Bloodless Medicine | Hazel’s Story

(heartfelt music) >> Well, Hazel is my older sister, and she’s a very good person. She works very hard, and she’s been going through
a lot of health issues. I’m Dawn. I’m Hazel Skinner’s sister, and I come to all of her appointments. >> It was in Pennsylvania Hospital, and my blood count was down to three, and they couldn’t get my blood count up, and I’m on dialysis, and
I couldn’t go to dialysis because they couldn’t
get my blood count up. My name is Hazel Skinner, and I come to Johns Hopkins
because I’m Jehovah Witness, and we don’t accept blood transfusions, and they help keep my blood count up. >> Voiceover: Hazel believes
the Bible prohibits her from receiving blood transfusions. John Hopkins Medicine believes in caring for patients in accordance
with their wishes. >> Hazel: I researched
Johns Hopkins Hospital, and I found a bloodless program. >> Our bloodless program
is designed to care for patients who wish to get
therapy for their illnesses or to undergo a surgery without receiving
transfused blood products, and so our rule as a
bloodless program is to care for these patients to get
them ready for surgery when they need surgery to keep their blood at a healthy level. >> By providing care to
Jehovah’s Witness patients, for example, we’re perfecting
methods of blood conservation that will benefit all patients. >> Our bloodless program
has grown over the years. We’ve gained a lot of
experience and expertise in caring for these patients. >> Yeah.
>> So that– >> She picked up her weight again. She looks like Hazel again. I don’t have to worry about her (chuckles) too much anymore. (chuckles) >> I come back because my
doctor take time with me. She called to find out how I’m feeling. >> Can see that your blood is nice and strong.
>> To make sure everything is okay. To make sure that I’m feeling okay, and that I’m being taken care of, and if I have any issues. They have a personal
relationship with their patients, and that’s why I come back. (heartfelt music)


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