my once excellent health, I have bloating and kidney stones from those horrible pills, my appetite comes and goes from being depressed and not sleeping, my skin and hair are still very dull and very dry – I don't trust doctors anymore, they have ruined my health and my life, I'm now searching for a nutritionist to see if some sort of vitality can be restored through diet and supplements, otherwise, instead of taking pharmaceuticals I will take my chances instead

  7. Most Medical Doctors do NOT have a clue. The only Doctors that I am come across that are familiar with this are Functional Medicine Doctors.

  8. Thank you very much sir. This was very informative. I have been on diltiazem hydrochloride 90mg daily for last three yerars and have recently developed numbness in muscles and balance disorder. Now my bp is 110/70. Approximately 2hours after taking the mesication i feel congestion in my heart and check my pulse. I find every third pulse missing. Please advice me.

  9. What types of foods should we eat to have good BP? These doctors don't listen to their patients, most of them are condescending and very rude.

  10. This is one of the greatest blood pressure solution I`ve read “nο†οvα yuku” (G00GLE it). Simple language is used to write it, which means it`s easy to fully understand and do. I recommend this book for anybody wanting to lower his / her blood pressure level. My blood returned to the normal 120/80 after pursuing the recommendations on the program.

  11. Very interesting comments here. Mainly negative results from taking this drug include heart palpitations, increased pulse, general malaise, enough to make me research healthier choices ASAP.
    I would like to see the information that addresses the depletion of minerals and essential trace elements from this medicine as well, despite the fact that the exact opposite is mentioned in medical studies.
    However, if the patient notices such obvious changes in a relatively short amount of time then that patient has to seriously doubt some of these medical statements and wonders to which percentage of the population these statements really apply to. Have noticed depletion of potassium almost instantly, including magnesium, while it is suggested to the patient that while taking BP medications to not take potassium.
    I would rather not take the BP medicine, the side effects are just tremendous, enough to change a patient's mind very quickly.

    I am beginning to wonder if there are really any medicines that could be considered even as a temporary fix, or should be condoned by any medical doctors at all.

  12. Any one tested out the Hybetez Remedy (do a google search)? I've noticed many awesome things about this high blood pressure treatment.

  13. Where do I find a doctor like this? They all scuff at nutrients, minerals etc. They know nothing about nutrition, and get a smurky smile on their face like you're an idiot if uou just bring it up or say that you don't like the side effects of the synthetic anti-nature drugs that the body recognizes as poisons in many cases.. I haven't said it to them in so many words, as not to antagonize them, but just the mention of vitamins or minerals seems to be laughable to these programmed robots…
    I am very disillusioned, yes. Would travel half the world for the righy doctor. I guess the best doctor is right here inside my own body and between my ears. So I'll just do more research and save the travel expenses .

  14. I will attest to the effectiveness of the “nο†οvα yuku shocking” (look it to G00GLE) that handles blood pressure. I`ve tried other products with minimal results. This is the first that does what it says. After a couple of weeks, my blood pressure level has retained the 145/90 line. Under normal conditions, my BP has become 120/70.

  15. This blood pressure level solution “Zοtοsο yuku” (Google it) works for me, after Two weeks following this plan, my blood pressure level down 20 points. Nonetheless, you will have to workout for about 35 minutes every day. I really feel better and my blood pressure is not as higher as it was.

  16. Thanks for this – I have been on BP meds for some years and have just been diagnosed Mag deficient. I'll follow up with the other minerals as well.

  17. please do a video on bloodclotts
    and what causes it…from a nutrition perspective. …
    and how to prevent and repair

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